1.   Installation

There is a one simple way to install Ays Facebook Popup Likebox. You should only do the following steps:

1.1.1        Log in to your Joomla dashboard

1.1.2        Go to Extensions

1.1.3        Manage

1.1.4        Choose file

1.1.5        Choose file mod_ays_facebook_popup_likebox.zip

1.1.6        Click to upload & install

After all of these steps you can activate the extension from the Extensions menu.

Once activated configure any options as desired and you can enjoy our Ays Facebook Popup Likebox.





2.Configuring Ays Facebook Popup Likebox

2.1 Facebook page url >>URL to like

This field should be filled with the link of your facebook page, which you want to promote in the likebox.

2.2 Use in FB plugin

With this option you customize the Facebook Likebox's appearance. If you choose “small header”, then it will display the Facebook header at the top of the likebox. If you choose “hide cover photos”, then it will not display the cover photos from the article’s wall. And if you choose the third variant, i.e. “show friends’ faces”, then it will display profile photos in the Likebox.

2.3 Show on

Choose the amount of information from the promoted facebook page you want to show on the likebox.  With this option you choose the tabs to render, i.e. Timeline, Events, Messages.   You can add multiple tabs at the same time. You can also just add a single tab showing either Timeline, Events or Messages. Choosing the Timeline Tab the likebox will show the most recent articles of your Facebook page timeline. Choosing the Events Tab, people can follow your article events and subscribe to events from the extension. And choosing Messages Tab, people can message your article directly from your website. People need to be logged in to use this feature.

2.4 Language

Choose the language that the likebox appears in. You can adjust the language of the likebox by choosing your local language from the list.

2.5 Width

Set the width of the likebox in pixels.

2.6 Height

Set the height of the likebox in pixels.

2.7 Delay (e.g>1000ms)

With this option you give the best time to display the likebox to a visitor automatically. The widget will appear at least 1 second after the article finishes loading. If you want to change the delay, change the number 1000 to a greater number . 1000 represents 1 sec to wait after the article is loaded.



2.8 Disable close button

When this option is activated the close button disappears and what the visitors are left with is either to like the promoted article, or to wait until the auto close time is over. If “disable auto close” option is also activated, then the visitors can close the likebox only after they like the promoted article.

2.9Disable auto close

             When this option is activated there is no countdown at the bottom of the likebox. The visitors can close the likebox  as soon as they like the promoted article or click on close button. If “disable close button” is also activated then the visitors can close the likebox only after they like the promoted article.

2.10 Auto close after (secs)                

With this option you specify the number of seconds after which the likebox is auto closed. As soon as the countdown is over the likebox disappears.

2.11 Show only

                 This option suggests you possible articles for the likebox to show up. You can choose among the following articles: Homepage, All articles, articles and Archives. If you want the likebox to show up when user visits your homepage, then you put the mark in front of it.

2.12 Show once every (mins)

With this option you choose how often you want the likebox to show up in the defined period of time per individual visitor. By default, the likebox only shows up the first time the user visits your article. If you want the facebook likebox to popup e.g.  every 30 minutes, then write “30” in the required box.

2.13 Subject

This option allows you to write whatever you want as a title for your likebox. You must write it in the text box and then it will appear at the top of the likebox.



3.1 Border color

With this option you choose the color of the border around the likebox. You are free to set any color you like.

3.2 Background color

This option allows you to set the background color. This is the color in which the likebox appears. This option gives you a wide range of colors to choose from.

3.3 Border radius

This is the option which lets you adjust the level of roundness of the likebox borders.

3.4 Border thickness

You are allowed to choose not only the color of the border, but also its thickness. This option is here to help you out. You set the thickness with pixels. 

3.5 Opacity background color

After giving the Likebox your preferred design you can move to the opacity background. Here you can change the background color. You can choose any color you like.

3.6 Opacity level

With this option you set the transparency level of the background. It is a scale of 0-1. If you want it entirely opaque, you just put a 1 in there. But if you want it to be very see through then you put 0.1.

3.7 Custom Css

If you need to configure the CSS style of Facebook Popup Likebox on your own, then you can just add any style you wish to Custom Css field and make your modifications there.

3.8 Close button color

And last but not least you can set the color of the close button. The color is again chosen from a wide range.

Once this widget is added to your site, all your hard work should start to translate into an increase in web traffic and number of Facebook fans.