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Demo User manual

AYS image slider is a progressive slider extension, which is a great way to grab your audience's attention with amazing and entertaining slideshows. AYS Slider gives you the opportunity to represent your images in a quick and easy way. The extension allows you to add unlimited number of slides and customize the settings using different professional slider options. You don’t have to waste your time on figuring out the options as they are very accessible to use. We offer you to configure AYS image slider from components menu. All these things will help you to create entertaining slideshows and easily insert them in your site or blog by adding shortcode. Also we suggest you to display multiple image sliders in one page using modul or plugin. Features §  Possibility to add URL to tailor specific pages to the slider. §  Possibility to use different sliders for different pages. §  Auto generated shortcode for the easier process of adding the slider to the page content via plugin. §  Descriptions and titles can include hyperlinks. §  Ability to change colors of title and description on image. §  Ability to change font size of Slider Title and Description on image. §  Full Design Management. §  Support upon request in 24 hours. §  Unlimited amount of images to be added to the slider (Pro version)   Compatible Browsers * • IE8+ * • Firefox * • Safari * • Opera * • Chrome * • iOS browser * • Android browser message