Best Black Friday Deals for WordPress Users 2022

Everyone is always waiting for Friday, after all, the working days end and the weekend are ahead. But this Friday will be special because everyone is waiting for it, just every one. Of course, we are talking about Black Friday, a day when there are crazy discounts all around and customers are extremely excited. The WordPress community does not lag behind the much-awaited discounts. In this article, we will present you mega discounts on the best products of the best teams of WordPress.

1. Black Friday Bundle from Ays Team

AysPro Black Friday

Black Friday discount list opens Ays Pro team offering a bundle deal. Their Black Friday Bundle includes no more and no less 5 the popular plugins. This great bundle gives you an opportunity to improve the conditions of your website.

Black Friday bundle includes the following plugins:

Having this plugin allows you to build dazzling online surveys straightforwardly and speedily and also receive real-time feedback. The WordPress Survey Maker plugin permits you to create innumerable surveys with innumerable sections and inquiries. As you know one of the most fundamental subjects of surveys is its questions. This plugin provides you no more no less with 16 types of questions, which is a great advantage for you as you have a wide choice.
So if you want to create stunning surveys for your visitors, therefore Survey Maker plugin is just what you need.

Content has also become an object of theft in our time. So the content needs to be protected as well. Considering that fact Ays team comes up with the best solution. The WordPress Copy Protection plugin provides you with strong features like geo-blocking, gated content, content locker, IP address filtering, password protection, and Paypal as a paywall for your content option. Have protected content, purchase copy content protection.

The WordPress Popup plugin is one of the favorites once for both website owners and website users. Having this plugin will enable you to create various popups, such as cookies, countdown, coupons, etc. So you inform your customers about your offers in an eye-catching way. You do not even need any coding skills for creating a stunning popup.

Let me introduce the Poll Maker plugin which allows you to create astounding polls and conduct interactive elections effortlessly and swiftly. Having online voting on your website will be a benefit for you as with help of online votes and polls you can easily engage your clients. So gathering their opinions will make your job easier as you will also know what changes you need to do and your clients will know that their opinion is essential to you.

The Quiz Maker plugin allows you to create unlimited quizzes with unlimited questions and provides you with countless splendid options, so you can create fascinating different types of quizzes within a very short amount of time. As many people as you want can participate in the quiz at the same time. There is no limit to the quantity. Quizzes created by Quiz Maker are mobile-friendly with a pleasurable design, so your website users should like them.

So taking into account all the benefits above-mentioned 5 plugins from the Ays team, it is a great opportunity for you to purchase these great-working plugins with no more no less 65% discount.

2. Plugin Hive

Plugin Hive

The specialization of the Plugin Hive team is basically within WooCmmerce, Shopify, and Magento. The Plugin Hive's main specialization is Booking Plugins and Shipping Plugins. So this is a great opportunity for you to get the best shipping and booking plugins, with such huge discounts. If you need fast, safe, reliable shipping, PluginHive's multitudinous shipping plugins are just a must-have for you. PluginHive's team also offers easy-to-use booking plugins, which are a lifesaver for restaurant, hotel, etc. website owners. They completely simplify the work and make it more organized.
Plugin Hive offers you more than 10 Shopify Apps, more than 20 Woocommerce plugins, and 5 Magento extensions, you can hire a Magento developer to help you with the integration.More than 1000 five-star reviews from their current customers are vivid proof that these plugins perform their functions superbly and easily overcome difficulties, having perfect results. Thanks to offering customers only quality products, and having a great support team always ready to answer customers' questions, the number of their customers today is more than 70,000, so do not miss the opportunity to purchase the plugin you want at a such low price adding to the ranks of that 70,000 happy customers.
Flat 20% OFF on all our WooCommerce Shipping & Booking Plugins. One more good news for you: Plugin Hive has extended discounts until Monday. So you have 4 days until the 27th of November to get the best booking and shipping plugins with a 20% discount.

3. Propovoice

Propovoice CRM

If you are a marketing freelancer, service agency, service seller, or Individual Contractor, therefore Propovoice plugin is just what you need. As Propovoice is a great CRM tool. It has 400+ active installations. This easy-to-use plugin allows you to get more clients and connected with that more profit. The key to accomplishment is in the organization of your work. The more organized is your work the closer you are to your destination and your success. The strong connection between you and your customers is also too essential, as they become your potential clients, so you should do anything to get their satisfaction. Here Propovoice plugin comes to help with its great features as you can simply collect leads and turn them into your potential clients, helps you with your business tasks by scheduling them, so you can save time. This is not enough? Okay, after this Propovoice plugin also allows you to create invoices fitting with your brand and send them to your clients. You also can simply add clients, send them the information they need, and know their personal information as well.
So, do not miss your chance to purchase Propovoice as they bring a special LTD for Black Friday with up to 80%off. I am amazed, are you?

4. StoreApps


Store Apps is an active member of the WordPress community and also the Woocommerce plugin which provides the growth of a store. They have more than 300.000 users, and each person understands the importance of the plugins the StoreApps provides: more sales, productiveness, and time-saving.
Do you need marketing and offers shop management, cart, and checkout enhancements? I have good news for you as StoreApps have come to help you.
StoreApps offers plugins that will help improve and strengthen your relationship with your customers. You can handy customize your emails making them attractive and eye-catching, so how more customers you attract, the more sales you will have. You can also grow sales and keep customers with the help of coupons, Smart Coupons plugin is one the best plugins of StoreApps. On the other hand, the Smart Offers plugin allows you to create and keep up with targeted offers in the sales funnel.
StoreApps also provides you with Cart & Checkout improvement plugins and Pricing & security plugins. So the first one decreases abandonment and improves checkout competition, and the second one helps manage keys and codes.
Harry up and purchase the best plugins for your business with extraordinary deals!

More about the deal:

Deal - Flat 50% off sitewide
Coupon code - Not required
Start date - 22nd Nov
End date - 30th Nov

5. WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella is an alternative to ManageWP and MainWP. It will allow you to manage multiple websites effortlessly. It has more than 6000 active installations. This plugin provides you with anything you need to manage multiple WordPress sites smoothly. WP Umbrella is combined with advantageous features that make multiple WordPress websites' management a breeze.
WP Umbrella's number one features are:

  • Single Dashboard

This feature is number one, as it helps you to connect all your WordPress sites to a single dashboard, so you can simply and swiftly manage all of them. It also provides you with a summary of what's going on and allows you to log into each of them with just one click.

  • Bulk Actions

You have a single, user-friendly list with plugin, theme, and WP core updates on it. So this feature provides you with an opportunity to manage and update them effortlessly.

  • Automated Backups

This feature allows you to build a security net for your client's websites with trustworthy backups which are stored in a safe place (cloud on European Servers)

  • Automated Maintenance Reports

This feature provides you with one more possibility to make your customers believe that their site's condition is important to you by creating and scheduling reports that they can easily understand.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring

As you are the first supporter and helper of your customers you should first know when something goes wrong by monitoring your site's uptime rate, performance, and PHP errors.

  • White Label

One more feature using which you can hide your plugin and inspire your customers.

Do not miss the opportunity to brain one of the best plugins of WordPress with such a huge discount. Enjoy 20% OFF on a yearly subscription and save hundreds of dollars with the promo code: BF2022.

6. WPManageNinja


All premium WordPress plugins and themes of WPManageNinja are available with 40% discounts as this deal involves their top products such as Fluent Forms, FluentCRM, Ninja Tables, and WP Social Ninja.

  • Fluent Forms

This is the speediest WordPress form builder with a drag-and-drop interface and dozens of excellent features and functionalities. It allows you to generate leads, collect payments, building quizzes. Build contact forms with Fluent Forms and enjoy them.

  • FluentCRM

FluentCRM is a great and powerful tool with help of which you can improve your business and the connection between you and your customers tighter. This plugin allows you to catch leads, govern customer relationships, create high-converting marketing automation funnels, and gain insight into your own business

  • Ninja tables

Ninja Tables provides you with great features to create and customize different types of tables for websites with dynamic data.

  • WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja gives you an opportunity to add customer reviews, feeds, and chat from multiple social media platforms effortlessly with the help of one of the most user-friendly plugins of WordPress.

WPManageNinja team values its customers, whose opinions and needs are paramount to them. So Black Friday will continue till Monday (Cyber Monday) providing you with up to 40% discount on all their products!

More about the deal:

Name of Discount: WPManageNinja Black Friday-Cyber Monday Discount

Offer Starts: 15th November 2022

Offer Ends: 2nd December 2022

To Sum Up!

Don't miss the opportunity to get such practical, easy-to-use, developing products at such big discounts. Not every Friday is Black. Find the best plugin for you and make one of your most successful and useful purchases ever.

If you have a Black Friday deal you can get in touch with us and we will gladly place your deal in our listicle. You may email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

50% OFF

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