Best Product Filter Plugins in WordPress in 2023

Very often, when customers need a specific item, they have to scrutinize all the product pages one by one in the hope that they will find what they are looking for. Sometimes they don’t find the product that they need and it turns out they wasted their time. Therefore, every online store owner should use the product filter plugin.
Will the customer use that store anymore, where he spends so much time? Of course not, only some will take advantage. Therefore, to increase the efficiency of your store, increase sales, and make things easier for your customers , choose any of these plugins and provide your clients the opportunity easily to find your products to their tastes by including this filtering functionality.

Why Do You Need Product Filter Plugins?

Do you have an eCommerce site with large product catalogs and complex products? If so, you must have a tool, that can make it easy for your customers to find the product they need. That great tool is a Product Filter with that you display filters and make the experience of shopping frictionless.

So the question arises: Why use product filter plugins? Are they that much important for online stores?

  • Get oriented quickly

In some cases for old customers finding the product that they need is easier than for new ones. As the old customers already know your online shop, but for the new ones getting oriented is more complicated. So having a Product Filter plugin allows your old and new customers to select their filter and with the product folder, they can see all the products based on their filter criteria.
So, consumers do not waste much time and make their purchases easier than can even imagine.

  • To sell even unsellable things

Filter product allows you to sell even unsellable products by improving the visibility of your products. Discovering products is easier with a filtering tool, so it also improves the visibility of the products that you can sell many times.

  • Customer Retention

Enhancing the shopping experience and having good service is a guarantee of customer retention. If customers find the items they need easy-peasy and you have a wild range of products your customers will retain. So not only customer retention but also the sales of your site will increase.

1. Product Filter by WooBeWoo

Product Filter by WooBeWoo for WooCommerce

Customers may filter their products/items by price, categories, tags, taxonomy, and characteristics using the WooCommerce Product Filter plugin. You have complete control because you can customize each filter criterion. Elementor is fully compatible with this plugin.
So using this plugin will give both you and your customers many advantages.
Let’s first get acquainted with its features to understand exactly what this plugin offers and also find out its advantages.

Key features of WordPress Product Filter։

  • Compatible with Elementor

You may make a product filter using this option right in Elementor. Direct access to all of the Product Filter by WooBeWoo’s features will be provided under the Elementor tab.

  • Statistics

A full filter statistics section is included in Product Filter by WooBeWoo to make it simpler to gather, analyze, and subsequently promote international business growth. Collect data on how your buyer filters and searches for products, then transform it into business solutions.

  • Display Products by Selected Filter and Recount

Recount the products using the chosen filters, then display the precise number of products that match the results of the filters.

  • Responsive

On many devices, including smartphones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops, the filter appears and functions as intended.

  • In a few clicks, make new product filters.

Simple to set up and customize. Simply use a widget or shortcode to add a filter to each page.

  • Any criterion filters

Products can be filtered by any criteria by customers: Price, Price range, Categories, Tags, Author, Featured, On Sale, In Stock, and so on.

  • Various front-end display options

Filters can be shown in a variety of practical ways, including radio button lists (single select), dropdown lists (single select), checkbox lists (multi-select), and icons for attribute filters (color, size, rating).

Its features don’t end here, however, you can already understand, this plugin has many features that make it one of the best product filter plugins.

2. Avalon23 Products Filter for WooCommerce

avalon23 Product Filter for WooCommerce

This is a fast and flexible filter. The plugin works with taxonomies and meta fields, automatically add ACF fields, and has many kinds of filters. Avalon23 has an internal cache that improves filtering speed and SEO settings which improves the indexing of search result pages. The user can easily change the color scheme of the filter elements or set up custom colors.
Avalon23 also has interesting and unique features. For example a hierarchical filter with images that change depending on the selected level. Filter with memory – the plugin can store the search query and the user will see the necessary products on different pages. OR Image Map – the image can be made as an interactive filter.
Avalon23 also has interesting features that other filtering plugins do not have.

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at the features of this Product Filter plugin for WooCommerce .

Key features of the Product Filter plugin for WooCommerce։

  • By filtering the memory save the search query

The user can save the search query using this feature. The user’s filter option will also be kept even if they visit the website the next day or navigate to another page.

  • Dynamic calculation

Depending on the current search query or category page, the plugin will display appropriate filters.

  • Text search using an attribute

Text search can be used with taxonomies in addition to product titles and descriptions (Attributes, Categories, Tags).

  • Flexibility

The flexibility to adjust each filter’s breadth, condition, and visibility according to the screen size of the current device.

  • Many kinds of filters

Labels, a date picker, a radio button, a checkbox, a slider, a text input, a hierarchical dropdown, a full-version picture, and a color(in full version).

  • Performance

The plugin offers options for CSS and JS file optimization. Additionally, caching minimizes database queries Additionally, by removing dynamic recalculation where it is unnecessary, you can improve queries by giving each filter element a flexible setting.

  • The filter can be shown as a shortcode in the content or the widget.

3. Themify – WooCommerce Product Filter

Themify WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin

Themify – WooCommerce Product Filter is another plugin that is the best helper for your shoppers to save time, and find their needed product through hundreds of products simply. With this plugin, your shoppers have an opportunity to simply filter products. They can filter by price range, attributes, categories, tags, and much more.

Having live search results where products are instantaneously displayed on the page is possible with this plugin when you select a filter.

WooCommerce Product Filter allows filtering your products by choosing more than one filter. As you know often product filter plugins allow to use of only one filter, but with this plugin, you can make filter combinations. Allow your consumers to have multiple selections that will help your consumers to refine the results of their search.

Do you ever hear about search forms? Creating such forms is also possible with this great tool. As this plugin is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop Search Form builder as well. With this plugin, you can create forms limitlessly.

As we already understand that for any e-commerce site this plugin is more than essential. So let’s explore the features of this great plugin together!

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at the features of this Themify – WooCommerce Product Filter.

Key features of Themify – WooCommerce Product Filter։

  • Having live search results

As it is mentioned above the shopkeepers have an opportunity to see the live results of the products. The results of the search can display on the same or even not on the same page at once.

  • Drag and drop form builder

As you already know with the help of this plugin you could also create limitless and easy-to-use Search forms.

  • Multiple filter combinations

The best feature of this plugin is the opportunity to select more than one filter for refining product search results.

  • Vertical or horizontal layout

Filter form can be displayed in either horizontal or vertical layouts.

To Sum Up!

Having good products is only half the battle, you need to make them easy for your customers, to find and buy and also try to recommend customers the product they need because the most likely way to succeed is to make customers happy. Allow your customers to find the product they want in a few clicks without wasting time. As a result, you will see that the easier it becomes for customers to use your store, the more their number increases, which contributes to more sales and more income. So don’t miss an opportunity to make your business thrive, use one of the product filter plugins listed above.

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