Best WordPress Review Plugins of 2023

Every customer, regardless of what they buy, always pays attention to the reviews of the given product. After all, the reviews are the evaluation of the product by those who already use it.
In some cases, when customers do not find any reviews, they doubt the good quality of the product and refuse to buy it.

Therefore, it is convenient for both parties to use the review plugin. In the first case, it is beneficial to listen to the honest opinion and evaluations of users, and in the second case, it helps users to make the right decision.

It is very important to listen to and consider the opinion of your own customers. By knowing your advantages and disadvantages, you can achieve success much easier and faster. On the other hand, by knowing your customers' wishes, you can make sure that they are satisfied and offer them exactly what they want, in that case, they will become your loyal customers. So the best way for knowing customers' opinions about you, your service, and your products is to listen to consumers' opinions through reviews and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Now let's get to know the advantages of this plugin together!

Benefits of Reviews plugins

  • Tool for Advertising

Review plugins allow you to have a free advertisement. As your end-users provide you with their reviews and the rest pay attention to them when making a purchase. It turns out that your end-users are promoting your product for free with their reviews.

  • To become better and have a good relationship with users

Users are always happy when their review is not left unanswered. That is the beginning of building good relations. Both bad and good reviews help you become better. It's always good to follow the advice, so you can improve your product and offer a product that is in demand.

  • Social approval

When buying something, consumers may think for a long time, and hesitate, if there is no review written about the given product, they may consider it strange and ultimately not buy it. This makes it clear that a buyer needs to understand that a given product has been endorsed on social media. Then they will make their purchase with confidence.

  • Helpers

Very often, while promoting your products, and posting informative material about them, you may miss something or you might not miss it, but just think it's not that important. In that case, your users may come to your aid with their reviews, who will greatly benefit you by honoring their experience and appreciating the features of your product.

1. EmbedSocial - Social Media Feeds, Reviews, and Galleries

EmbedSocial-Social Media Feeds Reviews and Galleries

An online reputation management tool called EmbedReviews enables companies to manage all of their internet reviews from a single dashboard. It is made to make it simple and convenient for you to interact with your consumers after they make a purchase. It's more than simply a plugin for Google reviews! You can display a combo widget on your website that combines all of the evaluations from different websites with the reviews from Google Places. Any WordPress theme can use without any problems.

Now let's talk a little bit about the WordPress Review plugin's benefits:

  • Add Facebook and Google Reviews instantly and without coding skills to any website.
  • Streamline your internet presence to make it easier for potential clients to find you.
  • Automatically respond to each customer review.
  • Put the process of gathering social media reviews on autopilot to save a ton of time.

As you understand, this plugin has several benefits, so now let's talk about its features, thanks to which it has achieved such a result.

Key features of EmbedReviews:

  • Management of reviews

Using a WordPress plugin, you can manage and reply to customer reviews in one place.

  • Image reviews

A picture is worth a thousand words. Allow your consumers to post screenshots of your products on Google Places.

  • Limitless widgets

Present all of your reviews in one location. Create a single Google review widget that combines all of your business evaluations from Google, Facebook, and other sources.

  • Generator of reviews

Long reviews can no longer be manually copied and pasted. Simply grant basic access to your social network and review site accounts, and the system will download all of your reviews.

  • Request for reviews

To gather feedback in your customer data warehouse and win your customers' trust through customer interactions, send review requests via email and SMS.

  • Rich snippets on Google

For your WordPress site, use aggregated star rating snippets (schema code) to boost local SEO and take the top spot in search engine results. Allow your 5-star rating to stand out.

  • Moderation

Selection of the reviews you want to display on your website through moderation

  • Choices for customization

Select from more than ten markup layouts and templates, or advance with custom CSS functionality to create widgets that coordinate with your WordPress theme.

  • Web form collections

With the reviews plugin, create an infinite number of review forms. Add a "Leave a review" button to your website to start receiving more testimonials.

  • Notifications

Avoid checking the sidebar for new Google business reviews. Receive notifications each time a review is posted.


It is mostly free, but you can get the Pro version for $29 and the Premium version for $99.

2. Starfish Review Generation & Marketing for WordPress

Starfish Review Generation and Marketing

On your (or your client's) WordPress website, you may develop and manage review generation marketing campaigns using Starfish Reviews for WordPress. Encourage reviews and ratings that are five stars on virtually any online review platform.

People will be prompted to provide you with direct feedback if they are not entirely satisfied with your media, product, service, etc. This helps counteract people's inclination to publish reviews just when they're angry or when they completely misunderstand what the review is supposed to be about. Even though it won't be made publicly available for all to see, you will still understand what you can do to get better.

Workings of review generation

  • With the well-known, welcoming interface, create a "funnel".
  • Send the URL for the Funnel to your consumers, users, followers, etc., and request feedback.
  • Users are asked to provide their opinions about your company, product, or service through the Starfish Reviews "funnel."
  • They will be directed to the URL you specified in the Funnel settings if they accept it. Wherever you wish to get 5-star reviews, this should be a link to the reviews page.

Key features of Starfish Reviews:

  • Import and display reviews from websites like Facebook, Google, and many others!
  • Multiple display options (shortcode, embed HTML) for funnels and collections of reviews
  • Disabling "review gating" to adhere to Google's (and other review platforms') policies
  • Multiple review destinations so users can choose where to leave the review
  • Several channels for various campaigns or areas
  • Auto-forward to review destination
  • View your score overall based on analytics.
  • Analytics for destinations
  • Customize the wording of all prompts and button text
  • Use a shortcode to insert into any page or post.
  • Choose from two different funnel layouts (vertical and horizontal); and open destinations in their browser window
  • Customize the funnel's URL, manage comments, and export them to a CSV file

It is mostly free, but you can get the Premium version for $47, $119, and $247.

3. Site Reviews

Site Reviews plugin for WordPress

Along with full documentation also widgets, blocks, and shortcodes are provided by the Site Reviews plugin.

You can pin your finest reviews so that they are always displayed first, mark reviews as verified, demand approval before new reviews are published, demand logging in from visitors to write reviews, send a personalized notification when reviews are submitted, reply to reviews, and much more!

This Review Plugin for WordPress gives you great opportunities such as:

  • To pin the finest reviews (they can be always shown first)
  • To mark reviews as verified
  • Require approval before publishing new reviews
  • For writing a review make requires visitors to be logged in
  • After submitting reviews send a custom notification
  • And so on

Key features of Site Reviews:

  • Assign your Reviews to Posts, Pages, Categories, Users, and also Custom Post Types
  • You can export/import custom text and also settings strings, you can also use this tool for back-upping your reviews
  • If any of the reviews contain particular words, IP addresses, emails, names, and phrases you can easily block them
  • This plugin is a developer-friendly plugin as it is designed with over 200 hooks and convenient functions
  • You can fit your reviews with favored themes and also form plugins
  • Before submitting the review it is required for users to log in
  • You can write responses to reviews
  • Restrict review submissions by email address, IP address, or username and request authorization before posting reviews.
  • No one should be allowed to submit more than one review per day (based on IP address, email, or username). functions with homework assignments.
  • Shortcodes that can be configured and come with detailed documentation
  • For complete control over the HTML, use the templates in your theme for Site Reviews


It is mostly free, but you can get the Premium version for $89.

To Sum Up!

Review plugins are every shopkeeper’s best friend. It is impossible to imagine good sales without reviewing plugins. Let your customers have their say. Customer feedback is your best helper. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Allow potential buyers to buy your product with confidence.
So you already know what to do. Just choose one of the plugins listed above and contribute to the development of your products.

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