The Best WordPress Menu plugins 2023

Why Do You Need Menu Plugins?

Appearance and being multifunctional are essential in every sphere. Website visitors need to find out the content they need without any strugglings. So this means that you should provide your website visitors with an eye-pleasing menu that has a stunning design, and why not is multifunctional and convenient? So providing your website with an effective navigation system will be effective for your business. Set up a navigation system for letting your visitors find the useful and original content of your website. Doing it is too straightforward and hasty, you only need to read this article, choose the best WordPress menu plugin for you, and install it and that is enough.

Sometimes we even can not realize how can bad menu affect our website, so you did some website navigation mistakes. But in real bad menus' the real and intractable bad result is that it affects your bounce and conversion rate.


As you know the number of visitors who leave the page after opening only its one page is calculated (in percentage). This is your bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate it means that a lot of people can not find the content, and information they need on your website, so they leave it.

A bad conversation rate is equal to losing money. As you understand a poorly organized website could be the main cause of why your website does not succeed.

In this article, you can find out the 3 best WordPress menu plugins with their valuable and unique features. Each of them has its benefits, so it will be difficult to come up with a decision. These WordPress plugins are free butalso have their PRO(paid) version with some more features. So both free and Pro versions with allow you to create content-rich menus with eye-catching and marvelous animation effects.

So if you want to increase your sales, boost your business , and generate leads therefore you should install one of these plugins which will be helpful both for you and your visitors.

Fortunately, you have an opportunity to make a choice, as there are countless menu plugins for WordPress. A certain number of them offer great customization options and breathtaking displays.

3 Best WordPress Menu plugins

1. My Sticky Menu

My Sticky Menu WordPress Plugin

myStickymenu by Premio is a WordPress plugin that lets you create amazing welcome bars and announcement bars on your site within minutes. It has a variety of well-designed and customizable templates to help you design easily. myStickymenu helps you welcome visitors with enticing promotions, lead them to your sales page, offer a coupon code, or add email forms to drive email signups. With Premio, you can access intuitive tools and features that let you add animations, device compatibility, page targeting customizations, and more.
This menu plugin has 80,000+ active installs and reviews reach around 100 five-stars .

Let's take a closer examination at its benefits together:

Users Priority

Using this Menu plugin for WordPress you provide your users with a navigation menu, so they can navigate to pages both what page they want and when they want.

Keep Up with Trends

myStickymenu is also mobile-friendly, so by using it you will have a modern, well-looked, and stunning website on your device(no matter which).

Doubling the number of visitors

It is logical that if you have a website that is pleasing to the eye and of course convenient, the number of your website visitors will increase. So myStickymenu provides us both with eye-catching design and features with the help of which your website will be easy to use.

Welcome Bar

Having a welcome bar on your website is a great advantage as you can make announcements, and inform the visitors about your deals or something else.
Easy to use, convenient, and in one place
myStickymenu plugin provides you with an MSM dashboard with which you can easily manage top bars and sticky menus in one place!

These are the little part of the benefits which myStickymenu provides you. The main question arises as to why to use this menu plugin.

So let's understand what can you do with my sticky menu.

  • A sticky header can be shown on scroll down/up
  • Fade/slide effects
  • Choose when to make it visible on the scroll
  • Make changes

The font color (menu is sticky), background color, opacity, sticky transition time, and the sticky header's z-index.

  • Manage an entrance effect
  • Supported by LTR and RTL formats, so you can write notifications in any language you want.

2. WP Mobile Menu

WP Mobile Menu WordPress Plugin

In second place you can see this perfect mobile-friendly menu plugin for WordPress, which helps you increase the number of your visitors.
The flashlight team provides you with one of the best responsive mobile menus. You can supply mobile visitors with easy access to your website content as they can use any device.
This menu plugin is fully customizable, localized, and World Wide Web Consortium compliant.
The most meaningful thing is that you do not need any coding skills, it is not required.
This plugin has 250.000+ active installs and reviews reaching around 200 five-stars and 2 Millions+ Downloads.

Now about the benefits of WP Mobile Menu:
Increasing the revenu

The flashlight team offers you some features which will help you to improve your sales conversation and also gain the absolute order amount.

  • Providing you with a menu cart icon
  • You will have a filter for mobile products
  • Sliding cart (checkout and view cart buttons, and also account links in it)
  • In the footer, you have a cart total
  • In the Header Search, you have a Search Only Products
  • and so on.

Attractive and eye-catching site

Your site's appearance and design are important for your site visitors. The more pleasant and convenient it is, the more people will use it and the longer time they will spend on your site.

So let's understand what offers you WP Mobile Menu for this.

  • The number of Depth menu levels will be no more and no less than 5.
  • On specific pages disable the mobile menu
  • Only for logged-in users, the menus will be usable
  • Per page alternative menus
  • Having a Header Banner and also Header Search
  • Footer Menu and more than 2000 icons
  • and so on.

Boost your website navigation

All the features you can see below are free and all these features will help to Make it easy to access your website information

  • Responsive Menu Panels are 2
  • Branding of logo and text
  • Color settings are unlimited
  • Overlay Mask (menu is already opened)
  • Naked Header
  • and so on.

3. Responsive Menu

WordPress Menu Plugin Responsive Menu

In third place, we also have a flexible and mobile responsive menu plugin. A Responsive menu is a too useful and multifunctional WordPress plugin with its help you can set up your menus simply. For understanding is this menu plugin just what you need? Let's explore together its features and benefits.
You need no coding skills and also knowledge , as it has an easy-to-use interface, so with minimal fuss, you can make it look exactly as you want.
The Responsive Menu settings number reaches 150 and also the possible setting combinations number reaches 22,500. This menu plugin will also provide you with future updates easily as they will be handled by your WP admin.
This plugin has 100,000+ active installs and reviews reaching around 4.8 five-stars and 3Millions+ Downloads.

Now about the basic functionalities of this plugin:

  • Make color changes to the text, background, and border
  • To set: fonts, font sizes, and text alignment, which side and where the button will show, and from which side the menu appears(left, right, top, or button)
  • Background image for the menu is also available
  • You have the advantage of choosingmenu animations,
  • You can choose which menu to use and manage the screen size at which the menu will be shown,
  • Choose the CSS elements to hide when the menu is showing
  • Sub-menu depth to display down to
  • Animation types and speeds for the Menu and Button integrated fully customizable search
  • Power to disable and re-order the various components
  • You will also have the power to fix the button to the top, and let it scroll with the page.
  • Uploading logos, sub-arrow images, and so on are simple with this WordPress menu plugin.
  • You will have the power to incorporate Scripts externally, minified, and in the footer.
  • A power to add custom HTML components and choose custom menu triggers
  • Supported by WPML/Polylang and RTL
  • And so on.

To Sum Up!

As you can understand through this article menu plugins are too essential if you want to have an engaging website. As menu plugins' main role is not only to be a navigation tool for exploring the content your website provides but also to attract the attention of visitors. In short, sometimes having a fully-functioning menu will not be enough, without any interesting elements and effects it will look boring.

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