The Best WordPress Restaurant Plugins 2023

What Are the Benefits of Using the Restaurant Plugins?

Nowadays, eating in restaurants and cafes has become very popular. People enjoy eating in a comfortable place and a good atmosphere. There is an interesting habit common among people: most of them look up restaurants to decide where to go. while doing those searches, they pay attention to several things: where is that restaurant located, what are other people saying about it, as their feedback is important, what is the design like inside, what dishes and drinks are on the menu, and some information about its costs and pricing system. So, to have many customers, you need to have an online menu that allows your customers to see and understand in advance what choices are available to them because they already get the answers to the questions that concern them, so they surely choose you.

Apart from the online menu, it is important to have reservation and ordering systems.
On the other hand, for example, mostly in the evening hours, restaurants are full of people and many people go to another place after calling in advance and making a reservation. Therefore, you lose a potential customer. In addition, in the case of booking by calling, there may be some omissions but in the case of online booking, you can avoid them. So having a booking system on the website is a privilege for both parties.

How about ordering? Sometimes people have to pull other apps to order food. At some point, it is risky, because such applications work with many other restaurants and cafes, so it is possible that while searching for your particular cafe, you will come across another cafe and decide to order from there, or simply do not want to download another page. So having an ordering system is a great privilege.

So, to grow your restaurant business, you need to know how to develop a marketing strategy for a restaurant and byhaving these three features on your website, you will have an All-in-One website.

4 Best Restaurant Plugins

1. WP Restaurant Price List

WP Restaurant Price List

WP Restaurant Price List plugin is one of the best WordPress Restaurant plugins. It has more than 600+ active installations. With the help of this plugin, you will easily create a price list of your business in just a few clicks. You can make use of the features this plugin provides regardless of your business type. It makes it possible not only to make a menu of a cafe but also a price list of a beauty salon. So this plugin is a great opportunity for creating a price list not only for restaurant, cafe, pub, etc. owners but also for any business owner. One can quickly create a price list menu by mentioning categories, products name, prices, etc.,

WP Restaurant Price List plugin provides you with numerous advantages:

  • 2 variants of layouts.

The first one is the Mono list: you can add categories, items, ingredients, prices, and Allergens List. The second one is the Multi list: you can add not only categories, items, ingredients, prices, and Allergens List but also IMAGES.

  • Drag and Drop interface

You can simply manage the price lists of restaurants or businesses

  • Custom Currency Symbol

WP Restaurant Price List allows you to choose a custom currency symbol by yourself. It may be a dollar, euro, ruble, or something else.

  • Custom Decimal and Thousands separator

You can choose to show decimal numbers or not and also choose the separate symbols of decimals and thousands.

  • Allergen Table (Pro)

This feature allows you to write and show a list of menu items in which common food allergens are present as ingredients or through cross-contamination in those menu items.

You can purchase the Pro version of the WP Restaurant Price List from their official website or download the free version from

2. Restaurant Menu - Food Ordering System - Table Reservation

Restaurant Menu-Table Reservation-Food Ordering System

The GloriaFood WordPress restaurant theme is excellent for quickly building a restaurant website with online ordering and a professional appearance. The theme is simple to use and suitable for anyone with minimal technological knowledge.

The GloriaFood WordPress menu plugin works in tandem with the theme to let restaurants accept free online orders and real-time table reservations. Restaurants can boost conversion rates and maximize profits thanks to the optimized design. The plugin offers several significant features, like website statistics, receipt printing, and online ordering. You can also use the virtual tour plugin with this theme to provide a tour of your restaurants.

Advantages of the Restaurant Menu plugin

  • Drag and Drop interface
    The plugin provides you with an incredibly easy-to-use drag-and-drop online menu editor that creates eye-catching food menus
  • Stunning responsive menu
    Your website will look good on desktops and mobile devices.
  • Free online ordering system
    You'll get a notification on your smartphone or tablet as soon as a new order is placed. You can quickly confirm orders with a single tap of the screen by downloading the free order-taking app for iOS and Android.
  • Table reservation system
    You may accept unlimited table reservations with this online restaurant reservation system.
  • Free food stock images to use in your menu
    You can utilize the free library of mouthwatering food pictures to spice up your online restaurant menu.
  • Website and restaurant analytics
    Get detailed reports about your restaurant's online orders, and use these reports to make more informed business decisions.
  • Restaurant promotions module
    Create irresistible food offers that will attract more customers to your restaurant.
  • Free order-taking app to accept online food orders in real-time
    The app alerts you when you receive new orders and can be installed on iOS and Android devices.
  • Order tracking using built-in integrations
    Let your clients know the status of their order with live delivery tracking.
  • Google My Business integration
    Changes to the online ordering system are instantly updated in your Google My Business listing.
  • Multiple payment methods, including cash and online payments
    Allow your customers to use various payment methods at checkout.

  • 3. Restaurant Reservations

    Restaurant Reservations plugin

    The restaurant Reservations plugin allows you to one-click order/reservation with custom forms and a simple checkout process. This plugin provides you with a wide range of choices and the opportunity to reserve a table without any difficulties. Here are the advantages of the Restaurant Table Reservation WP Plugin:

    • Payment System
      This plugin provides you with diverse payment systems. So your guests can easily with one-click pay for your services without any difficulties.
    • Opening and closing hours
      You have a great opportunity not only to specify the opening and closing hours of your restaurant on the usual days but also on the days when they are changed by exception, for example on holidays. Thus enabling your customers to organize their entertainment.
    • Deposit Value
      There is an opportunity to decide that your client should pay a certain amount so that you can be sure that he will show up on a given day and at a given time. The amount and the manner of determining the amount and also the payment currency is your right.
    • OpenTable Component
      With the help of Open Table, your customers can choose and reserve restaurants directly from your site, app, or widget. With the help of this plugin, you will see an iframe that will give them the prospect to reserve and enter their data, the restaurant that you have set in the plugin settings.
    • Calendar
      Here you have "Calendar View" mode which provides an excellent opportunity to see and know the orders of the day and understand the time when a restaurant can no longer accept reservations and the times when a table is still available.
    • Some intervals between reservations
      It is important exactly account for the time when the next reservation can be done. The importance of this feature is too high as you can avoid having more reservations at the time than your restaurant is with a full table.
    • Reservation dashboard
      You can easily filter your orders by state and day. So you have an opportunity to modify, remove and also add some orders with few clicks.

    4. ReDi Restaurant Reservation

    ReDi Restaurant Reservation

    The human brain can easily make mistakes, so we are now trying to robotize everything. ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin provides you with an action, which is done without human interaction, as the ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin is fully automated. So your website visitors are restaurant guests who do not want to wait too long. Allows you to fill in your working hours, working days, and how many people can visit the restaurant. This plugin also gives the client the opportunity to choose the date of the visit, the exact time, the number of guests, etc. But the benefits of ReDi Restaurant Reservation plugin do not end here. This plugin allows you to make reservations in real time, simply and swiftly. Your customers will be satisfied and your business will grow. Let's look at some more advantages together:

    • In the case of being fully automated it is controlled all by itself

    In the case of being automatic are almost impossible to make mistakes

    • If you know CSS you can easily create your own reservation form

    Customizations with these plugins are quite possible if you have some programming knowledge.

    • Device-friendly

    You can use this plugin with all devices.

    • Easy-to-Use

    Overall this plugin is very easy to use, so one can effortlessly install and manage it.

    • Expeditious automated response

    Clients do not have to wait for your response too long.

    • Notification in case of a new reservation

    You will know about new reservations at once.

    • Customers receive a copy of confirmation by email in case of an accepted request.

    Customers also once again are informed about the booking details they have already made.

    5. Restaurant for WooCommerce

    ReDi Restaurant Reservation

    Restaurant for WooCommerce is an innovative plugin that will help you to deliver your restaurant, bar, or café menu to your online users. The plugin can be easily integrated with any WordPress-powered website, and it is entirely customizable according to the needs of the user. This brings a new dimension to how food ordering is done! Take a look at some of the key features that make this restaurant plugin amazing:

    Create Modifiers for Products & Categories:

    Extend your menu options by adding modifiers (add-ons) for products and categories.

    Add Multiple Time Slots for Each Day

    Adding multiple time slots allows you to divide your hours of operation into numerous shifts.

    Sliding Mini-Cart Style

    Display the user's items in a slider extending from the screen's right side.

    Create Multiple Menus

    Create multiple menus with different products and categories and display them using their unique shortcode.

    To Sum Up!

    As you understand there are no difficulties in creating a menu, booking, and ordering systems. Today best 3 plugins are provided with handy and easy-use features that allow business owners to set up menus, booking, and ordering systems too handy and straightforwardly. So choose the best version for you and you will feel the difference in just a few weeks: an increase in customers, an increase in sales, and an increase in income. As having an attractive and eye-catching website is a key to your success, so you should find ways for increasing your WordPress website traffic with interactive content. The result will not wait. The outcome will be bigger than you can even imagine.

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