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WP Image Slider


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One-time payment

We're sure that you'll love our WP Image Slider, but, if for some reason, you're not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money back guarantee and we'll issue a refund.

WordPress Ays Slider plugin

The WordPress Image Slider plugin is an excellent way to present entertaining slideshows to your audience. The plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of slides and adjust the settings for the perfect view. If you want to present your work beautifully, Image Slider will be a helping hand for you. It’s suitable both for amateurs and professionals: photographers, web designers, artists, and others.


Our WordPress slider plugin provides you with a super easy and powerful way of presenting your work. No tech skills are required to create slideshows with Ays Slider. Moreover, you need no time to be spent on figuring out the functionality of the plugin. Just go straight into your work and complete it in a short time. The interface is simple: the options are grouped in separate tabs and there are tooltips at your disposal. Have your unique slideshow presented on your site or blog by inserting its shortcode into any post or page.

You are free to decide where to show your slideshow — on the sidebar, on the home page, on all the pages except the home page. Or else, you can add it to the footer. Go to Appearance on the sidebar, then head to Widgets and find the Ays Slider widget. Drag-and-drop it into the most preferable section.

Take the chance to make your mobile users pleased as well. Display your photo slider on mobile devices and tablets without any change to the animations used.


Give the basic configuration settings to your photo slider.

On the Images tab,

  • Give a title to your slider and describe it.
  • Upload images. You can add an image or multiple images at a time.
  • Enable image pagination.
  • Add alt text to your images and describe them.
  • Attach URL addresses to image titles. By clicking on the image title, the visitors will be directed to the specified URL.

On the Settings tab,

  • Specify the order of the images. If you choose Random, the visitors will see the images in a different order every time.
  • Decide between the two ways of image loading: global loading and lazy loading. Global loading enables you to see the already loaded slider with images. Instead, you can choose lazy loading to increase your page speed. Lazy loading is used for loading web content only when it’s needed.
  • Activate the Pause on hover option if you need to stop the animation when the cursor is on the slider.
  • Set the container width and height.
  • Resize the images to fit the container with the Image fitting option.


Fine-tune the display and thus increase visitor engagement a good deal. With Ays Slider, take your photo slider to the next level with the help of the following features:

  • Animation effects: Pick the coolest animation effects from the 70+ animation effects available!
  • Animation speed: Set the animation speed yourself. Note that the lower value you set, the faster the animation will be.
  • Navigation arrows: Move on to the next or previous photo with the help of the corresponding arrows. Regardless of whether the option is active or not, you are free to change the slideshow photos with the pointer.
  • Bottom navigation: Choose the outlook of the bottom navigation bars. Depending on your choice, dots or thumbs will be visible at the bottom of the container.
  • Sliding duration: Specify how many milliseconds the display of each image will last.
  • Border-radius: Give the value for rounder corners.
  • Image filter: Make adjustments that will be applied to every image in the slideshow.
  • Container background color and image title color: Choose the background color of the container and the image title color. Also, you can make them transparent if you wish.
  • Custom class: Create custom classes if you have relevant skills. Separate them by hitting the spacebar. For example, container title.
  • Custom CSS code: Enter your own CSS code in the given field.


Add to the delightful experience and increase site engagement with our WordPress slider plugin. Our support care specialists are here to help you and to address your concerns with the plugin.

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail —

We're sure that you'll love our WordPress Ays Slider plugin, but, if for some reason, you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money-back guarantee and we'll issue a refund.

Free version: 2.6.0

Business version: 7.4.8

Developer version: 7.4.8

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