Spring Bundle (Copy + Popup + Quiz)


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Support for 12 months


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Support for lifetime


One-time payment

We're sure that you'll love our Spring Bundle (Copy + Popup + Quiz), but, if for some reason, you're not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money back guarantee and we'll issue a refund.

Spring Bundle Description


Spring is here!
The flowers are yet to bloom but our SPRING BUNDLE is ready to complete your list of efficient and flexible plugins for 2022. Spring Bundle includes Copy Content Protection plugin which helps you avoid plagiarism, Quiz Maker plugin, which creates any quiz your mind can think of, and the Popup box which constructs mobile-friendly popups with no coding background. Hurry up! Grab the deal and spend the rest of 2022 more secure, creative, and effective with Spring Bundle.

The bundle includes:

  1. Copy Content Protection
  2. Popup Box
  3. Quiz Maker


Copy Content Protection

The Copy Content Protection plugin is a free and reliable way to protect your brilliant ideas from content pirates. The marketing world makes it extremely difficult to come up with something that is unique, basically, everything is out there. If you managed to play with the words the way that no one else managed to do then you should probably protect it at any cost. Copy Content Protection will restrict coping access by IP, Country, User Role, Post type, etc. As soon as you install and activate the plugin, stealing content via Screenshots, Image drag/drop, or Printing will go down the history path. What about the images designed by you or your creative team. Copy Content Protection has an Image Watermark functionality that would stick your Icon to the picture just like Koalas stick on trees.

Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker plugin is an efficient tool for Quiz Making. I would probably fail to say when quizzes became so popular, but one thing I know for sure is that the best quizzes are made with the Quiz Maker plugin. In 2022 we do not only make quizzes to entertain but do so to benefit and generate leads. With the Quiz Maker plugin you can make Trivia quizzes, Personality tests, Scored quizzes, Multiple-choice quizzes, Knowledge quizzes, IQ tests, Yes-or-no quizzes, True-or-false quizzes, This-or-that quizzes, Diagnostic quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes, Assessment quizzes, Viral Quizzes, or anything else that comes to your mind. Thus collecting emails and building an email list that will help you connect with your customer on a more personal level.

Popup Box

Popups that are mobile-friendly and flexible are all about WordPress plugin Popup Box. Stereotyping Popups is not the best thing to do if you are unable to create one that benefits your business. Nowadays popups are so practical that Google gives you a popup about blocking a popup. With Popup Box which is mobile-friendly, fully customizable, and trusted by 94k+ WordPress users you can make popups that will benefit you and be less annoying for your customers. Creating a popup with Popup Box doesn't require 5+ years of coding experience. Moreover, the Popup box offers 6 ways of creating a popup with 13+ ready-made themes. You can make popups by; Shortcode, Custom Content, Subscriptions, Yes or No, Video and Iframe.

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