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Create a powerful popup and increase your sales. Build email lists and engage with your visitors in minutes. No coding skills are required.
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Custom Content

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Accept Cookie

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Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Are You Looking For The Best WordPress Popup Plugin?

Our popup generator is masterly coded to provide the best user experience while ensuring a significant increase in the conversion rate of your website. Attract your visitors and convert them into email subscribers and paying customers. The plugin is beginner-friendly, so you can create your modals without any coding skills. It is mobile-friendly as well, thus perfectly and smoothly fits on all types of mobile devices and tablets. What could be more perfect?

Create Engaging Popups with 70+ Features

The Popup Box WordPress plugin allows you to create fully customizable, responsive and engaging popups. Either you want to build your own by starting from scratch or use one of our beautiful ready-made themes, it is so easy with us. Take the chance to make an unlimited number of popups with our popup builder. The Popup Box creators(aka Ays Pro team) focus on the performance while creating the product. It is developed to give the best experience for website users. As they play a vital role within almost any business, what can be more important and thrilling than customer satisfaction?

Popup on Repeat

Show Popup every X minutes

Your popup will be flexible as never before! Create and implement perfect popup, which will be displayed for each user at once in a certain time.

Popup Box Position

Show popup by clicking on custom selector

Grab the attention of your visitors by targeting them based on the element they click and promote your offers special for them.

Popup Reports

Popup Box position

Place your popup in whichever position you preferred with the help of the popup margin and popup position table.

Restrict Popup by Browser

Multiple Scheduling

Boost the traffic of the website on certain days by precisely scheduling the displaying of the popup as many times as you desire.

Export and Import Popups


Track impressions of your popup and determine the performance of it much more precisely.

Popup on click

Restrict by OS

Want to target your visitors by OS? Enable to show popup only for the specific OS users to personalize your marketing.

Popup Scheduling

Restrict by browser

Want to target your visitors by browser? Enable to show popup only to people using certain browsers.

Restrict Popup by OS

Limitation count

Customize your popup with just a few clicks by specifying the count of the displaying of it.

Popup Limitation

Export/Import popups

Capture leads easily! Export and import your already created popups and use it in all your sites.

Purposes to have a modal form on your WordPress website are plenty.
Here are some of them:

  • Provide your advertising offers.
  • Add a cookie policy popup to your website.
  • Get more user subscriptions by creating option forms and subscription popups.
  • Direct the attention of your website visitors to your newly launched product by building full-screen popups.
  • Pop up user manuals, guides, or documentation to make use of your website more easily and simply.

Popup Box offers 15 popup types. Discover them one by one.

Popup Box Shortcode

Shortcode: Pop up any form you would like to by just inserting the shortcode of it! You just need to copy and paste the shortcode from any other plugin and display it to visitors via popup. For example Contact forms, surveys, polls, quizzes, Google map popup, and so on.

Popup Box Custom Content

Custom Content: Pop up any form you would like to by just inserting the shortcode of it! You just need to copy and paste the shortcode from any other plugin and display it to visitors via popup. For example Contact forms, surveys, polls, quizzes, Google map popup, and so on.

Popup Box Video

Video: This type is developed to show eye-catching video popups to your website’s visitors. When there is a question of engagement for content, visual content has an advantage over the written one. It is an excellent way to increase your website traffic as it can be processed faster than text and is easier to remember. Simply pop up your videos with us!

Popup Box Subscription

Subscription: Want to catch more email subscribers without using your marketing budget? Here you are! As Email marketing is still having a strong impact, you need to have a tool for capturing more leads. It is a known fact, that the modal popup is a superior method for doing it. The type can be used as a newsletter form. You just need to write the worthy incentive to subscribe for. That’s all! It is easy, is not it?

Popup Box Yes or No

Yes or No: This type is developed to ask a question to your website’s visitors. The visitor can choose between “Yes” and “No”. The technique implemented here is that you can redirect them to any URL you could prefer due to the choice he/she makes. The click either will redirect them or will close the modal window. The decision is yours!

Popup Box Iframe

Iframe: Want to embed your Youtube video, documents, any other interactive media, or a piece of content from other sources within your popup? All of it is possible with our amazing plugin! Display your Iframe popups by just copying the Iframe code and pasting it into the corresponding text field.

Popup Box Contact Form

Contact Form: Want to create a WordPress popup form? Two functions in one plugin! Make the life of your customers convenient and comfortable. A contact popup is a quick way to receive succinct feedback and boost traffic.

Popup Box Subscribe

Subscribe and get a file: Grow your email list with us. Convert your website visitors to newsletter subscriptions. Easier than ever - popup asks for an email address in exchange for the file you uploaded before. After joining the list, the system will automatically send emails to subscribers which include your file. You can upload images, documents, audio, video, etc. Giveaway a free ebook and get more subscribers right now!

Popup Box Coupon

Coupon: Looking to create a coupon popup for your WordPress website? This bulk coupon creator is here for you. You can either import your already existing coupon codes or randomly generate them via this popup plugin. Hurry up, and increase your website sales with this great marketing strategy!

Popup Box Countdown

Countdown: Creating a countdown timer popup is super easy now! Increase your sales and conversion rates with limited-time offers. Make your own countdown popup and give a sense of urgency with the help of the WordPress Popup plugin.

Popup Box Accept Cookie

Cookies: Everyone needs a cookie popup creator. At least, you do! Adding a cookie notice to your website is a must as it is an unavoidable requirement of GDPR in many countries. Maintain your website visitors' privacy and let them approve their cookie usage via cookies consent popups.

Popup Box Download

Download: Want to give your website visitors a chance to download a file from your website in the easiest way? No worries, the WordPress popup plugin has an option for you. Create download popups and offer your website visitors your product or any other file for downloading. Just upload the file that you want your site visitors to download and that’s it.

Popup Box Login

Log In: Make the process of log in into your website simple. Usually, users are redirected in many pages before being successfully logged in. To help the situation just add an on-click log in popup into you website. All the users will need to do is just to provide the log in information right into the popup.

Popup Box Google Map

Google Maps: You want to make it more clear for your website visitors your location or any other locations or even simply add a map into your website? Use the Google Maps Popup type and insert a Google Map. All you will need to do is to enter your Google Maps API key in the popup.

Popup Box WooCommerce

WooCommerce: Catch your users attention and sell your products directly from popup. WooCommerce product popup is the best way to engage your users while boost sales and earn money.

Popup Box Reviews

Fantastic Plugin and support Service

The plugin works very well, and the support is really good. I recommend it 100%.
Popup Box Customer Review

Amazing Plug in And Support

Amazing Support on This plug in, and the plug in itself is everything you are looking for!.
Popup Customer Review

It's good!

Отличный плагин! До этого перепробовал много других popup плагинов, но все конфликтовали со стилями темы, а этот простой и надежный! Great plugin! I’ve tried many other popup plugins before, but all conflicted with theme styles, and this one is simple and reliable!
Popup Box Customer Opinion

The best one I think

I couldn't find a better one that works well with different browsers and so many options!
Customer Review for Popup
Amit Friedman

Highly recommend!

Very easy to use, multiple settings options for various business needs, plus they have great customer support. I filed a support ticket and they got back to me the very same day! highly recommend!
Popup Box Money Back Guarantee


We’re sure that you’ll love our Popup Box plugin, but, if for some reason, you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money-back guarantee and we'll issue a refund.

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Update 12 Months Lifetime
Support 12 Months Lifetime
Can Be Used On
Can Be Used On 5 Websites Unlimited
Support for 5 site
Support for 5 site Function Available Option Present
Session time option
Session time option Function Available Option Present
Responsive design
Responsive design Function Available Option Present
Shortcode popup
Shortcode popup Function Available Option Present
Scroll from top
Scroll from top Function Available Option Present
Styles Function Available Option Present
Display on pages
Display on pages Function Available Option Present
Delay Function Available Option Present
Open with click
Open with click Function Available Option Present
Custom content
Custom content Function Available Option Present
Close triggers
Close triggers Function Available Option Present
Popup box position
Popup box position Function Available Option Present
Multiple Scheduling
Multiple Scheduling Function Available Option Present
Reports Function Available Option Present
Restrict by OS
Restrict by OS Function Available Option Present
Restrict by browser
Restrict by browser Function Available Option Present
Limitation count
Limitation count Function Available Option Present
Export/Import popups
Export/Import popups Function Available Option Present
User role permission
User role permission Function Available Option Present
Limit by country
Limit by country Function Available Option Present
MailChimp integration
MailChimp integration Function Available Option Present
Campaign Monitor integration
Campaign Monitor integration Function Available Option Present
ActiveCampaign integration
ActiveCampaign integration Function Available Option Present
GetResponse integration
GetResponse integration Function Available Option Present
ConvertKit integration
ConvertKit integration Function Available Option Present
Sendinblue integration
Sendinblue integration Function Available Option Present
MailerLite integration
MailerLite integration Function Available Option Present
Yes or No popup
Yes or No popup Function Available Option Present
Video popup
Video popup Function Available Option Present
Iframe popup
Iframe popup Function Available Option Present
Subscription popup
Subscription popup Function Available Option Present
Contact form popup
Contact form popup Function Available Option Present
Send file after subscription
Send file after subscription Function Available Option Present
Coupon popup
Coupon popup Function Available Option Present
Countdown popup
Countdown popup Function Available Option Present
Cookie popup
Cookie popup Function Available Option Present
Exit Intent Popup
Exit Intent Popup Function Available Option Present
Woocommerce product popup
Woocommerce product popup Function Available Option Present
After visiting x pages trigger
After visiting x pages trigger Feature not Available Option Present
Inactivity trigger
Inactivity trigger Feature not Available Option Present
Scrolling to element trigger
Scrolling to element trigger Feature not Available Option Present
Email Address

Have you still got pre-sale questions?

Please feel free to contact us via the following e-mail
address: and our Customer Care specialists will always be happy to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Popup Box? See the list below for our most asked questions.

What payment options do you have?

MasterCard/Visa Card transfers and Paypal payments are the two options for payment. To purchase the WordPress Popup Box Plugin's Business or Developer package, go ahead and click the Buy Now button under the package row that you desire.

How to purchase the Popup Box plugin?

Please fill out the sign-up form by clicking the Buy Now button below your desired plan. Depending on the payment method you selected previously, you will be directed to either PayPal or the bank checkout page after hitting the Checkout button. After submitting all of the essential information, click on the Pay button. And you are ready to create popups with the most fabulous WordPress popup plugin.
Please note that there is no need to log in before purchasing any package.

After purchasing the pro version, how can I install the plugin?

You will be redirected back to the Popup Box Pro landing page once the purchasing process completes. The Buy Now button will be replaced with a Download Now button. You can also download the Popup plugin zip file from your Profile page. Go to your Profile page and look for the Popup plugin's zip file in your Orders history. If you need to postpone the download for whatever reason, simply log in with your Ays Pro credentials later and complete one of the instructions above.
Learn how to upgrade or update the Popup Maker plugin in this article.

How to upgrade to the PRO version without losing my popup’s data?

With only one click! When disabling the popup plugin in WordPress, just choose Upgrade instead of Deactivate. It will save all of the Popup plugin's data. If you still have questions or want to see the step-by-step guide. You can make a DB backup before installing for your safety (you can use Updraft Plus).

What does “Usage for a lifetime” mean?

When your pop up WordPress plugin account expires, you will be able to use the version that you have at the time. Whatever happens, all of your data will stay on your server. The Business plan includes one year of support and upgrades while the Developer plan ensures that we will be there for you anytime you need us.

Will I be charged automatically when my license expires?

We do NOT support recurring billing, so the answer is No! We have a one-time payment system. It suggests that the system will not automatically charge you when your license expires.
When your account expires (in the case of the Business version), the pro version of the Popup plugin that you have at that time will remain in use. However, you will no longer get updates or support. When your license expires, you must go to Popup Box’s landing page and click on the Buy Now button, to restart the package.

Does the Pro Version of Popup Box Plugin include ready-to-use templates?

It totally does! With the pro version of the WordPress popup plugin, you can use 10+ Popup types such as Subscription popup, Cookie popup, Coupon popup, Countdown popup, Shortcode popup, Custom Content popup, Yes or No popup, Video popup, Iframe popup, Contact form popup, Send file after subscription popup. As well as the corresponding templates for each of those types. However, If you want to change them somehow, you can fully customize them in the style section.

How to Create Button Click Popups on WordPress

We prioritize customer experience, thus our popup builder plugin doesn’t suggest any coding experience for creating stunning popups or using any popup trigger type including Button-Click. You can check out the article on how to create a popup on button click, and make one yourself within a few minutes.

Can I display other shortcodes in Popup Box, generated with other plugins?

Popup Box offers the Shortcode type which enables you to make your WordPress popup more engaging and increase conversion by adding other plugins within your popup. You can insert quizzes, surveys, and polls made with other WordPress plugins. (Quiz Maker, Survey Maker, Poll Maker, etc.) This is a great way to make a marketing popup as well as a lead gen popup. Also, this type is included in the free popup plugin in WordPress.

Is Popup Box Responsive on Devices Other than PC?

Absolutely! With Popup Box, you can make responsive Popups for PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc. The configurations for popup size are in the style section from the Popup Dimensions field. You can set the Popup parameters either by pixels or percentage.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

We'll definitely return your money if you're not satisfied with your purchase. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. We guarantee a refund; nevertheless, it will be mutually helpful if you contact our support team before purchasing the plugin with any questions or concerns. Please contact our support team with a legitimate reason for your dissatisfaction with the plugin in order to be issued a refund. They will contact you within a business day (24 hours).

Need consultation before purchasing the pro version, where do I go?

Our experienced support team will gladly answer any concerns you may have regarding our Popup WordPress plugin. "What types of Popups can I make with your WordPress interactive popup maker plugin?" or "Can you help me find a subscription form popup plugin for WordPress?" or perhaps “Which is the best popup plugin for WordPress” Our team is always happy to guide you with any WordPress popup questions you may have. Choose one of the contact methods listed below to get in touch with us:

  • For instant answers, feel free to write in the support forum.
  • For pre-sale or premium support, please fill in the contact form to share your message and your contact details with us.
  • Drop us an email at info(at)ays-pro(dot)com.
Monica and the team will get back to you within one business day(24 hours). However, you can check out detailed documentation, “How-to articles” as well as video tutorials, on how to make different types of popups, or how to take advantage of all the tools in our Popup plugin. This will help you have a better understanding of the plugin before you decide to contact us.

Pro Version Changelog

Business version: 7.9.0

Developer version: 20.9.0

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