How to make an interactive Survey Popup for your WordPress website


Are you trying to receive feedback about your services or website? Then a survey is just what you need!

Customer opinion is the biggest incentive for game-changing progress in any business. And a survey is a perfect technique to figure out what your users like and dislike about your products. It gives you tips for improving your business and user experience. If something doesn’t live up to customers’ expectations, there will only be a few people expressing their complaints. But what about those that stop using your services without any feedback? Their experience is also important, right?

That’s when a survey comes into play. Asking what the issue is all about instead of guessing would give you a greater knowledge of what you need to improve. Surveys do encourage people to share their feelings about what you offer. In today’s article, you are going to learn how to build a form in WordPress and insert it into a popup without effort. But first, let us point out the reasons why you need to implement popup surveys on your site.

Why Do You Need a Survey Popup?


why you need survey popup


A survey popup is valuable for many reasons. To begin with, it helps you understand who your customers are, what they need, and what you can do for them. It is necessary if you want to capture insights from users and make changes in your business strategies according to them. This also refers to detecting the problems that concern sales and goal completions.

Survey popups tend to dramatically increase the response rate. As a survey popup is more noticeable than an embedded one, it is more likely to be filled in by visitors. It allows you to segment prospects for targeted marketing as well. You can group respondents according to their answers, figure out their preferences, and see what you can offer to meet their needs. Another advantage of popup surveys is that you can control the placement of the modal box and decide the best time for it to appear. Most importantly, popup surveys reduce page abandonment and increase user engagement a great deal.

With all that being said, let’s get acquainted with those survey and popup maker plugins that will help you accomplish your seemingly non-realistic goals.


Which Popup and Survey Tools Will Serve You the Best?


survey popup


Among hundreds of tools intended for surveys and popups, I’m super happy to introduce the ones that take absolutely no money for building popup surveys. With the Survey tool, you can create entertaining content for your WordPress website. Create, surveys with logic jumps, build advanced level surveys with different types of questions. The WordPress Survey Maker plugin, together with the Popup Box plugin, is the best combination for your WordPress website.

Survey Maker allows you to:

  • Build an unlimited number of questions and surveys
  • Build multi-page surveys
  • Ask different questions using different question types (Radio, Multiple-Choice, Linear Scale, Star Rating, Paragraph, etc.)
  • Send email messages to users and the admin
  • Receive in-detail summary results in charts in real-time
  • Integrate your surveys with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, etc.
  • Group your surveys with the help of categories
  • Export and import your surveys
  • Use ready-made message variables for thank you messages, emails, and so on
  • Limit your surveys to logged-in users, selected users, and user roles
  • Set a maximum count for survey takers.

In order, to be sure about all the listed above information, I suggest you to read the article about 5 best WordPress Survey plugins.

However, to increase reachability and response rate, also consider inserting your form into a popup. And here the Popup Box plugin will help you do that.

Popup Box is recommended by consumers because it lets you:

  • Create popups without effort
  • Display your popups on mobile devices and tablets without the layout suffering
  • Build the most suitable modal box for your website with a range of types (Shortcode, Custom Content, Subscription, Yes or No, Video, Iframe, and Contact Form)
  • Export and import your popups
  • Control the modal position and timing
  • Create attractive popups with a wide variety of themes and customizable options
  • Limit your popups to logged-in users, guests, etc.
  • Follow detailed reports.

Building popup surveys may seem lengthy to you because you have to deal with two plugins at the same time, but, in fact, it’s a super-fast process. Now, it’s time to learn how to create one in minutes.


How to Create a Survey Popup for Your WordPress Site


First of all, you need to create a survey, then insert its shortcode ([ays_survey id=”your survey id”]) into the Shortcode text field inside the Popup Box plugin.

So, let’s begin with building a survey. After installing Survey Maker and opening it, go to the Surveys page and click Add New. On the General tab, give a title to your form and describe what it is for in a few sentences. Next, go on to fill in your questions using different question types. For instance, you could ask for the respondents’ names and email addresses first using the corresponding question types.

As mentioned before, you can create as many questions as you need to. For this, click on the + button in the right upper corner. You can also add sections, in other words, pages to your form, and have a multi-page form as a result. By the way, it also works perfectly when shown in a modal box. Yet, you need to avoid too many questions and pages, as popup surveys are designed for instant and real-time feedback.


survey logo design


If needed, make some of your questions required for respondents not to miss them. Besides, you can add an extra field for survey-takers so that they can answer your questions in their own words. Finally, I would recommend you write down a beautiful appreciation message that will appear at the end of the form. Make your customers feel their voice is important and decisive. You will find the Thank you message textarea on the Results Settings tab. In the very end, make sure you have saved your form.

Now, let’s proceed with placing your form into a modal box. First, you need to install the Popup Box plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Afterwards, click on the Add New button on the Popups page inside the plugin. As soon as the types of modals pop up, choose to go on with the Shortcode type. Here you are on the General tab, where you need to paste your survey shortcode. You can decide where to show your popup: it can appear on all pages or some of them. To control the visibility of popups, tick or untick the box right beside the Enable the popup option.

Next comes the Settings tab, where managing the timing of your modal is up to you. You can also make autoclose possible, schedule your popup, and redirect your visitors to a custom URL. Lastly, you can fully customize the overall appearance of your modal and the box size on the Styles tab. Again, take your time to save your popup.

Now it’s your turn to set the ball rolling with your ideal survey popups!


7 Tips for Building and Using the Most Effective Survey Popups


tips for building effective survey popups


We can’t escape the truth — most people are not willing to fill out surveys. But whatever the case is, some proven techniques will encourage them to take action. Let’s go and find out those techniques together!

  1. Clearly Understand the Goal Behind Running a Survey: A survey will provide you with a wide and diverse range of opinions. But before surveying your visitors, think about what you need to receive from it. For example, you may need to find out what hinders your visitors from becoming your potential customers, what they find missing on your website, and so forth.
  2. Keep It Simple and Clear: Complicated forms are surely not for survey popups. We come across a long survey, the first thing that comes to our mind is to skip it, right? To minimize such an attitude, make sure your visitors understand the purpose of your form. And if you want them to be responsive, building short forms is a must. In most cases, your popup form should take about 5 minutes to finish.
  3. Time It Appropriately: Don’t let your visitors face a popup from the very beginning they come to your site. Instead, allow them the rare pleasure to go through your website for a while and find something interesting. You may even try to delay your popup surveys till they leave your website.
  4. Design It to Match Your Website: The appearance of a popup form should not be underestimated. Quite the reverse, it can really make people go and fill out the form. Adjust its style to that of your website, cut out any unnecessary design element to get the most professional view possible.
  5. Target the Right Audience: Before you run a survey, segment your audience and clearly define who you want to fill in the form. For instance, if you need to find out what difficulties a user has had with your product, only target those visitors who have already used your services.
  6. Test It Before Running: Another vital thing to consider before launching a popup form is to test it thoroughly. Make sure it works without any errors. Besides, take your time to see if it functions properly both on mobile and desktop. It would also be great if you proofread the content carefully.
  7. View the Reports and Act upon the Received Data: It’s not only enough to run a survey. Keep in mind why you have made so much effort for it. Read the reports periodically, distinguish those entries that correspond to your goal, and move your business toward that very direction.


Success Is Closer Than You Might Think


The secret to business growth is one — make your users feel like insiders. Your business just wouldn’t survive without them. And here’s where survey popups come for help. Concentrate all your efforts on creating the most engaging and suitable popup surveys to gain valuable insights into your customers’ needs.

Hopefully, I could help you with choosing the most fitting survey and popup maker plugins for your site. Follow the links to the WordPress Survey Maker free demo and Popup Box free demo and find out what they offer. Also, head to the free support forums of Survey Maker and Popup Box in case of any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I embed a survey into a popup?

After creating the survey, go to the Popup Survey section > Add New > Select survey > select the already created survey > customize your popup survey and save it.

Can I add a start page to my popup survey?

Let’s say you have created a popup survey with different survey question types, and now to add a start page you need the WordPress Survey plugin. Go to Surveys > choose the survey you have created > Start Page tab > Enable start page. Then you can customize your start page the way you like.

How do I schedule my popup survey?

To schedule your popup survey, you need to install and activate the Survey plugin on your WordPress dashboard. Go to Surveys > choose the survey you want > Settings tab > Schedule the survey > customize the date.

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