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Create Survey with Skip Logic (Step by Step)


In this article, we will clearly define the concept of the logic jump, understand its importance and learn how to create an online survey with the logic jump with the Survey Maker plugin in WordPress.

Want to add question branching or conditional questions to your survey? Congratulations! I have found the best solution for you! Interested? Keep reading!

You definitely need the logic jump, which is mostly known as skip logic or conditional logic feature. 


What is skip logic in surveys?

Logic Jump is defined as a smart engaging content option that responds to participants’ answers to previous questions. Data collection takes less time with this question logic feature. You get only what you need and somehow avoid unnecessary data and information. Thanks to the logic jump, participants do not have to skip unnecessary questions and get annoyed. They will never even see those questions.

It’s also an excellent chance to segment the target audience and make the experience easier and more productive. You can create surveys with the logic jump to start real conversations with participants. Are you concerned with the results? Don’t worry because higher completion rates are guaranteed through a more personal, human experience for your participants.


logic jump survey wordpress


How does skip logic work?

It is important to realize that logic jumps work based on the answers provided to the previous questions. If your user says they prefer pizza, stop asking them about burgers! Or if you ask Maria whether she is coming to an event and she responds No, it is not logically correct to ask what dress she will wear.

Of course, you spend a lot of time preparing your survey, and you want everyone to pass all the questions, right? However, the problem is that most people can lose their motivation because of irrelevant questions and exit your survey. For example, Maria may get upset if she receives a number of questions about an event that she does not plan to attend. Moreover, she will not even continue reading the next questions. However, if you give them an opportunity to skip section which is not important and interesting for them, they will not get bored. Below you can see a basic example of the logic jump.


are you a girl or boy


Here, depending on the answer to the first question, users get two different second questions. If a person does not ride a car, the chances are pretty high that he prefers cycling. Thus, in order to interact with a bigger segment of people, it is essential to use this tool and ask relevant questions to each of the users.

As you may have noticed, questions change depending on the answer to the first question. If a person owns a car, he or she receives totally different types of questions regarding cars. On the other hand, if one does not have a car they avoid receiving useless questions regarding cars which will definitely annoy them. Rather they get other questions regarding different types of transportation that they might prefer.

For example, let us imagine and discuss a certain situation where a specific user does not own a car and keeps answering all the questions about cars. What will be the possible outcomes of this situation? Of course, if he does not have a car, he cannot answer the questions correctly and will select answers randomly or by following his or her own imagination. This will negatively affect the quality of received data and make the user get bored. Besides, not only he will never pass your surveys but will also spread bad feedback and inform his relatives and friends that your surveys are not interesting and contain irrelevant questions. This point harms your company’s marketing strategy.

Don’t you agree that branch logic is an excellent option to personalize the surveys and make them more attractive?


How to set up logic with Survey Maker?

WordPress Survey Maker plugin allows its users to create surveys with conditional logic. This feature gives a unique chance to interact audience and include personalized questions for each participant.

Now it’s time to learn the steps of creating a logic jump survey with Survey Maker!

The first step basically requires selecting the logic jump option, which you can find below.


logic jump survey maker


Survey Maker allows adding an unlimited number of sections in each survey. You can choose to have separate sections for each of the answer choices. For example, in this case, if some of the users own a car, a separate section of questions can be prepared and included specifically for them. On the other hand, if some of the users do not have cars, it does not mean that they should quit and leave the survey or continue to get questions about car usage that are irrelevant for them.

They probably use other means of transportation such as bicycles, motorcycles, buses, skateboards, scooters, and so on. You can have one another or several other sections that include specific questions for those segments. Here you can choose to which section you want to continue after the given answer. All you must do is choose the relevant section, and everything will get done automatically without any difficulties!

Remember that your skip logic survey must be similar to a real-life conversation, and you should create good contact with your users!


logic jump option


However, sometimes people just need one simple question or just one section. That is why Survey Maker provides an option to submit the form via which you can decide on which exact point the user should finish the survey.

The question types can include Radio, Checkbox,  Dropdown, Linear Scale, Star Rating, Paragraph, Short text, Number,  Date, Matrix Scale, and Yes or No. You can also include images in the questions.

Some questions might not be necessary for each participant. While enabling the logic jump or skip logic feature, you can choose to avoid some of the questions depending on the respondent’s answer to the previous question. You are also more than welcome with the possibility of asking various follow-up questions depending on the participant’s answer to the previous question.

Please remember that the skip logic is always in Page-Level, not Question Level. You are not allowed to jump between questions on the same page! You can use logic jump to only one question on a page because the survey can’t skip participants to two places. It will skip respondents based on the logic path of the first question on the page.

Furthermore, Survey Maker allows you to create an unlimited number of sections, questions, make the questions required and use many other features to make your survey the best! Adding background, bright colors, and logos will make your survey more appealing and eye-catching.

Note: We strongly suggest that you build your whole survey and finalize every detail before adding question skip logic and conditional branching to your survey. Also, we strongly recommend that you avoid changing the order of your questions after you have added logic. If you do, test your survey and make sure that the logic is still valid.

It’s important to only move users forward in a conditional survey because if you send them backward, it could create an endless loop and prohibit them from completing the survey fully.

Advanced example – Transportation Survey Template:


survey logic jump final result


This illustration is a more advanced example of a survey with a logic jump. As you see, the participants may receive different questions depending on the answer to the first question. Then questions change depending on what type of transportation do our participants use. For example, if they select NO and claim that they do not ride a car, we immediately ask if they prefer to bike for triathlon. Afterward, in case if their answer is again NO for that question, we ask whether they like to walk and so on. Keep in mind that you need to conduct your research and find out the best personalized questions for each user if you want to include more people in your target segment.

With the help of Survey Maker, controlling the flow of questions is not impossible any more! Thanks to the logic jump feature, you can regulate the way questions are shown to the respondents. Using Logic Jump in survey forms is one of the must-needed things that creates an advanced-level professional survey. With the help of flexible features, you are free to create your logic-based surveys with Survey Maker.

I have prepared a demo version of a skip logic survey for you. Please find the second survey and test it. Hopefully, it will help you clarify the theoretical knowledge gained from this article.

I hope this article helped you clarify the logic jump concept, understand its importance and motivate you to try! If YES, do not forget to subscribe to our team’s YouTube channel for different WordPress video tutorials. You’re surely also welcomed to our  Facebook and Twitter pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the principle of skip logic in surveys?

The skip logic in surveys allows the users to skip questions that are unnecessary and irrelevant based on their previous answers. In fact, the survey takers never see those questions and don’t get annoyed.

How do I turn on the logic jump in my survey?

You can find the Logic jump option in the lower right corner of each question, by clicking on the given icon.

Why is a logic jump important in surveys?

Let’s say you want to create a conversational survey. If you use the logic jump in your surveys, your survey takers won’t get bored and will take the survey till the end. But if they keep getting questions that are irrelevant to their previous answers they will quit the survey mid-way.

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