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How to Create a Multi-Page Survey in WordPress


Do you want to create multi-step surveys in WordPress that are user-friendly and drive conversions?

Multi-step forms are among the most efficient ways to boost engagement and improve user experience on your website. It’s by far the best method of gathering ideas for your product improvement. Besides, it’s crucial to add one to your website to be in touch with potential and current customers and website visitors.

To begin with, you need a WordPress survey maker plugin to build multi-step forms. But before coming to this, let’s learn the good reasons for adding multiple-paged forms to your website.

Why Use a Multi-Page Survey on Your Site


why use multi-page survey


No one wants boring forms and customers with no wish to fill them out. But the number one reason why customers leave the websites is a too long survey. It’s intimidating and overwhelming. It reduces traffic and interest. We’ve all been there. Skipping such forms seemed the most reasonable thing for us to do. That’s when a multi-step form comes for help.

Multi-page forms help you:

Provide Delightful Experience: To make your customers feel more satisfied, do your very best so that they feel at ease. Giving your customers a lengthy and tiring form to fill out is definitely not the best approach.

Increase Traffic: Breaking down a form into sections makes users complete it instead of leaving it halfway. This seemingly unimportant trick will do magic. A reported case by Instapage specialists shows that multi-page forms increased lead generation by an incredible percentage of 214%!

Group Questions: Categorizing questions according to topics is a professional technique. It classifies the information you need from your page visitors and makes the process easier.

Receive Information and Ideas: A survey, in general, is the easiest way to connect with your users. Imagine how a well-designed survey will motivate them to share their experience, from which you will benefit greatly.

Identify Well-Qualified Leads: A multi-page form helps you single out visitors who are committed to your product. Only those who show real interest in your services will go through all the pages in your form. They will take their time to make useful suggestions to you. Such customers are what we call highly qualified leads. And you guessed right! High quality means more sales, more engagement, and, finally, more value.


How to Create a Multi-Step Form with the WordPress Survey Maker plugin


WordPress survey maker plugin


Survey Maker is an all-in-one WordPress plugin designed for building surveys that engage, drive traffic, and build trust. Being powerful, it’s also convenient for people with no tech skills. Creating multi-step forms with Survey Maker is nothing but effortless! But what else can you do with Survey Maker? Let’s see!

  • Add image to your questions
  • Make questions required
  • Add questions with several question types (Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Star Rating, Paragraph, Text, etc.)
  • Specify a maximum count of takers
  • Schedule your survey
  • Redirect after submission
  • Limit users
  • Send email to users
  • Send email to admin
  • Integrate your surveys

And a lot more!

Before starting the WordPress journey you can find additional and more advanced information inUser Manual.

So, let’s go on with how to create a multi-page form with Survey Maker.

Creating multi-page forms with Survey Maker is free. Firstly, install it from your WordPress dashboard. Then, go to the Survey MakerSurveys pages one after another. Click the Add New button for your first form with Survey Maker! The General tab will open. It would be preferable if you gave your form a title and also described it. Next, add as many questions as you need and fill out the questions with their possible answers. Finally, you can add the Other field so that visitors can submit their own opinions and experience.

As you have set up the first page of your form, you can continue with the second, third, and many more pages. For this, click on the Add Section button that stands for creating new pages. Consider adding titles and, if necessary, descriptions to your sections for a more organized structure. You can also add multiple pages first, then go and fill out the whole form.


survey example made with survey maker


Here is a form example created with the Survey Maker plugin. All the other pages are similar in structure to the one displayed, but deciding the questions and content is up to you. Follow the link to Survey Maker demos to observe multi-page form examples.

Now, let’s move on to a topic of much interest and value.


Tips for Creating the Most Effective Multi-Page Forms


Is there anything better than to build your form according to proven research?

If you want to make the best of your form, you need to consider some important things. Next, I am going to present some tips that are central to conversion-driven forms.

Use a Familiar, Easy Layout: A form should seem easy-to-use, familiar, and appealing to the user. Place labels above the fields and make them as understandable as possible. The area of a field should correspond to the expected answer length.

Put Fewer Fields: Keep it short and sharp. A form works best if it consists of a few fields. Reduce the number of fields if possible to drastically improve your conversion rate.

Avoid Asking for Unnecessary Personal Information: Users may feel daunted to provide personal information like addresses or phone numbers. And it’s completely justified, isn’t it? Avoid asking for personal data to reduce form abandonment. Respect their privacy, as their satisfaction comes first and foremost. If possible, let the responses be anonymous.

Let Them Understand Errors: Make the errors clear for visitors to understand why they can’t submit the survey. If they have not answered a required question, mark it with red, for instance, and explain why they can’t go on without answering it. If they haven’t filled out the field correctly, leave an appropriate message. Make it feel as if you are speaking directly to them.

Use a Plugin with Responsive Design: Statistics show that nowadays more than half of website visits are done via mobile devices. As Survey Maker supports responsive design, your work gets easier than ever. To make the best-optimized form, remove some fields you don’t need. A polished and simple design is what especially mobile users are looking for.


The Most Common Types of Surveys


A survey is the most preferable way of understanding how customers feel about your product. Different types of surveys, be it a customer satisfaction survey, job satisfaction survey, or customer feedback survey, can change everything connected with the success or failure of your business.

Let’s dive deep into the 4 most widely used types of surveys that give us insights into customer concerns and help generate leads. Life and work get far easier than we might think with the right type of survey.

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction survey

A customer satisfaction form lays the foundation of your business growth and expansion.

These forms are the most commonly used ones. You can encounter them everywhere and anytime. For example, after doing your purchase in the local supermarket, you are asked to rate for the service with a smiley. Or, after doing shopping online, a small survey is sent to you to measure your satisfaction with the product quality.

In the business world, these forms help correctly estimate your customers’ satisfaction with your service, product, or event. Customer satisfaction surveys can significantly increase the conversion rate on your site with the right choice of questions.

Questions you can ask while conducting this type of forms include:

  • What would you improve in the service or product?
  • Has the customer support been responsive to you today?
  • Does the product help you reach your goals?

Just remember: It’s important to acquire new customers, but the customer base you have brings more value. Keep your current customers satisfied, and they will turn into perfect brand ambassadors.


2. Market Research Survey

Market research

A market research survey is an excellent option for understanding your position on the market. It is also helpful for following at what stage of competition your brand is. If you have launched a new product and can only guess about people’s first reactions, a market research survey will turn your assumptions into beliefs and help you move on the right track.

Some practical questions you can ask your customers are:

  • What was your first reaction to our product?
  • How useful is our product?
  • How would you assess the quality of the product?
  • How original is the service/brand?

Market research surveys are of much importance for game-changing improvements to your brand and substantial business growth.


3. Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction surveys are used to measure employees’ satisfaction with their work environment. This type of survey gives ideas for strengthening bonds among employees and elevating team spirit. Another effective tactic is the calculation of eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Schore) and getting feedback on how to boost employee morale․.

It’s important to enable anonymous responses so that your customers can answer as honestly as possible. Also, to track improvement in employee satisfaction, consider conducting such surveys regularly, for instance, once or twice a year.

Some questions you can ask your employees are:

  • How do you feel yourself within your team?
  • Do you feel valued as a professional and just as a member of the team?
  • How often do you feel tense at work?

Employee satisfaction surveys are important for the sustainable growth of business based on good teamwork and mutual respect. Along with good time tracking and task management software, you can improve employee productive and leverage it for your business growth.


4. Job Satisfaction Survey

Job satisfaction survey

To estimate how satisfied your employees are with their work, conduct job satisfaction surveys. Measuring job satisfaction directly affects work efficiency and employee morale. Employees who are content and engaged drive far better results for their company than those who are not. Job satisfaction surveys help you understand which employees need additional training related to their job or communication skills.

Questions to include in a job satisfaction survey are:

  • Are you proud to work for this company?
  • Are you motivated to do good for your company?
  • How motivated are you to go to work every day?

There is no successful business without vigorous and professional employees.

With a wide range of survey types available nowadays, it’s vital to conduct the right one for your business at the most appropriate time. In the long run, a form will be a valuable helping hand, and your hard work will definitely pay off!


Start Today


There is no better time than today to start building multi-page forms to improve your business on all fronts. Surveys are irreplaceable for understanding customers, employees, and coming up with the greatest ideas to improve your work environment.

I hope the article will be a handy guide while you are building the surveys and work culture of your dreams. As for creating forms, you already know which plugin corresponds to your needs. Follow the link to Survey Maker demos and the landing page of the WordPress Survey Maker plugin for further information.

If this article was helpful, feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel to see other WordPress video tutorials. You are surely also welcomed to Facebook and Twitter pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What WordPress plugin allows you to create a multi-page survey?

The WordPress Survey Maker plugin allows you to create a multi-page survey. All you need to do is to install and activate the plugin and start creating!

What is the difference between online surveys and online forms?

Online surveys are conducted to collect a wide range of opinions and feedback, while online forms are about more detailed information. Surveys focus on quantity, while forms focus rather on quality.

What are the best survey question types?

Multiple-choice questions are the most common ones, but various survey question types can be more relevant based on your survey.

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