How to Create an Anonymous Survey for WordPress Website

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In our digital world, where every kind of personal data is easily accessible, privacy has become one of the most necessary and important features of any online platform.

I guess you have already heard about the best WordPress Survey plugin . With the help of Survey Maker, every website owner will be able to add colors to their web blogs, by providing their users with entertaining and user-friendly questionnaires, and building up numerous types of surveys with this WordPress must-have tool.
It will be unchallenging to create Single-page and Multi-page surveys, surveys with Personalised results , Conversational surveys , Paid surveys, Event Planning questionnaires , Satisfaction surveys, surveys with the LogicJump , Customer Satisfaction surveys , and Anonymous Surveys .

With the help of the WordPress Survey plugin, your website will become one of the most trusted among your customers. How?
Go ahead, read and learn how to build anonymous survey forms and win your audience's trust.

What does the Anonymous survey form imply?

AYS Pro Survey logo Anonymity will prevent every user from being identified. The survey takers are being recognized with the provided personal information. The Anonym Survey helps its users to stay unrecognized, it will remove personal data and keep all the information confidential.
Building surveys with anonymity will help you to hear the real voice of your customers. By keeping your survey takers' identities in private, you will always have the most honest and exact feedback about your business, products, services, etc. With this type of client questionnaire, you can always encourage your participants to fill out the form and get the most submissions. In the case of using an in app guidance solution as a SaaS business, getting feedback from customers is essential to ensure you're on the right track with your strategy.

When to use the Anonymous surveys?

AYS Pro information confidentiality

For sure anonymous surveys will become your number one feedback tool in varied fields.
Build Employee Engagement questionnaires and get the most accurate feedback with the anonymity tool.
Imagine a situation when an employee is afraid to share honest opinions and thoughts about his or her manager or team members because the employee is convinced that honesty will lower the chances of being promoted or will make higher the chances of being fired.
Wouldn't you agree with me, if I say that surveys with confidential information are a perfect method for this kind of situation?

Or, what about the surveys with the medical, personal, or family concerned questions, not everyone is ready to share private information, and once again the anonymity survey will perfectly fit for getting authentic submissions.
Undercover forms are also suitable for marketing research. Learn about the expectations of your customers with accurate results and honest feedback, you will always be one step ahead. With this WordPress tool, know what to provide your customers and make them feel special.

With WordPress, Anonymous Surveys find out the genuine and honest answers to every question of your survey. How?

..continue reading and find your answer

Make an Anonymous Survey with the WordPress Survey Maker plugin

Nowadays when our world is filled with innovative and technological gadgets, no one is secured from having their personal information shared. All the data is easily being shared within targeted advertisements, location trackings, web searches, timestamps, etc.
Without any doubt, it is essential to set up barriers to keep personal information confidential and make your customers feel safe and secure.

The WordPress best survey plugin has an amazing anonymity feature that will help every website owner to make customer feedback questionnaires with private personal information.
The foremost step of making an Anonymous Survey is to build an engaging questionnaire.

For the first step, you need to install WordPress must-have tool Survey Maker plugin , in order to have the most engaging and advanced question forms for your audience.

AYS Pro Survey Maker WordPress

The key part of each survey is engaging inquiries. With the Survey tool, you will be able to add many types of questions which will completely fit varied types of survey forms. It will defiantly be time-saving with this user-friendly tool.
Add Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Linear Scale, Star Rating, Paragraph, Shirt Text, Number, Date, Matrix Scale, Yes or No types of questions, and make your web blog content more entertaining.

Afterward, bring your survey to an advanced level with the most powerful and high developed features. For example Submissions Summary, Submission analytics with charts, Send mail both to users and admin, Schedule your surveys, the most useful Third-Party Integrations, etc. Build up unlimited surveys with unlimited questions. All these features will provide your web page with amazing online surveys, get quick and reliable real-time feedback.

Moreover, the Survey Maker plugin has responsive designs, it has tons of style settings to make users use all their creativity and give their website a more professional and advanced interface. The WordPress Survey plugin tool will look perfect for all of the types of screens (computers, tablets, mobile devices, etc.)

After adding all the needed attributes and enabling the advanced features to have a ready-to-use survey let's make it anonymous.

From your WordPress dashboard go to the Survey Maker submenu and choose the General Settings section.

AYS Pro Survey Maker dashboard menu

After scrolling down you will see the Anonymity Survey settings section. In this section, you will find "Do not store users names" and "Do not store users emails" features.

AYS Pro Anonymity Survey General Settings

All of us have been related to the form types where the participants' username is being saved in order to provide their authenticity and identity. But what about the types of inquiry forms where the survey takers would rather stay anonymous, in order to give the real answers.

The "Do not store user names" implement will not save the survey takers' username and after filling the form it will not be shown on the submissions. After enabling this tool your every honest feedback and answer will stay confidential with the WordPress Survey Maker plugin.

The "Do not store user emails" attribute will also make each user avoid being identified. For sure every type of survey is an amazing data collecting tool for every website owner. To make the survey tool provide its functions and be more effective for the users is to get a lot of submissions. Every survey taker can easily be identified by their email addresses, so what to do to make your audience feel data safe and trust you? Of course, enable the Survey Maker plugin's anonymity settings tools. Switch on the "Do not store user emails" feature and the survey participants' email addresses won't be saved and provide your audience with the most anonymous experience.

And VOILA! After enabling these options your Anonymity Survey is ready to shine on your WordPress website.

Go ahead and try to build your unique WordPress Anonymity Survey.

AYS Pro WordPress Anonymity

Let's find out the advantages and disadvantages of the Anonymous surveys

Now let's read about the main pros and cons of the Anonymity types of surveys. Let's look at the advantages.

  • First and foremost, the surveys with anonymity will make every survey taker feel special, and show that their response is important and will be valued equally. In a nutshell, unnamed surveys will make your audience undoubtedly trust you.
  • Secondly, when the survey participant knows that they will not be tracked, their responses will subconsciously become more precise and honest. As a result, every website owner will automatically gain accurate and unbiased feedback. Hearing the real voice of your users definitely will help you to satisfy their expectations.
  • Last but not least, everyone wants to feel safe and keep their provided information confidential. This will lead to a grander quantity of submissions and advance the website's users traffic to a higher level.

Of course, it would be very unfair to mention only the advantages of the incognito tool. Let's what kind of disadvantages you will face while working with this feature.

  • One of the disadvantages is that the website owner will not know the responders' negative feedback is a result of a real dissatisfaction or just an act of jealousy detester of your business.
  • Another downside for the questionnaires with anonymity is that if something alleged will happen, then the website owner will not be able to find out who the response came from.

AYS Pro Survey Database info

To sum up, all the above mentioned, when every kind of information is easily attainable, everyone wants to feel safe on a digital platform. This WordPress survey builder is an ideal solution to keep the confidentiality of your users and websites guests.

In the WordPress Survey Maker plugin, every website owner will find numerous features to have the most progressive and up-to-date WordPress digital experiences.

Make your customers trust you and your offerings. Make your customers permanent, and evolve your business to greater levels. Make your users think about their opinion be a hundred percent honest while sharing it with you.

In order to be assured in all the above-mentioned information go ahead and give a try to the best WordPress form builder plugin. For your first WordPress experience, you can try the free version of the Survey Maker plugin.

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