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How to create Conversational Survey in WordPress


Before reading this article, have a look at this free beginner-friendly guide to help you create an event signup form for your website.

What are conversational surveys?

Conversational surveys are forms that collect feedback from customers through short and interactive conversations. Those are usually conducted via mobile messaging which helps to improve relationships with customers and increase satisfaction.

Are you interested? Then keep reading!

Conversational surveys usually exist in various messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Instagram messages, WhatsApp, Viber, or SMS platform like Messente. They can also be introduced as a popup on a certain web browser. The main difference is that conversational surveys are more friendly, informal, and shorter compared to regular surveys. An increasing number of research groups are brainstorming and rethinking the regular traditional surveys and adopting chats to capture customer insights.


chat image survey


Why do people need conversational surveys?

Conversational surveys can be basically referred to as chats. So why do we need chats? The answer is pretty simple. While traditional surveys may seem boring, too long, impersonal, and formal, chats are more simple, less time-consuming, conversational, and personalized. With the help of buttons, texts, AI generated images, audio, and video files chats are more fun and interactive way to keep in touch with the audience and receive feedback from them.

Nowadays many people do not have enough time to check their emails regularly after the end of a working day. However, almost every person spends a lot of time checking their messages, reading and answering them, or communicating via social media and various messaging platforms. For example, according to statistical research, Generation Z is almost unreachable via email but active in messaging platforms. In this case, a crucial need arises for a more innovative solution such as chats.

In fact, there is growing popularity of mobile messaging and conducting conversational surveys is a productive solution. Nowadays, messaging platforms are the primary communication channels that connect people and brands; send text from computer to connect people.

Let’s go through some statistical facts and researches…

Did you know that the text message rate of the opening is 4 times higher than the email opening rate? Moreover, almost 20 billion messages are sent between businesses and potential customers on Facebook Messenger per month! Another surprising fact is that 51% of people report that different messaging platforms replaced many other means of communication.

These and a number of other facts and estimations prove the importance and effectiveness of conversational surveys. So, do not miss your chance to try it!


conversational survey first result


What makes the conversational surveys unique?

  • Higher completion rate: Instead of making the audience get bored with a big number of unnecessary and overwhelming questions, use the conversational survey form and ask one question per page. This will relatively increase the completion rate. Moreover, choose the most important questions in order not to ask all the questions at a time. For example, imagine the first question in a survey is about whether the customer likes cars or not. If the answer is NO, but the next questions that the customer receives are still connected with cars, the customer will get bored and annoyed. As a result, he or she will leave the survey and consider it irrelevant. Thus, if you want to increase your completion rates try to avoid long surveys with unnecessary questions and use conversational ones which are more user-friendly.

  • Shorter: Many people refuse to pass the survey if it is too long. Imagine you are a busy working person and have ordered a product from an online shop. After completing the purchase you receive a long survey that consists of approximately 20 questions. Would you pass it? I guess no. However, if you received a short message instead of that survey you would answer it. Another example is that job seekers usually leave the job application form if it is too long. However, conversational forms will make any job application more interactive and appealing! So, always try to view from the customer’s point and understand their needs before taking any action.

  • Conversational: The experience feels more like a conversation rather than a formal survey. Due to the ongoing dramatic technological growth in the world, we may notice that human interactions eventually decrease in almost all fields. Technologies do everything for people. However, sometimes people need human interaction and contact. Even though there is no human interaction in conversational surveys, they make people feel like they are in a real conversation. Besides, if you include targeted and personalized questions in your conversational surveys they will flow in the right direction which will help to make customers’ experience more real. As a result, it will increase the quality and value of the given feedback.

  • A softer ask: When you write “Please complete the survey below”,  most people think that it will take a long period of time. They already imagine a big questionnaire with a number of boring questions. Moreover, that sentence sounds more formal and impersonal. However, “Hi, may I ask a few questions?” or “Hi, let’s talk” sounds more quick and friendly. Besides, this might interest people more because it seems more entertaining and fun. In the end, it may seem also surprising for customers because each of them will receive personalized and short questions. They will definitely enjoy their experience with your conversational surveys and provide the necessary information and feedback to you!

  • Familiar interface: Conversational surveys or Chatbox surveys have very similar interfaces like Facebook Messenger, Viber, and WhatsApp. Nowadays, these are the most used applications and which most people feel comfortable with. With a similar interface, you will make your surveys feel like a social experience. Chatbox surveys seem more funny and engaging.

Do not forget that not only customers but also companies that use conversational surveys benefit, too. The completion rate of conversational surveys is relatively high. It will help to generate more leads. According to statistics, the completion rate of chat surveys is 40% higher than other types. As a result, you receive more valuable feedback in a short period of time which allows you to respond quickly and solve the possible issues immediately.

Using a chatbox provides a chance to have approximately more than a thousand personalized conversations exactly at the same time. Isn’t it amazing? It helps to connect with your audience without losing time and other resources. According to different estimations, in the nearest future, chatbox surveys will boost customer service interactions by 85%.


conversational survey second result


How to create conversational surveys in WordPress?

Generally, conversational surveys work similarly to traditional and regular ones. The company selects and provides relevant questions to ask. However, the difference is that conversational surveys create a more friendly and informal environment. After selecting all the relevant questions for customers you can make them logically connected. This option allows asking personalized relevant questions to each customer. Just try to imagine how realistic it will seem and the customers will feel more confident and less stressed.

Now, dear readers, as we have got acquainted with the theoretical part of a conversational chatbox survey and know what it is, its purpose, and its unique, flexible characteristics, it is time to learn how it works in practice. I strongly believe, that now most of you have a big question in your mind, which is ” Ok, conversational surveys are excellent tools, but how we can create and use them?” Do not worry, please! We are moving forward with that part.

WordPress Survey Maker plugin is an excellent tool that provides unlimited features for making high-quality surveys. You are free to create conversational surveys, too. It works quickly, effectively, and is beginner-friendly.

First of all, you need to conduct research and add the most relevant questions to your survey and create a unique and eye-catching design. Survey Maker plugin offers all the necessary tools for that! Afterward, go to the Settings section and scroll down until you see the Enable chat mode. Enable that feature if you want to make your survey conversational. Do not forget that this feature works only with Radio, Short text, and Yes or No types of questions.


chat mode survey maker


We have created a demo version of a conversational survey with Survey Maker Plugin in WordPress. You can find and test it here.

By the way, did you know, that there are more than 10 question types in online forms? Each of them aims to make your survey more advanced and keep your visitors engaged. A very common thing in surveys is the Skip Logic functionality, which allows to make very personalized form and surprise the survey takers, as if it was made special for them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and obtained new beneficial information about conversational or chatbox surveys. If you have tried creating conversational chatbox surveys please tell us about your experience in the comments section. Hopefully, this article will help you make your first moves in creating more customer-friendly and informal chat similar conversational surveys. You will definitely notice the positive outcomes of conversational surveys in a very short period of time.

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By the way, if you are interested in the WordPress Survey Maker Plugin, go and read this article 

It will introduce all the features that the plugin provides and work as a guide during your experience with the Survey Maker plugin. Moreover, you can also learn about other good survey-making plugins in WordPress that we have chosen for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best WordPress plugin for a conversational survey?

If you want to create a conversational survey with a plugin that offers a wide range of features, then the WordPress Survey Maker plugin is the best for you. With the help of this plugin, you can create different surveys such as customer satisfaction surveys, anonymous surveys, etc.

What is a chatbot survey?

A chatbot survey appears in the form of an online chat, where you receive questions and choose the answer from the given options. After users answer the question, it prints the next pre-set question. The chatbot survey works only with radio, short text and yes or no question types.

What are the benefits of conversational surveys?

Conversational surveys are simple and personalized, they are less time-consuming, and quick to create.

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