How to create a Personality Test in WordPress - Step-by-step Guide

Personality quiz question

Have you ever thought about the personality type you have? The answer is definitely Yes! It is very important for us to learn our own personality type to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our character.
The easiest way to learn about your personality type is to pass Personality quizzes. Here, the WordPress Quiz plugin comes for help. By using the personality test WordPress plugin, you can create engaging and advanced quizzes with unlimited questions and answers.

So, let’s read the article and learn all the steps to make a personality quiz with the personality test WordPress plugin.

What do you mean by saying Personality Quiz?

A personality quiz is a method to determine and understand characteristic traits. By passing personality tests people can work on their weaknesses and become the best version of themselves.

There are thousands of personality test examples,such as the Enneagram Personality test and Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. By creating this kind of personality assessment quizzes, you can understand how people actually make life decisions.

So, with the help of our WordPress personality quiz plugin, you can make your own personality quiz and boost your website engagement.

What is the purpose of creating personality traits tests

Creating personality tests helps you to increase your website traffic, generate more leads, engage, and target the audience. All your website visitors feel special and unique as each of them has special characteristic traits and gets an advanced personality analysis.

Also, by asking personal questions to users, you can learn more about the interests of your website visitors and provide them with more impressive content.

Moreover, you can collect information (name and email address) from the users to target them and create an email marketing campaign for them.

How to make a personality quiz in 5 steps

Firstly, in order to create a personality quiz in WordPress with all the advanced settings and functionalities, you need to have the Premium version of Best personality quiz maker plugin. The best personality quiz maker plugin has all the necessary functionalities to make a personality quiz within counted minutes.

This part of the article is for those readers, who are well-known with the plugin’s functionalities and already know the easy steps to create quizzes. So, in this part, we will learn to create a personality traits test in steps.

  1. Download and install the Best Quiz Maker plugin on your WordPress Dashboard for a good start.
  2. Head to the Quiz Maker plugin and create questions one by one. Then, set keywords for the answer options. Note, that the weight/point system doesn’t make any difference while creating a personality assessment test. So, you can set 0 for the Weight/Point system, for all the answer options. You can add images to each answer option if needed. Then, add the already created questions to the quiz.
  3. Go to the Settings tab of the plugin. Then, disable the Show correct answers option.
  4. Enable the Information Form option from the User Data tab by dragging/dropping your preferred fields from the Available Fields to the Active ones to collect information from the users.
  5. Continue to configure the setting by going to the Results Settings tab. Tick the Hide score option, then, scroll down a little bit and tick the Show interval message. Choose the By keywords method of calculation of the Intervals, write the Interval texts accordingly and save the changes. After this, you need to copy the shortcode of the quiz and paste it into your preferred post/page.

Hurray!!! Your personality quiz is ready! As you can see creating an advanced personality test is easier than you can imagine.

In the next part of the article, we will concentrate on all these points one by one by showing you examples from the WordPress Dashboard. So, keep reading to see all the great functionalities the plugin offers. So, let’s start!

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Step-by-step guide on how to make an advanced personality quiz

The Quiz Maker plugin suggests creating a personality test, that will definitely engage all your website visitors. You will learn more about the preferences of your readers and provide them with an even better service.

So, let’s investigate all the steps you need to perform to create a personality quiz in WordPress․

Step 1

Head to the Quiz Maker plugin > Questions page and click on the Add New button to create personality test questions. You can create an unlimited number of questions and answers. You can also add images to each answer option if necessary.

Personality quiz question

What is important here is that you need to correctly configure the keywords of the answer options. You need to assign different keywords (A, B, C, D, etc.) for different answer options. Also, you can reorder the answer options.

Please note, that as you create a personality quiz, there are no correct and incorrect answer options. So, while creating a psychological test, you can ignore the weight/point system of the plugin.
However, anyways, you need to choose one of the answers as correct so that you can save the changes in the system and pass on to the next question.

Personality test questions

After creating all questions, you will need to add them to the particular quiz. For, that you need to head to the Quizzes page > create a new quiz and add them there by clicking on the Add Questions button.

Step 2

As a second step, you will need to go to the Quizzes page > particular quiz > Settings tab and check whether the Show correct answers option is enabled or not. If yes, please untick it. This option shows whether the answer is correct or not with green and red marks during the quiz.
So, as it is a personality type test and there are no right or wrong answers, in this case, this option must be disabled for the quiz.

Personality test without correct answers

Step 3

If you want to collect information from the users, then, you can make use of the Information Form option of the Quiz Maker plugin.

To find this option, please head to the Quizzes > particular quiz > User Data tab. Then, choose whether you want to display the quiz before or after the quiz. After that, drag your preferred fields (Name, Email, etc.) from the Available Fields and drop them into the Active Fields.

User data collection

By the way, besides the default fields, the plugin gives the opportunity to create your own custom fields, so that the users can fill in them. To create your own custom fields, you can head to the Quiz Maker plugin > Custom Fields page and add yours. Then, drag and drop them into the Active Fields so that the users can see and fill them on the Front-end.

Custom fields for personal data

Step 4

Here comes the Results Settings tab of the quiz. This tab refers to the Result page of your quiz.

As mentioned before, the scoring system is not used in the personality traits quiz. So, you don’t need to show the score at the end of the quiz. For that, please tick the Hide Score option.
By this, you disable showing the users the score they have got on the Results page of the quiz.

Personality quiz without score

The next step is ticking the Show interval message option. By this, you confirm to show the personalized interval message on the results page.
You can set different texts for the Intervals. Then, based on the answer and the Interval in which the particular user appeared, the particular message is displayed on the Front-end.

You will see three methods of calculation for the Intervals feature of the plugin: By percentage, By points, and By keywords.
When creating a personality quiz, you need to choose the By keywords method of calculation. Here, you will choose the keywords, which you have already assigned to your answers when creating a new question at the beginning. Then, write the specific message for each interval separately. By this, the system will calculate the outcome based on the majority of the selected responses of the user.

Personality quiz Intervals

Besides all these amazing features, the Personality Quiz Maker plugin has message variables and shortcodes, which will help your quiz look more advanced and attractive.
So, let me introduce some of these advanced functionalities.

Besides showing the Interval message on the Results page, you can also send your specified interval messages to the quiz takers via email.
There are two possible ways to send the interval message to the quiz takers via email.

You can go to the Quizzes > particular quiz > Email&Certificate tab > Send email to user option and tick the Send interval message to user option.

Send specified messages

The second way to achieve this is by making use of the %%interval_message%% message variable.
To achieve this, you can go to the Quiz Maker plugin > General Settings page > Message Variables tab and copy the %%interval_message%% message variable.
Then, paste it into the Email Message option (Email&Certificate tab).

Specified message variables

Send individual messages

Also, are you interested in downloading your results right from the Front-end? If yes, then, the User Page Settings shortcode will be of great help to you.
To find this shortcode, you can go to the Quiz Maker plugin > General Settings page > Shortcodes tab. Then, replace Your_Quiz_Category_ID with the particular Quiz category ID.
After this, copy the shortcode and insert it into your desired post to show the current user’s results history. As it is a personality quiz, you can tick the Hide correct answer suboption as well.

By clicking on the Details button, a popup will appear for the users. Moreover, by clicking on the Export to PDF button, the users can download their personality quiz questions and results in PDF format.

 Personalized results of users

Download personalized details

Export personalized results

You can also pass and check our User Page Pro Demo for further details.

So, together we have created the best WordPress plugin personality test that will help to learn what personality type you and your website visitors have.

An example of a Personality Test

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of examples of psychological personality tests you can look through.

One of the most popular personality types quizzes is the “Are you an extrovert or an introvert?” WordPress plugin personality test․
So, let’s discuss some personality questions and the possible customized outcomes based on the answers provided by the audience.

Let’s imagine, you need to answer the following 4 questions to learn about your personality type.

  1. It is Sunday evening and it is raining. Your friends call you and ask you to spend time outside. What will be your answer?
  2. What would your friends and colleagues tell about your character?
  3. Which of the following places interests you most?
  4. How would you like to spend your Friday evening?

All these personality quiz questions have 2 answer options.

  1. “I would rather stay at home”, “Great, I will join you”.
  2. Calm, Sociable
  3. Restaurant, Home
  4. Partying, Staying at home

So, the system displays the personality analysis based on the majority of the answers.
In case you have chosen the “Sociable, Restaurant, partying” answer options, that means, the Interval message which will be displayed at the end of the quiz is “Extrovert”.
And, vice versa, if you have chosen the “Calm, Home, I will rather stay at home” answer options, the Interval message which will be displayed at the end of the quiz is “Introvert”.

Why do people like personality quizzes?

A personality test is considered to be the easiest way to learn more about your visitors’ interests, preferences, and character traits. It helps you understand how other people perceive reality and behave in this or that particular situation.
By passing personality quizzes, you get a thorough understanding of your character strengths and weaknesses. It helps to boost interpersonal communication as you know well what other people can feel in a certain situation. In short, you start to put yourself in someone’s shoes.

You are ready to start

So, together we learned all the advanced and quality functionalities, using which, you can create the best personality test, that will definitely attract your audience. As you can, see achieving this result is not as difficult as you may imagine. So, you can create an amazing personality quiz within counted minutes by simply using our WordPress personality quiz plugin․

By the way, give our “Personality Quiz for WP” Demo a try for a better understanding of the plugin features and functionalities.
You are ready to start! Good luck!

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