How to increase your WordPress website traffic with interactive content

Spending hours of sleepless nights, developing and realizing your idea, and FINALLY, your website is ready! And what comes next? At first, it might be out of your imagination, but I won’t believe if you say you don’t have any expectations at all. Of course, you might be looking at the whole process through rose-colored glasses and be over-optimistic at the beginning,  which is a part of the plan. But then you come to realize the risks and challenges you are going to face in the near future, and this might be a little, well, too depressing.

Creating and launching a website sounds promising, except you should be mentally and technically well-prepared to make the "magic" happen. This article will reveal the secret ingredients that you need to make the most out of your project and receive full success. There are several ways to make that magic happen, after your website is set, there are several things you must consider having, a well-built FAQ, Conversational Surveys to find out what your readers expect, Engaging Popups, etc


What the reader wants

Imagine visiting a website and staying there for hours! This is the perfect idea of a reader for the website company. But is it always like that?

Definitely, not! However, YOU are the one to make it happen. And here’s the trick: you should know pretty well what your reader wants to get and why they should visit YOUR website, not the one coming above or below yours in the search engine. The simplest and most primary thing to take into your consideration is the title.

Imagine yourself as the reader! Readers want answers to their questions, so the title of your article should seem to give the most precise ones. Therefore, the conclusion is to think of the exact title the reader may search for.


What you want


As the creator, you want your work to be appreciated. Accordingly, you long to have your inbox overflowed with new leads. As mentioned above, you will, for sure, reach this status as long as you correspond your actions with the reader’s needs.

Having high traffic is what makes sure that the effort you’ve put in the work is proper. It helps to get to know your audience, be aware of your own downfalls, and correspondingly take actions to improve them. Above all things, your web traffic is the indicator to produce more and higher quality content regardless of whether your article is about how to manage multiple Facebook accounts or influencer marketing trends. To consistently improve your content quality and cater to the evolving needs of your audience, consider employing an AI writer, whether you're creating guides on managing multiple Facebook accounts or exploring the latest influencer marketing trends. It can be a valuable tool in your content creation arsenal to maintain and increase your web traffic.

Furthermore, the importance of sharing your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn cannot be overstated. Platforms like Google My Business (GMB) are also crucial for enhancing visibility, especially for local businesses. One effective strategy to maintain a consistent online presence is to automatically schedule posts with a post scheduler software. By strategically planning and automating your posts on GMB and social media, you can efficiently manage your online presence across multiple platforms,further boosting your web traffic and audience engagement. Additionally, if you use video content, optimizing for the best recording format OBS can significantly enhance the overall viewing experience.


WordPress Plugins


Effective Tools


Now it’s time to make this more professional. Considering that interactive content is what makes the reader focused and attached to the website, try adding effective tools like WordPress Poll Plugins, WordPress Quiz Plugins and WordPress Survey Plugins.

Now let’s go deeper into all of these plugins.

Using quizzes, polls and surveys is an excellent way to increase engagement on your website and hence, receive more subscribers, traffic, and of course, income. They are considered to be a common engaging boost for your website, allowing your audience to stay attached for a long time.

Now you may be very enthusiastic about trying these on your own ASAP but also may not know-how.  The best way is to use WordPress Plugins.

Here are some useful WordPress Quiz Maker, Poll Maker and Survey Maker plugins to help you enhance your website with the interactive elements mentioned. This is easier than you might think; you just need the plugins, a guide, and voilà; you’re ready to publish the most powerful and engaging articles of the time.


WordPress Quiz Plugin

Here you can see, How To Create a Quiz in Minutes Using WordPress Quiz Plugin. This plugin suggests a simple interface and easy-to-use tools, making it fun and easy to make quizzes and publish them on your website.

While making a quiz, it is very important to follow the tips below to make the most advantage of your work:

  1. Keep the questions simple and short.
  2. Include both easy and hard questions to keep the reader interested.
  3. Stay away from complicated constructions!
  4. Include visual elements, such as images, videos, colors, etc.
  5. And finally, consider yourself as the one taking the quiz. Make it fun to read and answer!

By following these simple tips, you will always be a step forward, but it’s still not enough.

You will also need to take into consideration which types of quizzes you need. For example, if your article is psychological or in a related field, try including personality quizzes. Or, if you’re speaking of languages, you can make knowledge testing quizzes. After passing the test, you can also provide the participants with certificates and letters via email, which will have detailed information about the participant (name, surname, age, etc.) and their pass score.

If you still have no idea what type of quizzes to use, you can do a survey or try researching other websites similar to yours to understand the audience’s interests.


WordPress Poll Plugin

You have made a great success on quizzes, so now let's move polls.

First and foremost, let’s learn How To Create a Poll Using WordPress Poll Plugin. This is a step-by-step guide, which will for sure help you to make the most amazing polls for your WordPress Website. Once you have learned, you can’t help including more and more polls on your website and accordingly boosting your traffic.

Being simple and easy to make, polls are still not to be underestimated, as they create interesting interactions between you and your readers.

How can polls help?

  • Bearing in mind that one enters a particular website to read an article or make research on something, sometimes they get bored in the middle and don’t want to continue reading after they reached a particular point. To prevent this, you can use a poll as an entertaining break for your readers.
  • Polls can be really mindblowing if you use the perfect combination of words and ideas. This way, you’ll make the reader think.


WordPress Survey Plugin

Here you can see, How To Create a Survey in Minutes Using WordPress Survey Plugin.

This plugin will allow creating engaging surveys and have real-time quick feedbacks. With the Survey Maker's responsive designs and intuitive interface, your WordPress website will defiantly be more entertaining and will make your audience stay longer on your website.


How can surveys help?

  • Create Smart surveys with the LogicJump and make your users answer only the particular questions.
  • Advance your questionnaires with the conditional results , and make your audience more targeted.
  • Build Chat surveys and earn your website visitors' trust.

    Time for action

    Now that you have a quite clear idea of how and why to use WordPress Quiz, Poll and Survey plugins, it is the right time to get moving. But along with the powerful tools described above, you should also follow some tips and tricks whilst writing an article to make success happen.


    Tips and tricks Tips bright idea


    The most popular opinion (based on many surveys) is

    • to have Exclusive Content. Not only the reader is more engaged to read it, but also web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and anything you can think of, are keen to give an extra boost to the websites with exclusive content. Keep the topic as it is, but try to avoid suggesting ideas similar to other websites as much as possible. Make sure to implement a great content strategy which is based on your topical relevance.

    The next point, not less important, is

    • Search Engine Optimization. Carefully research the market demand in your domain, look for effective keywords and hashtags, follow the going trends and make some on your own. These simple steps will take you to the top in the search engine, which cannot stay away from high traffic.

    Keep in mind to always.

    • Use appropriate tags. Choose the proper tags and categories for your articles and posts so that people get directly to them while searching for a certain topic.

    Think of your own style.

    • Make high-quality content following your own way of writing, which will let your readers identify your content among the enormous number of sources on the Internet. If you need help, you can always use an AI blog writer to assist you with creating unique and engaging content like Shopia. Also, ensure the uniqueness of your content with an online plagiarism checker before publishing it online. In this stage, follow the photo editing guide and video-making tips to create high-quality videos and images. You can use a free image editor like Picsart to improve the look and feel of your content. To make this work fully,
    • link with social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, etc., to expand your territory and posts you content using a social media scheduler. This is, perhaps, the most profitable way to increase organic reach on your website. Integrate our video translator with your content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to effortlessly cross language barriers and significantly boost your website's organic reach

    The next thing to keep an eye on is to

    • always check your insights. If not, you won’t be able to know whether your strategy’s working or not.

    As your website provides different information, always keep the bond by

    • including links in your articles. Let the reader go with the flow and keep reading once he/she is on your website.

    As a reader, it is a powerful initiative to feel wanted and important in front of the website. To make this happen,

    • always leave space for comments, feedback and suggestions. This way, you will get to know your readers more and may receive new ideas for your future articles. You can also leave an email so that the customers feel free to contact you anytime they have a question.

    Last but not least,

    • suggest free and paid subscriptions to your readers so that they receive an email every time you have a new product/article. You can also make customized subscriptions specifying the reader’s interests, most liked topics, and categories.


    To Wrap Up

    Keep in mind that using WordPress Quiz Plugin and WordPress Poll Plugincan’t make the magic happen if your content is not high quality and captivating. These are just great tools to make it more fun to read, fill your articles with interesting spices, and keep the reader engaged with the topic. Be ready to have ups and downs, but most importantly, don’t give up trying!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the best plugins for interactive content?

    If you want to add interactive content to your website, the best WordPress plugins to help you are the Quiz Maker, Poll Maker, Chart Builder, and Survey Maker plugin.

    What type of quizzes increase website traffic?

    Trivia quizzes are the best way to increase website traffic and increase engagement rate. Include interesting trivia questions in your quiz that are relevant to the audience.

    How can I increase my website traffic?

  • Create engaging and relevant content.

  • Use different tools, such as surveys to generate leads.

  • Work on different social media platforms.

  • Make use of digital ads.

  • Use relevant keywords.
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