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How to Create an Online English Level Test in WordPress


Online level test for wordpress


You have tried to check your level of English at least once, haven’t you? And you may imagine how many people are taking online English tests across the globe daily!

At present, there’s little chance of going without English. It is the language of global marketing, the Internet, and the media industry. Regardless of age, people take English classes and tests to get to the top of their careers.

English tests are one of the most common and useful types of assessment tests. They have been extra popular within the last years, and that has several explanations. These tests could help to evaluate knowledge level and also learn new material while taking it. Assessment quizzes are a quick and convenient opportunity to watch your skills' growth. You don't have to wait for hours to know your test results: all you need is just a few minutes!


What Will an English Level Test Give You

An English language test will help you relate to your audience and assess their skills. You can provide them with constructive feedback based on their results.

From a business standpoint, this kind of online quizzes let you:

  • Grow your email list and encrease the users track to your WordPress account.
  • Reach a wider audience by providing them with an effective method of digital study
  • Improve your site’s ranking and motivate the test visitors to practice harder and learn more
  • Increase the average time spent on your website by creating user-friendly entertaining Online English level tests.

From the educational stanpoint, this type of WordPress Online Test will perfectly fit not only students but also teachers, tutors, and supervisors. By virtue of the English Level Test, the teachers will be able to check their students' language skills and give them more objective feedback based on the automatically generated quiz results. Using all the question types included in the Quiz Maker plugin provides you can easily create an online test with time limits. Do you need to create a private test? No worries, this option is available as well. All you have to do is just add limitations to your online quiz.

It is a well-known fact that nowadays English is the number one language for international communications. Hence, it is important to take your English knowledge level to a higher grade. In order to help you during the process of improving your language skills, making a dynamic QR code, WordPress also has other amazing tools. Besides the Quiz Maker English Level Test, you can use the WordPress Personal Dictionary Plugin to memorize all the new unknowing words. Furthermore, with the Quiz Maker's progressive tools you can motivate the test takers to practice more. How?
By adding Certificate for the succeded English Level test-takers, the audience will stay longer to your website and feel the appreciation of their hard work. In a nutshell, make your English Level Test more advanced with the help of Quiz Maker's innovative features. 

If you are still wondering how to create first-rate English level tests in WordPress, let’s go through the process of building one. 


Build Level Test Now

How to Build an English Level Test with the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin

The Quiz Maker plugin comes with a full range of options intended for a perfect,conversion-driven English test. The plugin has a simple interface and requires no coding skills.


English level test


After installing the Quiz Maker plugin on your website, go to the Question Categories page and hit the Add New button. Create categories for your questions so that you can group them later such as Vocabulary, Listening, Reading and so on.


Create new question category


Afterwards, create questions for your quiz. Come to the Questions page and click on the Add New button. 


Add new question


By hitting the Add Media button, you can attach audio files to your question. 


Add media to question


Then, choose the question type — Radio, Checkbox, Dropdown, Text, Number, Date, and more.

As for the Question weight option, you can enter a weight value on the given field.
For example, if you give a 3 value to the field, then you will receive 3 value if you correctly answer the given question. Otherwise, you will receive 0.

Last but not least, use the Question category option to assign a category to your question.


Question weight option


When done with the questions part, head to the Quizzes page and hit Add New again. 


Create new quiz


Add questions to your quiz on the General tab. Tick the questions, then click on the Select questions button.


Select questions


Next, go to the Settings tab to enable Question bank. Choose By Category and give values to each of the categories. The system will pick the specified number of questions from all the questions randomly. 


question bank by category option


And next comes the Results Settings tab. Here, choose to calculate the score by correctness


Calculate the score


You’d better select the Hide score option to send the results of the test via email. Thus, the score won’t be visible on the results page.


Hide score option


Take your time to write a results message using message variables. To show user data, results by categories, and so on, copy the corresponding variables and paste them on the given field. Thus, each of the test-takers will receive personalized messages.

To see all the message variables, go to the General Settings page, then open Message variables. Or else, hit the text hyperlink marked below.


Display results message


Finally, write interval messages for the results page. Different messages will be visible depending on the scores. If you choose By percentage, give minimum and maximum percent scores for each interval message.


Interval messages


To receive the email addresses of test-takers, enable the Information form on the User Data tab. It will help you better understand the abilities of test-takers.

It’s up to you to decide when to display the information form — before or after the quiz. To activate form fields, drag-and-drop the necessary ones to the Active fields. Also, you can make some fields required: test-takers cannot but fill in those fields.


Information form option


The last important thing to take into account while building your English language test is sending certificates. After enabling the option, specify the minimum percent score for receiving a certificate. Also, write and edit the certificate title and body text the way you wish. 

By the way, message variables will again be of much help. Make sure to use some of them as well.


Send certificate after completing the quiz


That’s it! Pat yourself on the back, as you have made your first steps to success! Note that you need either the business or developer version of the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin to build English level tests like this. 


Make the Best Choice For Your Online English Language Test

For your future English tests, an easy-to-use but also powerful tool is a few clicks away. Hurry up to create the most convenient questionnaires to test your learners or pass yourself. There are already lots of well-known exams in the world for the English level qualifications, but who knows, yours might turn out better!

Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, also stayed tuned with us and subscribe to our YouTube channel, to learn more about WordPress plugins.

We wish you the best of luck with your online test! And we are looking forward to your positive feedback on Quiz Maker and the results you achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of questions do I include in an English-level test?

Create English-level test questions of different characteristics, such as listening, writing, speaking, and reading. Include multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, matching questions, and short text questions.

How do you create an audio English-level test?

Creating any audio test is easier with the help of the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin. All you need to do is go to the questions, click on Add New > Add Media, and upload the preferred audio from your device. For a more detailed explanation read the article about how to create an audio quiz in WordPress.

How do you add a result message to the test?

After installing and activating the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin, go to Quizzes > Results Settings tab > Result Message, then write down the message for the result page.

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