How to Create an Online Exam with a Certificate in WordPress


Most probably, the brightest memories you took with yourself from school include receiving awards and certificates. These were moments you were proud of yourself. A certificate of appreciation was a real source of motivation for you to do better next time.

Today, it’s your turn to motivate others and encourage them to challenge and exceed themselves over and over again. But as times have changed, you consider sending online certificates instead of creating and handing them out one-by-one.

In this article, you’ll come to know the easiest and most effective way of creating online exams with certificates on your WordPress website. But first, let us understand why exactly most people prefer sending online certificates rather than paper-based ones. As you guess, the rise of online learning is the reason.


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Why are Online Education and Online Exams So Popular in Today’s World?


Nowadays, online learning appears to be absolutely necessary to improve skills and enrich your knowledge. Thousands of online questionnaires are created to check the students' knowledge with a well-designed scoring system. People surrounding you are taking online courses, attending webinars, and so forth all the time, aren’t they? They surely have many reasons for that.

More Opportunities

Evidently, students are given more opportunities with online learning. Let’s take abroad studies, for example. In this case, students don’t have to move abroad to receive the education they are dreaming of.

Online education also enables learners to be carers or child keepers and not sacrifice their studies at the same time.


Time and Money-Saving

Learners don’t have to spend money on transportation or lunch as soon as they have shifted to online education. What they need to do is to be concentrated and positively-minded.


More Economical

Younger students are gradually taking up a caring approach to the environment. As a result, they consider online classes as an economical way of studying. For instance, by not using any means of transportation or taking paper-based materials from their lecturers, they reduce the harm done to the environment.


Balancing Study and Work

Another advantage of online education is that one can study and work at the same time. As opposed to traditional education, online education allows learners to be flexible — to work and learn new skills without sacrificing either of them.


Always Available Sources

The books students need to have are available on online platforms 24/7. Whether learners are on a journey or at home, they are free to access the necessary sources without visiting libraries.

Having discussed the most practical advantages of online learning, let’s come to how to create an exam with a certificate with the all-in-one WordPress Quiz Maker plugin.


Why do you need to enable the functionality of Certificates for your WordPress website?

Everyone needs a little motivation to continue their study process with excitement, so what brings you back from making your quiz takers' experience more motivating? Create a higher-ranking Exam in WordPress and add the functionality of sending the Certificate after successfully finishing the quiz. Make your users feel special and spice up your quizzes with the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin's pro features.

What are the premiums of the Exams with Certificates?

  • Time saver - Do not be afraid you will not need extra time to build certificates for each of the succeeded quiz passers. This tool will automatically generate certificates and send them to your quiz users one by one via Email.
  • Customization- WordPress Quiz Certificates are fully-customizable, add your company's logo or trademark in order to make the quizzes private-level, by that protect your website's copyright. In case you don't have one, use a logo maker to generate a logo and customize your certificate. If you need other Copy Content Protection tools, I suggest you to visit the link. Moreover, modify the message variables or choose the orientation.
  • Lead Generator - The Certificates will be sent via users' Email addresses. The Email addresses saved on your data will lead you to a more effective eCommerce strategy. Be in touch with your audience by sending them newsletters about the updates. Hence, providing your WordPress web page with a high boost of user engagements.
  • Competition - Receiving a certificate for showing the best results will inspire other users to strive for better results and be certified. Undoubtedly, the competition will make your quiz participants stay longer on your website. In a nutshell, the functionality of Certificates will become a lead generator and drive more user traffic to your WordPress account.

How to Create a Certificate-Based Exam with the WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin


Quiz maker plugin in WordPress


Quiz Maker is among the best tools for building online tests and getting more traffic to your web page. Let your creativity flow with this WordPress quiz plugin to create the most engaging and interactive quizzes and exams. With Quiz Maker, you can:

  • Randomize answers and questions
  • Enable question bank
  • Enable copy protection
  • Redirect after submission
  • Send results messages
  • Show interval messages (messages based on individual results)
  • Build password-protected exams
  • Enable information form
  • Integrate your quizzes
  • Send email messages

Last but not least, you can auto-generate certificates and email them. In this article, we will be paying special attention to this feature.

When using the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin, it’s a matter of minutes to understand how to send certificates to your examinees. At first, you need to install either the Business or Developer plans of the plugin. Go through the following article to understand how to make it: How to Update/Upgrade AYS Pro Plugins.

After installing Quiz Maker, the plugin’s main page will open automatically. Here, click on the Add New button to create your first quiz . Give your quiz a title, add questions, and the rest on the General tab. Then, head to the E-Mail and Certificate Settings tab and enable the Send certificate to user option. Here you can see lots of suboptions to configure.

Set the minimum score for receiving certificates, write certificate title and body texts using message variables. Choose either a horizontal or vertical certificate orientation. Also, you can put a background image on it. Lastly, choose one of the ready-made frame templates, and that’s it! Keep in mind to save the changes you’ve made in the end.

By the way, you may also need to preview the certificate before sending it out to your examinees.

So that your students can receive certificates from you, not only do you need to activate the option mentioned above, but also enable the information form on the User Data tab.

Here’s one of the versions of what your certificate can look like with this WordPress quiz plugin:


Exam certificate

Furthermore, you can watch the step-by-step video, to have a full representation of how to create Quiz with Certificate in WordPress


If you still doubt whether it’s important to send out certificates to your students, keep reading.


Why Are Certificates Important? The Four Main Benefits to Earning a Certificate


Why certificates are important


Obviously, certified employees, both current and future, have some advantages over those non-certified. This is why I saw the need to stress out how you can benefit from a certificate.

Keep Track of Results Periodically

The certificates we receive and gather are central to understanding how far we’ve come so far. This helps us reconsider what we have to improve.

Otherwise, if the results are getting better with every certificate, we can do nothing but pat ourselves on the back!


Step Forward in Your Profession

Certification is found in almost every walk of life today. It helps progress in future accomplishments and indicates your commitment to work. The presence of a certificate allows you to be in a different class. While aiming for a better job, certifications will serve as identifiers as to how qualified you are. Hiring managers do take certifications into account while deciding on a future employer. They admire those employees who strive to consistently develop their expertise.


Invest in Yourself

Certificates are not only important for introducing ourselves and evolving competitive employees on the market.As you strive to enhance the educational experience, you can also consider investing in an accessibility plugin to ensure that your online courses are accessible to a diverse audience, fostering an inclusive learning environment for everyone. They also motivate us to take more tests, attend new seminars, and thus improve our skills.

A certificate may seem just a piece of paper and nothing more if your real knowledge doesn’t correspond to what is written on your wide range of certificates.


Identify Yourself

Lastly, a certificate is an indicator of what kind of abilities you possess and helps you present yourself in the best light. This way, you can make yourself known to your colleagues or classmates and find out who you share common interests with.

Although it’s absurd, as you are the same person before or after receiving a certificate, being certified means you no longer have to convince people around you. You will be able to prove your expertise and express your viewpoints without any special efforts.


Who Needs This Article


who needs certificates


Certifications have become a must-have in our ever-developing world. Information about acquiring and creating certificates is necessary to everyone who aims at achieving better work opportunities, higher salary, and mastership. However, let us know who especially this article is for.

Teachers and Lecturers

If you are involved in teaching and education, then keep up the great work! As it’s vital to make the learning process more interesting, you do need to consider sending certificates to your students. Keep them motivated, and next time you will see a noticeable change in the exam results.



Fortunately, we all know at least some students who aim high and imagine themselves in important positions. If you are such a student yourself, you probably know that you need higher education first. But it’s not only about this. You also need to enrich your knowledge and gain credibility by testing yourself regularly.

Certifications included in tests prove you have a firm knowledge base and give you a stepping stone into fantastic opportunities.


Organizational Managers and CEOs

Both small and large organizations tend to prepare tests for employees regarding their professions. Also, English tests are becoming widespread, especially for international organizations. To measure your employees’ abilities and make them know their weak points to work on, you will take your business to the next level. For encouragement, consider providing certificates to your employees as well.


The Disadvantages of Certificates


the disadvantages of certificates


Although you will do good if you send certificates to your examinees, there are a few disadvantages to it as well. It is like everything else in the world, with both pros and cons.

Giving a Feeling of Superiority

While it generally depends, some people, however, tend to think they have got to the top once they have received a certificate. They believe there’s nothing to strive for, nothing more to learn. We should beware of such assumptions, as this way of thinking only harms personal and professional growth.


Not Reflecting the Real Picture

No matter how hard you are trying, a certificate won’t fully show how much knowledge one possesses. On the one hand, it’s because students aren’t able to demonstrate themselves to the best of their abilities. If their skills were checked with the help of the timed quizzes it is somehow hard to concentrate and show the real skills. On the other, some of them manage to pass the exams with fine results, but the outcome doesn’t correspond to their real abilities.


No Matter What, a Certificate Is Worth It


Even though there are a couple of drawbacks, a certificate is worth going for. It’s great for motivation, structured learning, and professionalism as a final result.

Why not make your examinees feel excited and experience the same yourself?

In the end, don’t miss the chance and give a try to the Quiz Maker demo: take the quizzes and fill out the information form to receive your certificates for each of them! You can build such quizzes and exams effortlessly with this WordPress quiz plugin yourself. Follow the link to Quiz Maker for further details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I auto-generate certificates?

Your exam is ready after creating or importing the questions into the quiz. To auto-generate the certificate you need to go to the E-mail and Certificate settings tab > enable Send certificate to user > just add the name and the date. By clicking on the Generate Certificate Preview, you can preview the certificate before sending it.

How do I send the certificate to participants?

You need to install the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin. Go to the Quizzes > choose the quiz you want > E-mail and Certificate settings tab > Send certificate to user.

Can I customize my exam certificate?

Sure! After installing the WordPress quiz plugin, click on the E-mail and Certificate settings tab, enable the Send certificate to user option, and customize the certificate the way you like, choosing the variety of options.

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