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What is an Assessment Quiz?

Do you want to know your English language level? Or maybe you want to know how good are you at geography. Surely, you can also be interested in knowing your emotional intelligence level as well. Answers to all these questions can be found in Assessment quizzes . Assessment quizzes or assessment tests are easy ways to evaluate knowledge or intelligence in a particular area. After taking a test you receive a grade by points or percentage.

AYS Pro what is an assessment quiz

They can cover absolutely any topic, starting from general knowledge to certain branches of science and psychological assessments. These days assessment tests have become not only extremely popular but also essential and absolutely necessary . Lots of teachers conduct their tests and exams online, to evaluate students' knowledge levels. Some psychologists use assessment quizzes to evaluate clients' mental health: those are called personality quizzes. Assessment WordPress test could be used by employers, while hiring new employees or as a career assessment tool.

Assessment quizzes are also an alternative way of learning materials with interest and fun . Even the most boring and uninteresting topics can seem interesting and easy to learn with good visuals and pictures.


Types of assessment quizzes

Needless to say that you can find or create hundreds of different assessment quizzes. So let's talk about the main types of assessment quizzes , that almost every website.

1. General knowledge and general awareness topic : The quiz taker could find out their level of any general topic, including school subjects or general awareness. General knowledge tests examples could be:

AYS Pro types of assessment quiz

  • World capitals quiz.
  • Adding and subtracting fractions quiz.
  • Do you think you know physics?
  • Guess the countries by the first three letters.
  • Find out your Maths age!
  • Photosynthesis quiz.
  • Introduction to economics quiz.

2. Psychological assessment tests : These sorts of tests are intended for psychologists, teachers, or employers to conduct them with clients, students, or employees, and the ones who want to know their psychic health evaluation, behavioral, and relationship assessment. For instance, they can have titles, like:

AYS Pro psychological assessment tests

  • Emotional intelligence level.
  • Egoist or altruist: find out in percents. 
  • Mental evaluation quiz.
  • Bipolar assessment quiz.
  • Commitment readiness assessment. 
  • How healthy is your relationship attachment?
  • Anger management test. 
  • Career assessment quiz for high school students.
  • Find out the percentage of your perfectionism!

3. Language level tests : Could also be used by teachers or employers. They can evaluate not only any language level but also knowledge in a particular linguistic topic. For example:

AYS Pro language level tests

  • Find out your English language level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • How good is your Spanish?
  • German proficiency assessment.
  • How good are you at English language tenses?

4. Narrow branches quizzes : Тhese quizzes assess knowledge in narrower areas that are not considered as basic knowledge, but sometimes could be part of advanced knowledge of some general topics. Here are the examples:

AYS Pro narrow branches tests

  • How Much do You Know About Digital Marketing?
  • Assess your knowledge of the Tang Dynasty!
  • What do you know about Big Band Era? 
  • Let's find out how much do you love french impressionists!
  • Government skills assessment retrain quiz.



With the well-built quizzes, you can keep website visitors on your website longer. Remember, it is not enough to attract a lead, it is much more important to entertain them, and make them stay.



How to build Assessment Quiz with Quiz Maker plugin?

Before starting to create your desired assessment quiz, you need to choose the best tool, for making your work easier and more productive. Everybody knows that the best way to create quizzes is via WordPress. But, surely WP has hundreds of plugins, that could help you with that.

I want to introduce you Quiz Maker plugin , which could build fully customizable quizzes with an unlimited number of questions. You can create not only assessment quizzes but also quizzes of absolutely any kind. For using the advanced features you have to get the Premium version of the Quiz Maker plugin .

When you have downloaded and installed Quiz Maker plugin, you can start creating your first WordPress Assessment Quiz. The first step will be the building of questions. For that, you need to go to the left and go to the Quiz Maker > Questions . Then click on the Add New button. You are allowed to create as many questions as you need. You can also choose between various question types ( radio, text, short text, checkbox, dropbox, date, number, custom, true/false ) . There is also a possibility to add pictures to the questions, set question weight, category and etc. After creating a question you have to choose the right answer.

When you have created all of the questions, you have to add them to the quiz. Here's what it will look like.

AYS Pro Wordpress Assessment Quiz Questions

The second step is creating your quiz. For that, you again have to go to the Quizzes on the left and press the Add new button. You can set up your quiz through General, Style, Settings, Result Settings, Limitation Users, User Data, Email-Certificate, Integrations settings.

Here are some features of Quiz Maker plugin that will help you make your Assessment Quiz better and much more effective:

  • Enable navigation bar (Settings tab): Navigation bar helps to move from one question to another. Sometimes it is extremely significant for the users to have that ability, and not get stuck on one question for minutes.
  • Enable copy-protection (Settings tab): The best solution to the problem of cheating during tests or exams is copy-protection. Nobody would be allowed to copy your content and search for the clues. This feature is considered as something essential for online tests.
  • Enable timer (Settings tab): You can show the countdown time to the users.
  • Show the Social buttons (Results settings): If you want to increase your website traffic, this feature will definitely help you! The users will be allowed to share the quiz page on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and VKontakte.
  • Enable Social media links (Results settings): In the same way to can display your social media links at the end of your quiz, so that quiz takers could visit them.
  • Maximum number of attempts per user (Limitation Users): You can manage the counts of attempts per user for passing the quiz.
  • Password for passing quiz (Limitation Users): There is also a possibility to choose a password for users to pass the quiz.
  • Information form (User Data): This feature is the best marketing tool ever. You can enable the requirement of quiz takers' data before and after the quiz. You can collect names, phone numbers, and even emails. Collecting emails will automatically make email list for you!
  • Send email to user (E-mail, Certificate): Can send E-mails and even generate and send certificates to the quiz takers, after completion. (This feature is mostly used during language exams and tests when lots of users need certificates.)

With the Quiz Maker plugin, you can enable integration and make your work much easier and more effective. The most popular ones are Mailchimp, Stripe, PayPal, Slack, WooCommerce, and Zapier integrations. Check out the Quiz Maker Integrations detailed guide to learn how to integrate your quiz.

After creating your questions and setting up all options you need to click on the Save button, which you can find either at the top or end of the page. Then copy the  shortcode  of the quiz and paste it into any page or post in order to activate it.

That's all! Of course, Quiz Maker plugin has hundreds of useful options, that were not mentioned above. We are sure that you will find the feature you need to create your perfect quizzes!



Build Assessment Quiz

The Pros and Cons of the assessment quizzes

Assessment quizzes have various advantages. Some of them have been listed previously. But if summarized, the main pros of the assessment quizzes are:

  1. Easiness and convenience to pass them : You can find out the level of your knowledge within few minutes!
  2. For website owners it is a perfect lead generator : Quizzes will surely help you to have high website traffic!
  3. An assessment quiz is a fun way to learn new things : It does not take much time to pass them, but in the end, you will find out interesting and important information for sure!

Unfortunately, assessment quizzes have their disadvantages, that should be mentioned:

  1. First of them, is that any online test can make a false or exaggerated image of one's knowledge or personality . They can never be hundred percent real or accurate.
  2. When you use a tool with poor functionality, does not enable copy protection or timer for your tests, sometimes students can succeed in cheating during the exam . But with a good tool, you can always avoid these problems.

If you are looking for a good theme for your learning website we can suggest you KnowX Theme. It is a free knowledge base theme which has been built specifically for WordPress.

When to use Assessment quizzes?

Everybody knows that assessment quizzes are intended not only for the users but also for the ones who conduct and use them as content for their websites. They could have got lots of useful functions if they are built with the right tool and bring benefits. But before creating your assessment quiz, you need to know when you can use them:

  1. When you want to check one's knowledge level in a particular area ։ As I mentioned earlier, assessment tests could be used by employers, website owners, teachers, and psychologists, to connect with certain people, and know more about them.
  2. When you want to collect information from your website visitors : Sometimes there is a necessity to collect emails or telephone numbers of website visitors. Conducting quizzes, requiring data from the users is the best method. In this way, you can build a great email list.
  3. When you want to make lessons much more engaging : Every teacher would agree that grades and marks make students be more competitive and help them to learn better. Assessment quizzes could turn any lesson into an attractive game!
  4. When you want to increase your website traffic : Qualified and interesting content, in the form of quizzes, would increase traffic itself. You just need to understand what kind of assessment quiz your visitors would like to see, depending on their interests.
  5. When you want to earn money through quizzes : Lots of people build assessment quizzes and conduct paid courses or tests. It is probably one of the easiest and fun ways to make money!

Wrap Up

Assessment quizzes and tests are simple techniques to measure knowledge and intellect in a certain subject. Following the completion of a test, you will be given a grade in the form of points or percentages, that sometimes can be rewarding, challenging, education, etc. However, to get the result you want as a creator you must be very attentive to the tool you choose. Hope this article was what you were looking for, and you could succeed in building your quizzes with the assessment WordPress plugin! With this easy-to-use plugin, you can shoot a few birds with one stone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of assessment quizzes?

Assessment quizzes provide students with immediate feedback, help them learn something new, and fill in knowledge gaps. Assessment quizzes are also a good way of generating leads for increasing website traffic.

How do I track the progress of my quiz takers?

To track the progress of your quiz takers go to General Settings of Quiz Maker plugin > Shortcodes > Individual Leaderboard Settings (to see a particular quiz’s results) > Global Leaderboard Settings (to see all quiz results) > Leaderboard by Quiz Category Settings (to see a particular quiz category results).

What types of questions do I include in an assessment quiz?

The most common type of questions in assessment tests is multiple-choice questions. You can also include matching questions, true or false questions, and short text questions based on your assessment test type.

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