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How to make money with Quiz Maker Plugin


The aim of this article is to prove to you that paid quizzes are a good and user-friendly option to easily make money online, engage your audience and test the knowledge of your students. It will help you explore the benefits and productivity level of paid quizzes and motivate you to find your starting point.

Do you want to earn money online by making paid quizzes easily but do not feel sure about the effectiveness of that idea? Or maybe you want to test the knowledge of your students or engage your audience with an interactive activity but still do not know whether paid quizzes are worth it? 

If Yes, then this article contains valuable information for you!

Most importantly, this article describes the process of creating paid quizzes step-by-step, and hopefully, it will become your quick guide. WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin is one of the best tools thanks to which you can create excellent quizzes. In this article, you will also get acquainted with it. But first, let us understand the reasons for creating paid quizzes. 


paid quiz


Why Create Paid Quizzes?

Paid quizzes are valuable in a number of ways. To begin with, paid quizzes provide their users with a number of beneficial features, creating a substantial competitive advantage and opportunities for easily earning money. Besides, paid quizzes help build trust among users.

It is necessary if you are a company owner and want to spread awareness and increase your clientele. In this case, paid quizzes are not only an option for easily making money online but also can work as a good marketing tool for the company. You can create engaging and interactive tests for your audience. As a result, it will bring a competitive advantage and clientele increase. 

Paid quizzes are innovative solutions for testing the knowledge of students, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic. They require no time for checking, as everything gets done automatically. They allow you to include different types of questions in one quiz and establish certain policies and regulations to avoid cheating or any kind of academic dishonesty. 

Another equally important fact is that you can create quizzes with certificates and provide certificates to successful participants.  This fact will motivate people to actively participate in paid quizzes.  Let us note that as a result you create an engaging and knowledgeable platform with paid quizzes for your audience and earn money at the same time. 

With all that being said, let us get acquainted with all the detailed steps of creating paid quizzes. 


how to earn money


Create Paid Quiz

How to Create Paid Quizzes in WordPress – Step-by-step Guide

As was mentioned above, WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin is an excellent choice for creating paid quizzes in a very short period of time thanks to its user-friendly structure and features. 

Quiz Maker supports both PayPal and Stripe payment options. Both of them work similarly. Below you can find a guide that contains detailed descriptions of all the required steps for both PayPal and Stripe. 


1. Paypal


As expected, you need to install the plugin on your WordPress website in the first place. Then you need to go to General Settings and click Integrations.


general settings


Afterward, you can scroll down and find the section regarding PayPal payments


Paypal quiz


In order to insert your PayPal Client ID, you need to click Developer PayPal and sign in to your PayPal account. If you do not have one, you can easily sign up and it will take only a few minutes. After signing in to your account, open the dashboard which is located in the upper left part of the screen. There you can find your PayPal Client ID and copy it.

Go back and insert your PayPal Client ID and select the payment terms whether it is a Lifetime payment or Onetime payment. Lifetime payment provides unlimited access, however, the Onetime payment allows only onetime access to the quiz after completing the purchase.

After completing mentioned steps you need to open the Integration tab of your quiz and scroll down to the PayPal section.


Paypal quiz settings


This step requires you to Enable PayPal, insert the amount of the payment.  Afterward, you need to choose the currency you find most convenient.  The last step of PayPal settings is the Payment details section. Here you can write a message to your client regarding the payment.

That’s it! Your PayPal payment is ready!


2. Stripe


Again, the first step is the same as with PayPal payments. You should go to the Integrations section of General settings. Afterward, you should scroll down and find the part related to Stripe payments, which is located under PayPal.


stripe quiz


In order to find your Stripe Publishable Key and Stripe Secret Key, you need to log in to your Stripe account. In case if you do not have an account you can quickly sign in. In your Stripe dashboard, you can find both your Stripe Publishable Key and Stripe Secret Key. 

The next step requires you to insert those Keys and choose the payment terms whether it is Lifetime or Onetime. Lifetime payment allows unlimited time access. On the other hand, onetime payment provides only one-time access to the quiz after making the purchase.

Afterward, do not forget to save your changes!

The next step requires you to open the Integrations tab of your quiz and scroll down to the Stripe payment part.


stripe quiz settings


Firstly, you need to Enable Stripe. Then, choose the amount of payment and the currency that you find most suitable. After having all these steps done, you just need to write a message about the payment details. 

Finally, your Stripe payment is ready! 

PayPal and Stripe payment options are available on the Developer package of Quiz Maker Plugin.


Additional Features

WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin provides its users with all the necessary features to create multiple paid quiz types easily which are as follows. 

  • Different types of questions:  Paid quizzes provide an opportunity to include various types of questions such as radio, checkbox, short text, number, date. So now you do not have to worry about the structures of your questions and can include whatever questions you want.
  • Copy Protection: This is an important feature that prevents possible cheating. If you turn on this option, the quiz takers cannot copy the questions and search them on google.
  • Enable quiz assessment: After receiving the quiz results users can comment and rate the quiz with up to 5 stars.  It provides a chance to increase your rating and understand your drawbacks in order to improve your quiz and make it better for users.
  •  Enable Question Bank: With this option, you can take a specific amount of questions from the quiz randomly. For example, you can choose 20 questions from 50 randomly. Thus, almost all the participants of the quiz will receive different questions.

You can also make the average rating visible after the rate which will also contribute to the process of building trust. 

  • Make questions required. 
  • Enable timer, background music
  • Schedule the quiz. 

You can learn more about the features here.

For example, if you are an English tutor you have an option to create paid English level placement tests. Many people, even those that do not want to register for your classes, would participate in the English level test to know their level of English. WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin is a useful tool for creating this kind of quizzes.

Maybe you are a University instructor who is worried about possible cheating during online quizzes? Paid quizzes have a good solution for you!  Another useful feature is that in WordPress, you can easily integrate with services like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign to store your leads and send them different email marketing campaigns. You can get an integrations guide in their Quiz Maker plugin Integrations Detailed Guide.

As we have discussed the importance of paid quizzes, their beneficial effects, paying options, and additional useful features, it is time to answer the most important question…

 Can I earn money with integrated advertisements? 

Quizmaker quiz ads

The answer is yes. For example, you can use the Advanced Ads plugin to automatically insert ads, e.g., from Google AdSense, into your quizzes created with the Quizmaker plugin.

When users interact with your quiz, these ads will be permanently in their viewing area. That's why they get more attention, and visitors will click them more often.

It is also possible to refresh ads at these positions or integrate multiple ads with a slider. This way, you can ensure that your users see different ads in quizzes with numerous questions.

See the Advanced Ads documentation for detailed instructions on automatically integrating ads into Quizmaker quizzes.

 Is It Worth It to Create Paid Quizzes with Quiz Maker Plugin? 

The answer is YES! 

Quiz Maker is the best quiz plugin for creating different WordPress quizzes. 

A quiz is one of the powerful techniques that makes your visitors or students engaged and increases your site traffic. Meanwhile, it continues to be a good option for tutors and instructors to test the knowledge of their students. Especially with the features offered by Quiz Maker Plugin, you will easily create different types of quizzes such as responsive quizzes, personality test quizzes, English level tests, etc.

Do not forget to share your quizzes on social media platforms in order to interact and engage more people!

I hope this article helped you clarify your thoughts about the importance of paid quizzes and motivated you to earn money online with paid quizzes. If you liked this article then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I collect data from quiz takers?

A good way of collecting data from quiz takers is by asking them to fill in the basic information about them, such as name, e-mail address, and phone number. To do this go to Quizzes > choose the quiz you want > User Data tab > enable Information form > choose and double-click on the information form fields to move them from the Available field to the Active field.

How do I enable user limitation?

Let’s say you have created a multi-language quiz and you want to allow access only to selected users, you need to install and activate the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin. Go to Quizzes > choose the quiz you want > Limitation Users tab > Access only to selected users.

How do I add a payment message to my quiz?

After installing the PayPal or Stripe payment plugin, go to the General Settings of Quiz Maker > Integrations > choose the payment terms and type the client ID. Afterward, go to the Quizzes > choose the quiz you want > Integration tab > Payment details > type the message.

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