How to Create a Multi-Language Quiz with the Quiz Maker Plugin

The creators of the Quiz Maker plugin do their best to provide their users with a multi-functional plugin. The WordPress quiz plugin allows you to translate your quiz using a WPML plugin, but now you can create a multi-language quiz easily. In other words, you will have one quiz in two different languages, so no matter in which language the user takes the quiz, regardless of the language they choose, the results will be collected in one place.

You must have a multi-language website, as the users can change the language of your website from the front end, otherwise, this feature will not work.

All you need to do is understand in which languages it is more profitable to make quizzes. So just check what are the most spoken languages of the world.

the most spoken languages of the world by ays pro

So let’s try to create a multilingual quiz as having it will attract more users and your website traffic will increase.

Step 1: Find the Shortcode for the Translation

WordPress Dashboard > Quiz Maker plugin > General Settings > Shortcodes > Quiz multi-language

A shortcode is the main thing you need to create a multi-language quiz. So let’s understand how to have it. Go to your WordPress dashboard, head to the already installed “Quiz Maker” plugin from the left sub-menu, and click on the “General Settings” button. Here on the left side, you can notice some sections. Click on the “Shortcodes” section.

Scroll down to the “Quiz multilanguage” field. Here is the shortcode that you need. For the best result, you must have a multilingual website, from this your users can change the language of your website and the quiz will be changed automatically.

Multi-language quiz's shortcode from shortcode section

If you are ready let’s start to create a multi-language quiz together!

Step 2: Structure of the Shortcode

Let’s understand the structure of this shortcode and make clear what we can change in it. Our shortcode is [:en]Hello[:ru]Привет[:].

Here the [:en] is the chosen language instead of which you can choose the one you need. For writing the exact code of the language just click on the “Language Code” hyperlink. Here you can see the list consisted of different languages. Just find the one that you need and copy its code from the “ISO 639-1 Code” column.
So next to it we have the word Hello, this is an English word as the code itself is chosen English, instead of Hello, you can type in the text you need-a title, an answer, a question, or something else. So first choose the language, insert the code, and type in the text in that language manually. Let’s turn to translation.

Here we have [:ru] which means that the word hello(English) must be translated into Russian, so the Russian equivalent of Hello– Привет is inserted manually. Instead of Russian, you can choose the language you wish by copying the language code from the “Language Code” hyperlink and pasting it into the shortcode. From this insert manually the exact translation of your text.

Let’s make clear the whole process of translating the questions and answers of the quiz together and see the result in the end.

Step 3: Translate Quiz Questions with Answers

WordPress Dashboard > Quiz Maker plugin > Questions > Add New

For the best result just open one more WordPress dashboard page in your browser. As at the first dashboard, the shortcode page is already opened so go to your second dashboard and head to the “Quiz Maker” plugin on the left sub-menu and click on the “Questions” section. Here you can notice the “Add New” button so click on it for creating new questions. Here you have a question field so by clicking on it paste the shortcode here.

Add questions to the quiz

I want to have an English-Russian quiz, so the first code-[: en] remains the same. Next to it instead f the word Hello I type in the question that I need in English ”What is your favorite color?”. So this is my question and I want it to be translated into Russian, so the [:ru] remains the same. If you want to translate into another language just insert another language’s code. To find the exact code of the languages just go back to your first dashboard with shortcodes for finding the exact code of your preferred language by clicking on the “Language Code” hyperlink.

Find the language and copy the code from the second column and by coming back paste the code of your language instead of “ru”.

Now we only need to insert the exact Russian equivalent of our English question instead of the word Привет. So just type in “Какой твой любимый цвет?”. So our question looks like this- [:en]What is your favorite color?[:ru]Какой твой любимый цвет?[:].

Multi-language question of the quiz

Let’s do the same with answers. Scroll down and find the “Answers” section, where you can add limitless answers. But I want to add only four answers so the first variant is the “Red”. We should do the same things. Copy the shortcode and paste it into the “Answers field” and just make changes in it by changing the word Hello into Red, [:es] into [:ru], and instead of the word Привет the Russian equivalent of the Red-Красный. So in the end our answer must look like this-[:en]Red[:ru]Красный[:].

Answers for the multi-language quiz

Do the same things with other questions and answers. After each question with its answers, you should click on the “Save and Close” button for saving your changes.

Step 4: Create the Quiz

Quizzes > Add New

Now let’s turn to the quiz. Click on the “Quizzes” from the left sub-menu and for adding a new quiz just click on the “Add New” button. Here we have a title field, so let’s just add a title in two languages by doing the same things.

Add new quiz with thw Quiz maker plugin

Pasting the shortcode in the “Title Field” and inserting the title in both languages English and Russian in the shortcode. So the quiz’s title will look like this [:en]What is Your Personality Type?[:ru]Какой у тебя тип личности?[:]. Here we can also add an image and description but let’s turn to adding questions.

the title of the multi-language quiz

By scrolling down click on the “Add Questions” button and select the questions by ticking on the checkbox. If your questions are ready just click on the “Select Questions” button. Click on the “Save and Close” button.

Select new questions for multi-language quiz

That’s all your multi-language quiz is ready.

To Sum Up!

As you can see with the WP quiz maker plugin having a multi-language quiz is not complicated. You just need to repeat the same steps with the texts you need to be translated. The process of translation is simple, yet the outcome is great.

Increase your website traffic , and the number of your user and make your website more available by having a multi-language quiz on your website.

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