Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins of 2023

Nowadays almost every website has a testimonials and reviews field. It’s because, in this digital age, there are too many websites, products, businesses, organizations, etc. that offer their services. So in most cases, consumers get confused as they do not know which service they can trust.

For building consumers’ trust and for not being suspicious website owners always create testimonial fields on their websites using the best WordPress plugins for testimonials. Thanks to cool testimonial plugins consumers can read and be aware of previous consumers’ opinions. These can help them by guiding their purchasing decisions and also building trust as the best critical aspect of building trust with the visitors is previous customers’ reviews.

If the customer satisfaction surveys building with the Survey Maker plugin are the best way for improving your services by knowing your customers’ opinions about them, so the testimonial fields building with the best WordPress plugins for testimonials will help your potential customers to know more about your products and services.

The main problem is finding the testimonial plugin that will be the best for you and your website. So in this article, you can find the list of the best WordPress plugins for testimonials. All you need is to be careful and choose the plugin that will be the best for you. First, let’s understand how to choose the plugin.

How to Choose the Testimonial Plugin

You can find too many plugins in the WordPress area, so you need to know what are the main factors of what you should look for while choosing the best Testimonial plugin for you.

Main Features

While choosing the plugin first understand what features and functions you want the plugin to have. While choosing attentively explore the features that the plugins offer you and choose the one that fully meets your requirements.
Customers also prefer plugins that are easy to use. Try to choose a plugin that is simple to use yet with numerous practical features.

Reviews of customers and Ratings

Take into account previous or present customers’ reviews. Nobody can give you the exact and trustworthy information about the plugin but its users. So carefully read their reviews.


Regular updates are also important. They ensure you that developers are working on the plugin making it better and better each day by adding some new features and refreshing the other ones. Updates also resolve known issues, make your website bug-free, and also strengthen your site against attacks.


While using the plugin many issues and questions can arise about its functions updates or something else. So choosing the plugin that has a friendly support team that can guide you and helps in case of any difficulties is just your first success.

Be attentive when choosing any kind of WordPress plugin, no matter whether the best quiz plugins for WordPress, WordPress chatgpt plugin, Checkout plugins, WordPress form plugin, WordPress Testimonial plugin, or else.

As you are already ready let’s explore the best testimonial plugins of WordPress together and find the best variant just for you.

1. Easy Video Reviews

Easy video reviews by wppool for wordpress

Easy Video Reviews brings a unique way of collecting video testimonials. With this plugin, your site visitors can submit video reviews of your product with a single click. It’s super easy and anyone can use it from any device. Video reviews are known for performing better than text reviews as they provide a sense of trust among website visitors. That’s where this video testimonial plugin shines the most. With shortcode support, you can insert the video recorded on any section of your website, and you’ll be ready with a new way of displaying social proof.

The main features of this plugin include:

  • Shortcode support: Include the video recorder on any page/post of your website and collect social proof.
  • Video preview option: This feature helps your customers to check their reviews before submitting them to your website.
  • Drag and drop video uploader: Customers can upload their prerecorded video manually from their device.
  • WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads integration: The powerful integrations allow you to collect video reviews at any stage of your customer journey, starting from product checkout to post-purchase email.
  • Custom form builder: Create your custom form to collect customer information such as name, address, phone number, etc.
  • Personalized recorder UI: Set up the recorder according to your business niche, as you can customize the title, header, or footer message of the video recorder popup.
  • Social share: Share testimonials instantly across social media platforms with the in-built social share feature.

Enjoy the full potential of this video review plugin!


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Pro version for Basic-$99, Pro-$199, or Growth-$299.

Free Version Pro Version

2. Testimonial – Customer Feedback, client testimonial, Review

Testimonial customer feedback plugin of wordpress

Testimonial – Customer Feedback is a user-friendly plugin that enables users to effortlessly add testimonials to their websites. The plugin offers various display options, such as showcasing testimonials in the sidebar as a widget or embedding them into pages and posts using a shortcode.

Plugin is built on CSS and JS, making it both amazing and easy to use. It allows website owners to showcase their clients’ feedback, which is essential in building trust and credibility.

Testimonial – Customer Feedback plugin is specifically designed for small businesses with up to a few hundred reviews or testimonials, which can be organized into different categories. It also includes a form that allows clients to submit new testimonials easily.

The plugin is highly configurable and offers several display options, including the ability to show clients’ designations and site links. Users can add the shortcode to the sidebar as a widget, making it easy to customize and manage.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Testimonial Premium (Personal License) for $15.00, Testimonial Premium (Business License) for $59.00, or Testimonial Premium (Developer License) for $99.00.

Free Version Pro Version

3.Testimonial – Responsive Testimonials Showcase

Responsive testimonials showcase for WordPress

Help your customers to trust you and increase your website’s conversation rates by using one of the best testimonial plugins- Responsive Testimonials Showcase plugin.

Display your reviews, testimonials, or quotes on any posts, page, or widget in various ways with the Responsive Testimonials Showcase Plugin for WordPress.
Create testimonials showcase responsive layouts and customizable styles on your website with the easy-to-use yet stunning Testimonial plugin which provides you with the simplest Shortcode settings.

This WordPress best testimonial plugin comes with some basic fields such as a rating star field, a site URL field, an image field, a tagline or testimonial title field, a reviewer/testimonial name field, a testimonial content or reviews message field, and also a reviewer identity or position /designation field. You can simply add unlimited testimonials and also an unlimited loop for the slider.

Responsive Testimonials Showcase Plugin comes up with several wonderful features. By using it one can display testimonials as both Grid Design and Slider Layout. It has a star rating system and a fully responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Using this lightweight, wonderful, and minimalist plugin you can either show or hide different fields such as reviewer name, identity, position, section title, testimonial content, tagline, message, or review message, you can even show or hide site URL, etc.

The Testimonial Pro plugin comes with many more great features. You can create limitless testimonial categories and also groups, here you have layout settings with the 8 suggested layout types such as Grid layout, Card Layout, Slider Layout, and Quotes Layout. Also many other great and functional features you will have by using the Testimonials Pro plugin.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Pro version for $7.

Free Version Pro Version

To Sum Up!

Using the testimonials plugin for adding testimonials to your website for providing it with comments and reviews will give your website too many benefits such as social proof, positive impressions, trustworthiness, etc.

Do not miss this great opportunity for providing your potential customers with more information about your products.

Create strong relationships with your users and show that your customers’ opinion is important to you by using the best testimonial plugins for WordPress.

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