WordPress ChatGPT Assistant Plugin

WordPress ChatGPT Assistant Plugin

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Support for 12 months

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Update for lifetime

Support for lifetime

Usage for lifetime

Responsive design

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Dark mode

One click copy

Text to speech for response

Front end chat

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One-time payment

We're sure that you'll love our WordPress ChatGPT Assistant Plugin, but, if for some reason, you're not satisfied in the first 30 days of using our product, there is a money back guarantee and we'll issue a refund.

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AI Assistant with ChatGPT

ChatGPT AI Assistant plugin gives you the ability to automate various tasks related to content creation and programming. For instance, the AI chatbot can write articles or blog posts for you, address your questions, and even generate code such as HTML, CSS, Java, Python, or other programming languages. This saves time and effort, as you won’t need to create content or code from scratch, which can be time-consuming. Instead, you can rely on the AI Assistant to handle these tasks for you, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your website or business.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, a ChatGPT icon will be available to you in the lower right corner of your WordPress dashboard. It will open up when you click on it. You can type your inquiries and this highly-developed WordPress chatbot will engage in interactive conversations with you. Besides answering your question, it remembers your previous conversations and provides answers based on them.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool created by the corporation known as OpenAI. It is based on GPT-3(Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model. This AI Content Writing Assistant is designed to chat with people about many different topics from science and technology to art and culture. In short, it is a digital assistant that you can ask questions, give tasks, or just chat with.

How it differs from search engines? You can ask yourself why you need a digital assistant if you can google your questions. The ability to communicate is what differentiates ChatGPT Chatbot from search engines. It remembers your previously asked questions and responds to your questions based on them.

What can you ask ChatGPT?

You can ask a wide range of questions from a diverse range of topics and receive human-like responses to them. Some examples of what you can ask OpenAI Chat include:

  • General knowledge questions, such as “What is the largest desert on Earth?” or “Who invented the telephone?”
  • Text generation and translation, such as “Can you paraphrase this paragraph?” or “Can you translate this paragraph from English to French?”
  • Advice questions, such as “Do you have any gift ideas for a friend’s birthday?”
  • Code requests, such as “Can you build a Calculator using JavaScript?”

Benefits of ChatGPT for Businesses

GPT 3 Chat can be very useful for business. They can use the program for various marketing operations.

  • Content creation
  • Email text generation and optimization
  • Social media post generation
  • Market research
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

How to register an OpenAI account for using ChatGPT

To use ChatGPT, you’ll first need to register and set up an account with OpenAI. Let’s build it together by following these steps:

  1. Go to the OpenAI Sign Up page.
  2. Provide your email address, and create a password. You can also sign up with your Google or Microsoft account.
  3. Once you have signed up, you may need to verify your email address to activate your account.

How to connect your ChatGPT account to the WordPress website

  1. Once you signed up, navigate to the OpenAI key page.
  2. Generate an API key by clicking on the + Create new secret key button.
  3. Go to your WordPress dashboard, install and activate AI Assistant with ChatGPT by AYS plugin.
  4. Paste the previously generated secret key in the field given in the plugin dashboard.
  5. Click on the Connect.

That’s it! You can now enjoy the ChatGPT plugin directly from your WordPress website.

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ChatGPT Assistant Review

Amazing plugin to help you speed up things

Hey team, can't help thanking you for this amazing plugin. It's very useful to me in so many things, particularly in getting quick solution to my site related tasks. And hey, thank you so much for your kind response to my feature request. Keep creating amazing stuff.
ChatGPT Assistant Review

1st ChatGPT Plugin!

The First ChatGPT Plugin I have seen on WordPress, and the team behind is great. I am impressed with the plugin. I was writing a blog post and when I was stuck on some topics, I asked the plugin to help me out. It answered all my questions and even gave me some cool suggestions. I am really impressed. I am excited to see what else the plugin can do in the future.
ChatGPT Assistant Review

Amazing Plugin and extraordinary support

These guys know what they are doing and have a great experience in WP plugins. Their customizations and support are excellent.

Highly recommended.
ChatGPT Assistant Review
Abu Bakr Shalaby

Excellent and Amazing Plugin

Excellent and Amazing Plugin as usual.
Thanks a lot AYS PRO
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about ChatGPT Assistant? See the list below for our most asked questions.

I received the following error message “Error: Network is not responding, please try again”. What does it mean?

ChatGPT Assistant FAQ

This error message typically means that you have reached the usage limits of your current plan. To resolve it, you should review your usage and billing details with ChatGPT. This error comes along with the following error message “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details”( check this ). Please note that the issue does not have any connection with the plugin itself.

What payment methods do you accept?

ChatGPT Assistant FAQ

We accept several payment methods, including Visa card transfer, Mastercard transfer, and PayPal. If you have any questions or concerns about payment methods, please feel free to contact our customer service team for assistance.

What is the refund policy?

ChatGPT Assistant FAQ

We offer a 30-day refund policy on our products. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact our customer service team within 30 days of your purchase date to request a refund. We will process your refund within 1-3 business days of receiving your request. For more information about our refund policy, please refer to our terms and conditions.

I need an option that is not included in ChartGPT plugin. Is there a way to add it?

ChatGPT Assistant FAQ

If you need an option that is not currently included in our plugin, we recommend contacting our customer support team to discuss it. We appreciate your suggestion for adding a new option to our ChatGPT chatbot plugin. We are always looking for ways to improve our product and meet the needs of our customers, so we encourage you to continue sharing your ideas with us. Also, it may be possible to add it as a custom feature for an additional fee. You can send a customization request to our Development Team for estimation.

I have a question before I’d like to purchase the plugin. How can I reach you?

ChatGPT Assistant FAQ

If you have any questions before making a purchase, you can reach us through our contact form or the following email address։ info@ays-pro.com. For getting a faster reply, please use the following free support forum. Our customer service team will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, typically within 24 business hours. We welcome your questions and feedback, and we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience.

Pro Version Changelog

Business version: 7.0.3

Developer version: 7.0.3

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