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WordPress ChatGPT Assistant Plugin User Manual

This is the official documentation(user guide) of the ChatGPT Assistant plugin. We are continually updating our plugin, and with each update, we are introducing new features that match the demands of the market and feedback that we receive from our clients. Any feedback that you have for us will be taken into consideration with great interest.

Let's get started together!

Add ChatGPT Chatbot with the Best AI assistant for WordPress to your website.

How to add the best AI chatbot to your website with 4 steps

  1. Sign up for and visit OpenAI key page*
  2. Create an API key by clicking on the Create new secret key button
  3. Copy and paste the generated API Key into the dashboard
  4. Click on teh Connect button

* In case of reaching the maximum limit for the API key, you will receive the following message: "Error: Network is not responding, please try again"

Please note that it is coming from your OpenAI account and does not have any connection with the plugin. In order to solve the problem, please verify your OpenAI account usage and ensure that you have sufficient quota for your requirements. If needed, you can upgrade your plan. Also, ensure that your phone number is linked to only one account.

If all the steps are done successfully, the Chat icon will be added to your dashboard. Click on the icon and the OpenAI chat bot will be activated.

Start your conversation with the best AI chatbot. Ask your questions and get immediate answers.

Main Features

  • ChatGPT style chatbot
  • Live writing
  • Answering All Inquiries
  • Automation
  • Code Understanding
  • Reliable storage
  • and many more

Now let’s get acquainted with the features of ChatGPT Assistant that will help you build the very survey you need.

1. Settings

1.1 General

Set up the main settings of the Chat.

1.1.1 Who will have permission to ChatGPT Assistant: Enable the ChatGPT Assitant plugin for the selected user roles.

  • Select user role for giving access to plugin: Restrict the access of the ChatGPT Assistant plugin to only specific user role(s) on your WP dashboard.

1.1.2 Show chat window on front end: Enable this option to display the chat window on the front end of your website, allowing users to easily access and chat with the ChatGPT Assistant.

  • Show chat window on front end: If this option is enabled, the chat will be shown in the front end.

1.2 Styles

1.2.1 Chat Widget colour: Select the color for both the chat widget and the 'Send' button.

1.2.2 Chat dark mode:To activate the dark mode, activate this option. If this option is disabled, the chat will remain in light mode.

If you still have questions and couldn't find the answers here, please feel free to contact us via this email address and our customer care team will always be happy to help you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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