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WordPress ChatGPT Assistant Plugin User Manual

This is the official documentation(user guide) of the ChatGPT Assistant plugin. We are continually updating our plugin, and with each update, we are introducing new features that match the demands of the market and feedback that we receive from our clients. Any feedback that you have for us will be taken into consideration with great interest.

Let's get started together!

Add ChatGPT Chatbot with the Best AI assistant for WordPress to your website.

How to add the best AI chatbot to your website with 4 steps

  1. Sign up for and visit OpenAI key page*
  2. Create an API key by clicking on the Create new secret key button
  3. Copy and paste the generated API Key into the dashboard
  4. Click on teh Connect button

* In case of reaching the maximum limit for the API key, you will receive the following message: "Error: Network is not responding, please try again"

Please note that it is coming from your OpenAI account and does not have any connection with the plugin. In order to solve the problem, please verify your OpenAI account usage and ensure that you have sufficient quota for your requirements. If needed, you can upgrade your plan. Also, ensure that your phone number is linked to only one account.

*In case you are getting the following message: "You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details."

Most presumably, your tokens are completed and you have exceeded your free trial usage. The case doesn't come from the plugin side. It is connected to your OpenAI account. So, to continue using the Free Trial, you must create an account with another telephone number or upgrade and continue with pay-to-go.

If all the steps are done successfully, the Chat icon will be added to your dashboard. Click on the icon and the OpenAI chat bot will be activated.

Start your conversation with the best AI chatbot. Ask your questions and get immediate answers.

Main Features

  • ChatGPT style chatbot
  • Live writing
  • Answering All Inquiries
  • Automation
  • Code Understanding
  • Reliable storage
  • and many more

Now let’s get acquainted with the features of ChatGPT Assistant that will help you build the very survey you need.

1. Front Chat

Display the ChatGPT AI Assistant Chatbot to your website front end and allow the website visitors to use it.

1.1 Settings

  • Display: Specify which pages you want the chat to be displayed in the front end. By choosing All pages the chatbot will be displayed on all pages. By choosing Except you will specify the pages on which you do not want the chatbot to be visible. Include is the visa versa, here you can set the pages or posts the chatbot will be active. By choosing Except and Include options you will have the ability to activate the Show on Home page feature.
  • Allow access for guests: By activating this option, the guest of your websites, that is not logged-in users, will be able to use the AI Chatbot in the Front end.
  • Allow access for logged-in users: Choose the logged-in users and user roles who will have access to the ChatGPT Assistant in the Front end
  • Change chat icon: Add your desired image as a chat icon

2. Settings

2.1 General

Set up the main settings of the Chat.

2.1.1 Chatbot Shortcode: The shortcode is responsible for displaying the chatbot.

  • Full-screen mode: Activate this feature to provide the opportunity to display the chat box in full-screen mode.

2.1.2 General settings

  • Chat position: Set the chat position. You will be able to display it in the following directions: Right, Center, Left
  • Auto opening Chatbox: By activating this option the chat box will be opened automatically each time the user refreshes the page.
  • Greeting message: This option is responsible for displaying a greeting message at the beginning of the conversation with the user.
  • Regenerate Response: After activating this option you will be able to regenerate the response.
  • Message Placeholder Text: In this field, you have the option to write the message you wish to appear within the placeholder. If left empty, the default text will be shown.
  • Save Chat Log: If this option is enabled, all the conversations will be saved and the admin will be able to see them. 
  • Enable information form: Select this checkbox to include the Information Form. Please note that this stage is not important, and users can still communicate with the Chatbot without providing their information. Any data submitted through the Information Form will be stored on the Logs page.
  • Export chat: By activating this option, you will give the users the ability to export the conversation. 

2.1.3 Chat settings

  • Model: This option is responsible for specifying the suitable model for generating text completion, and considering whether it’s designed for natural language or coding tasks.
  • Temprature: Controls the ‘creativity’ of the generated text by controlling the randomness of the responses. Higher temperature values lead to more varied and unpredictable responses, while lower temperature values lead to more conservative and predictable responses.
  • Top P: With this option, the model considers only the most probable tokens, based on a specified probability threshold. This can help generate more focused and coherent responses, while still allowing for some level of randomness and creativity in the generated text.
  • Maximum tokens: You can define the upper limit of tokens (words or word-like units) that the chatbot will produce as a response to a prompt. This setting allows you to regulate the length of the generated text accordingly.
  • Frequency penalty: Encourages the chatbot to generate text with a more diverse vocabulary. A higher frequency penalty value will reduce the likelihood of the chatbot repeating words that have already been used in the generated text.
  • Presence penalty: Encourages the chatbot to generate text that includes specific phrases or concepts. A higher presence penalty value will reduce the likelihood of the chatbot repeating the same phrases or concepts multiple times in the generated text.
  • Best of: Allows the chatbot to generate multiple responses to a single prompt and return the ‘best’ response based on a specified metric, such as the highest log probability or lowest perplexity. This can be useful for generating high-quality text or for exploring different variations of a response.
  • Context: The content entered into the Context field will be appended at the start of the prompt. If you prefer to keep the default message, you should leave the field empty.
  • Act as: You will be able to specify the profession of the chatbot. If you want to disable this option, then just leave it blank.
  • Tone: Choose the tone of the chatbot. 
  • Language: With the help of this you can specify the language of the chatbot. 
  • AI Name: Indicate the chatbot's name. Feel free to choose any name you desire. To achieve the desired result, you also have to personalize the other elements on this page.

2.1.4 Who will have permission to ChatGPT Assistant: Enable the ChatGPT Assitant plugin for the selected user roles.

  • Select user role for giving access to plugin: Restrict the access of the ChatGPT Assistant plugin to only specific user role(s) on your WP dashboard.

2.1.5 Show chat window on front end: Enable this option to display the chat window on the front end of your website, allowing users to easily access and chat with the ChatGPT Assistant.

  • Show chat window on front end: If this option is enabled, the chat will be shown in the front end.

2.1.6 Text-to-speech settings

  • Enable Text-to-Speech for Answers: By activating this option, responses will be read aloud.
  • Text-to-Speech Voice: You will be able to choose the preferred voice for the text-to-speech functionality.

2.1.7 Speech-to-text settings

  • Enable Speech-to-Text: Click the microphone icon in the chatbot and start speaking. Send the audio and the system will provide an answer in text format.

2.2 Styles

2.2.1 Styles

Specify the style of the Chatbot

  • Chat Widget colour: Select the color for both the chat widget and the ‘Send’ button.
  • Chat Widget background color: Specify the background color of the chat widget.
  • Chat dark mode: To activate the dark mode, activate this option. If this option is disabled, the chat will remain in light mode.
  • Message font size: This option will allow you to specify the font size for the chat message text.

2.2.2 User message styles

  • User message background color: Choose the background color for the user message.
  • User message text color: Choose the text color for the user message.

2.2.3 Chatbot message styles

  • Response background color: With the help of this option you will be able to specify the background colour of the response message.
  • Response text color: Specify the text color for the response message.

3. Embeddings

Provide responsive answers based on your provided information.

How to Embed your website content to ChatGPT AI Chatbot

  1. Go to the Pinecone website and create your Pinecone account
  2. Create an Index in Pinecone, for that, move to the “Indexes” page and click on the “Create Index” button
  3. Set your dimension to 1536 and metric to cosine
  4. Create API Key in the “API Keys” page in Pinecone, by clicking on the “Create API Key” button
  5. Copy the API Key and Pinecone Index and paste them here
  6. Click “Connect” button to connect to Pinecone

3.1.1 Enable content embedding: Activate this option, so that you will be able to connect to insert the API key and Pinecone Index

3.1.2 Post/Page: Select the needed posts and pages that you want to be embedded in the plugin. After that, the chatbot will provide answers based on them. In case you want to embed all the posts/pages just tich the option, without choosing a specific one.

3.2 Embeddings: In this section, you will see all the posts/pages that are already embedded in the plugin.

4. Logs

On the Logs page you can find all the user interactions with the chatbot. This section presents a detailed record of conversations, allowing administrators to review and analyze the interactions that have taken place between users and the chatbot. In the list, you will be able to find users' information, in case they have filled out the Information Form.

If you still have questions and couldn't find the answers here, please feel free to contact us via this email address and our customer care team will always be happy to help you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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