Changelog for the ChatGPT Assistant plugin

ChatGPT Assistant Business and Developer versions changelog


 This is the official changelog page of the ChatGPT Assistant Pro plugin. We are constantly updating our plugin, and adding new features in each update corresponding to the market demands and our customers' valuable feedback. We're very open to any of your suggestions concerning our plugins.


= 7.0.3 = (April 10, 2023)

* Added: Minimize/maximize functionality
* Added: Chatbot background color option
* Added: Update/deactivation popup on the plugins page
* Added: Logged in/guest permission option
* Added: Change chat icon option for front end
* Fixed: Text-to-speech issues
* Improved: Connection functionality
* Improved: Chatbot conversation
* Improved: Chatbot window styles
* Tested: Compatible up to WP 6.2
* Tested: Compatible up to PHP 8.1+


= 7.0.2 = (March 22, 2023)

* Added: Show chatbot on selected post types option
* Added: Chatbot Temperature option
* Added: Chatbot Maximum tokens option
* Added: Chatbot Frequency penalty option
* Added: Chatbot Presence penalty option
* Added: Chatbot Best of option
* Added: Chatbot position option
* Added: Response background color option
* Added: User message background color option
* Fixed: Chatbot conversation issue
* Improved: Chatbot conversation
* Tested: Compatible up to WP 6.1.1
* Tested: Compatible up to PHP 8.1+


= 7.0.1 = (March 04, 2023)

* Added: Settings submenu
* Added: Permission for user roles
* Added: Option to show chat window on the front page
* Added: Chat widget color option
* Added: Chat dark theme option
* Added: Copy response functionality
* Added: Response text-to-speech functionality
* Changed: CSS styles on the chat widget
* Tested: Compatible up to WP 6.1.1
* Tested: Compatible up to PHP 8.1+


= 7.0.0 = (March 01, 2023)

* Added: First Release

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