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How to Embed Content to ChatGPT Chatbot

What if I told you that now you can have a Chatbot right on your website, which is ready to provide support for your website visitors 24/7? Incredible, isn’t it?

The special question builder integration for the Quiz Maker plugin is not the only magic that the ChatGPT AI Assistant can show us. The ChatGPT AI Chatbot is here to impress your website visitors with well-written answers to their questions based on the information on your website. If they have questions concerning your product, there is no need for searching for the data on your website. They just can click on the Chat window and ask their question and the chatbot will answer them immediately.

The Embedding feature for the ChatGPT AI Assistant plugin is here to change the AI game. You are free to “teach” the plugin all the needed data and then just watch how perfectly it will use all the provided data. While using this feature you will be able to implement a 24/7 support chat support that can quickly respond to your website visitors’ inquiries without requiring any human staff.

The Embedding feature is the best way to reduce the number of emails in your support inbox. All the pre-sale questions can be answered via this Chatbot.

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how you can reach the specific result for your WordPress website using the game-changing ChatGPT Chatbot plugin.

The Advantages of the Embedding Feature: How it can replace a Support Specialist

As said at the beginning of the article, the Embedding feature can easily replace a Support Specialist. We know that it sounds rude, but this feature is not here to replace the actual humans but to make their work easier. No overloaded inboxes for the Support Specialist. Users who have technical issues will receive their support faster than before, as the Chatbot will answer all the pre-sales questions and all the Support Specialist will do is pay their attention to those, who are facing issues that cannot be solved with the help of the AI.

The main advantages of the ChatGPT Embedding features can be:

  • 24/7 Availability: From all over the world, at any time, website visitors can find the answers to their questions based on your website’s info. If someone decides to buy your product but is not able to find whether you have the needed feature or not, they can just ask the chatbot and get the questions, so no need to wait for hours to receive a reply from your Support Specialists.
  • Rapid Learning and Adaptation: AI is known to rapidly change and adapt. Whether we want to admit it or not, humans still are not able to learn and adapt as rapidly as AI can. So, no matter how difficult the content is, it is ready to learn within a short period of time and adapt the answers based on it.
  • Multilingual Support: ChatGPT AI chatbot has the capability to provide answers in various languages. It will allow you to accommodate a varied customer base without requiring specialists for language-specific assistance.
  • Cost-Efficiency: The AI chatbot doesn’t need any salaries, benefits, or training expenses, but Support Specialist will indeed need them. This feature enables you to minimize support costs while upholding excellent customer service.

The above-mentioned points aren’t the all advantages of the ChatGPT AI Assistant plugin but just a small part of it. As it can be used for all kinds of websites we are not able to mention all the profits it can provide. All you need to do is just try it on your own and find your list of advantages.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Embedding

Now, if we already know the advantages of the embedding feature, let’s see how actually it works and how it can be activated.

For the first step, of course, you will need to install and activate the Pro Version of the ChatGPT AI Chatbot plugin. After it, you will see the Embeddings submenu. For activating this option, you will need to enable the “Enable Content Embedding” option.

Enable embeddings feature

But for using this feature another platform is needed, and it is Pinecone.

So first of all create a Pinecone account. You can create your account using your Gmail.

For activating the feature two factors are needed index and API keys. As it was shown in the image above, you will need to move to the appropriate submenus and create the indexes and API keys.

For creating the Index, all you need to do is to click on the “Create Index” button. Add the needed information and make sure to set your dimension to 1536 and metric to cosine.

Pinecone Indexes Submenu

Create New Indexes

Now it’s time to create the API Keys. Again move to the particular tab and click on the “Create API Key” button.

API key in Pinecone

So, for now, everything is done in the Pinecone. Copy the Index and API Key and let’s go back to the ChatGPT Chatbot plugin.

As you may remember, for enabling the embedding feature we have activated the “Enable Content Embedding” option. So, right after activating it you will see a field where you can insert the index and API Key. And after that, just click on the “Connect” button.

Connect to ChatGPT plugin

So, in case the connection is done as it should be, let’s choose what we exactly want to “teach” to the plugin. There you will be able to choose among the posts and pages. By clicking on these options you will choose whether the plugin must learn the information from the posts and pages. By ticking on each option all the material included in them and then provide answers based on them. In case you choose the exact post or page, the plugin will learn the particular page/post only.

That’s it.

These simple steps are enough for you to activate the plugin and be sure that your website visitors are now able to find the answers to their questions concerning your website.

And for the final step, if you want to see what page/posts are embedded in the plugin just move to the Embeddings submenu and see posts and used token costs.

Embedding Submenu

Wrapping Up!

To wrap up the following step-by-step guide the new embedding feature is a great option for you to not only engage the website visitors but also provide them the ability to get the answers to their questions immediately. Get the ChatGPT AI Assistant plugin and follow all the trends of the AI world.

The plugin is continuously updating, which means new features will be added soon. Don’t lose the opportunity to be the ones who try the game-changing features first.

To keep up with the latest news of the ChatGPT Chatbot plugin, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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