How to generate quiz automatically (AI) in minutes

ChatGPT Integration With Quiz Plugin

Online quizzes play a crucial and indispensable role nowadays. Whether you are a website owner, instructor, or just an individual interested in the WordPress platform, creating Interactive quizzes helps you increase your website traffic and provide a better experience for your website visitors.

Today, people make use of WordPress AI tools more frequently than ever. These tools absolutely save time and simplify the decision-making process.

In this article, we will learn more about the ChatGPT Integration with the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin. So, let’s start.

Benefits of using ChatGPT Integration for quizzes

No matter whether you are creating a personality quiz, IQ test, trivia quiz, scored quiz, or assessment test, you would like to do this within a manner of minutes. ChatGPT statistics can provide immediate help in the process of creating quizzes with questions and answers.

As you may know, firstly, to create a quiz, you need to choose a relevant and interesting topic. Now, with the ChatGPT Integration, you don’t need to think for hours about what questions and answer options the quiz will have. The ChatGPT Integration will automatically generate questions and answer options within a few seconds.

So, if you want to create an advanced quiz with interesting and up-to-date questions, you can make use of the powerful Integration of the Quiz Maker plugin and the ChatGPT Integration Addon.

By reading this article, you will learn how to enable ChatGPT Integration and make use of its advanced functionalities at its best.

The tools you need to make the Integration

In order to create AI-powered quizzes, you will just need to install the following tools:

  1. The WordPress Quiz Maker plugin
  2. ChatGPT Integration Addon

As you can see by simply installing the Quiz Maker plugin and the ChatGPT Integration addon, you can make this powerful integration happen.
You will need to make a purchase for the plugin and addon separately, in case you are intended to use either the Business or the Developer package of the Quiz Maker plugin. Otherwise, the addons are already included in the Agency package of the WordPress Quiz plugin.
After purchasing these tools, you need to install the plugin and the addon separately and one by one by going to the Plugins page and clicking on the Add New button. Then, click on the Upload Plugin button to upload the zip file you downloaded beforehand from your account on our website.

You can check out the detailed information about the installation process by checking our Update Guide.

Installing WordPress Plugins

Quiz Plugin Installation

Once successfully installed the plugin and the addon, it is high time to pass on to the main process of making an integration. So, let’s do it together.

Enabling the ChatGPT Integration with WordPress Quiz Plugin

The first step to creating AI-powered quizzes, of course, is creating quiz questions.
Generally, when creating quizzes, you start to think about the relevant topic and, for sure, the interesting questions for a long period of time. As you want to provide a better experience for your website visitors, you think a lot about having correctly constructed questions both in the grammatical and lexical aspects. Everyone would agree, it takes a long time to manage this whole process. It would be much more time-saving to have a tool that does this for you. So, the ChatGPT Integration addon is here to help you. It will generate questions with their answer options within counted seconds for you.

So, let’s discuss how to achieve this step-by-step.

Step 1 | Connecting the Open AI API Key

Head to the Quiz Maker plugin > General Settings page > Integrations tab. Once the ChatGPT Integration addon is successfully installed, you will find the ChatGPT Question Builder Integration available there.

ChatGPT Integration

In order to make the Integration possible, we need to connect the Open AI API Key. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by signing up on the Open AI website.
After creating your account or logging into your account, please visit
Open AI API Keys page. Then, create a new API key by clicking on the “Create new secret key” button.


After that, copy the secret key and paste it into the API Key input. Don’t forget to save the changes on the Integrations tab.

ChatGPT Integration With Quiz Maker

Please note, that the API Key displayed in the screenshots serves as just an example. So, this API Key doesn’t exist anymore.

As we are done with connecting the API Key, we can pass on to the next step.

Step 2 | Creating questions with ChatGPT Integration

After connecting the Open AI API Key, it is high time to choose the topic of the quiz questions. Then, ChatGPT will create questions with answer options within counted seconds.
For that, please head to the Quiz Maker plugin > Questions page. If you have correctly connected the API Key, you can see the ChatGPT icon here. Click on it.

ChatGPT Integration Icon

Once you click on the icon, a popup will be opened for you. First, you need to choose the Questions Theme. You can choose any topic you prefer, like Geographic, Personality, Mathematics, etc.
Then, specify the Questions Count and the Answers Count.

AI Powered Quiz

By using ChatGPT with WordPress, the system will generate quiz questions and ChatGPT quiz answers within a manner of seconds.
Once the ChatGPT generated the questions, we can pass on to the next step.

Step 3 | Adding the AI-generated questions to the quiz

So, we are done with creating questions and answers, and we can add them to the quiz.
For that, please head to the Quizzes page and add a new quiz by clicking on the Add New button. Scroll down a little bit and click on the Add Questions button to add the created questions to your quiz.

Quiz Questions

WordPress Quiz Maker Questions

After saving the changes and opening the AI-generated questions, you will see that it has already assigned the weight/point for the answer options and chosen one of the ChatGPT quiz answers as the correct one.
Please note, that you are free to change both the points assigned to the answer options and the correct answer.

Hooray! That’s all! Together we created questions and answers with the help of ChatGPT Integration within seconds. As you can see ChatGPT does the whole job for you. All you need to do is to set up other features and functionalities of the quiz based on your preferences. Then, make your quiz live to the public.

Example of the quiz questions created with ChatGPT Integration

Let’s imagine you are trying to create a historical quiz. So, you need to think about the questions you want to include in the quiz.
Everyone would agree that finding questions related to History is not an easy task at all, as you need to spend hours on this process. In this case, ChatGPT Integration can be a perfect solution for you.

So, let’s choose “Historical” as a Questions Theme. Then, we can specify how many questions and answer options the ChatGPT needs to generate. We can generate 2 questions and choose to have 4 answer options for each question. Here is the settings configuration to achieve our desired result.

AI Question Generator

ChatGPT Multiple Choice Questions

WordPress ChatGPT Questions

So, we click on the Generate button and wait for some seconds.

Here are the questions the ChatGPT Integration addon has created for us. As you can see the question already has a weight/point system and a correct answer.
All you need to do is to choose the design of your quiz and decide what features must be enabled for the quiz. So, the Historical quiz is ready.

The Role of ChatGPT Integration with Quiz Maker Plugin in online learning

The Role of ChatGPT in today’s digital world is irreplaceable. Everyone would agree that ChatGPT has simplified many aspects of our life. It helps us make decisions quicker, saves our time, and makes our experience with technology better.

ChatGPT has impacted online learning significantly. If provided correct ChatGPT quiz prompts, it makes the learning process a fun activity. If needed it can provide you with website links, where you can get free templates. where you can get free templates, further enhancing the learning experience. The integration of ChatGPT adds a new dimension to this, offering data-driven insights that enhance the overall learning journey.As you may know, having quizzes on your website can provide the best user experience. ChatGPT Integration with Quiz Maker plugin is the best solution for you. With this Integration, you skip the most time-consuming part of creating quizzes, which is the process of creating questions and answers. You don’t need to think about what questions to include in the quiz. ChatGPT Integration addon generates questions with any topic you prefer and offers interesting and advanced questions to test the knowledge of quiz takers.

So, by using the ChatGPT Integration addon with WordPress Quiz plugin, you will engage your website visitors. You can create interactive quizzes with correctly constructed questions. Passing online quizzes will make the learning process of your website visitors not only informative but also engaging and enjoyable.

Ready to start

So, together we learned how to create AI-powered quizzes with advanced questions and answers within seconds with the help of the ChatGPT Integration addon with Quiz plugin.

For more tips and tutorials, check our YouTube Channel, Blog, and Pro Demos.

You are ready to start! Wishing you good luck!

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