How to create a questionnaire in WordPress

AYS Pro how to create a questionnaire in WP

Creating an effective questionnaire is a must if you want to collect useful information, feedback and opinions from the target audience. With the help of a good questionnaire, you can stay in touch with your audience and improve the quality of your product. Conducting online questionnaires may look difficult at first, but in this article, we will learn how to make questionnaires in WordPress in a more effective and easy way.

The Differences between Survey and Quiz

First of all, the main purpose of the Quiz is evaluation. So, they are mainly used to check one's knowledge. That's why they are typically used in teaching. As it is not a traditional way it allows teachers to engage students in the process of learning. One of the primary goals of the learning process is grading, the most time-consuming task for the teachers. With the help of a well-designed quiz, the students can be scored automatically, based on their answers. Various forms of testing, for instance, multiple-choice tests, true or false, essay questions can be used for evaluating the progress of students with the individual learning style. For example, if you are an English language teacher, you can create an interesting quiz for your students and check their level. Don't know how? Just follow the instructions given in this article about English level quiz . Despite evaluation, Quizzes can also be used as a way of entertainment. Perhaps, the students have succeeded in their latest task and you want to praise them, you can make an engaging Video Quiz based on their favorite movie or cartoon, by doing so raising their motivation of learning and shining.

Meanwhile, the main aim of conducting a Survey is to gather opinions and get feedback. They give you the opportunity to uncover answers to specific and important questions. In contrast to Quizzes, Surveys don't contain wrong or right answers. Usually, after passing a Quiz we receive a grade or a certificate, but surveys do not provide anything to the participants, as it was mentioned before, they concentrate on feedback. Surveys are largely used in marketing, so based on the answers one can change their marketing strategy, in order to make their product/project go viral. For instance, marketers use conversational surveys , as it is one of the most effective ways of getting feedback from the audience due to its flexibility. Restaurateurs can use restaurant surveys to improve their operations based on the feedback they get from their customers. But questionnaire creation is a task that both Quizzes and surveys can manage to do.

Now that we have discussed some differences between Quiz and Survey, it's time to choose which one we want to use.

Which Questionnaire Creator You should Use

You can make questionnaires using WordPress Survey Maker plugin and Quiz Maker plugin as well. With the help of these plugins you will not be able to create unique online questionnaires only but also get real-time feedback.

Creating Questionnaires with WordPress Quiz Maker Plugin

Quiz Maker is the absolute favorite Quiz maker plugin among the WordPress users. This plugin allows users to create interesting quizzes in the most appropriate way. Below you will find all the steps that are needed for creating a questionnaire. First of all, be sure that you have installed and activated the plugin.

The door of the best engaging quiz maker plugin is now open for you!

There can't be a questionnaire without questions. First, make the questions by clicking on "Questions" from the Quiz Maker menu. If you have already created the questions just insert them or make them one by one, both variants are super easy. You can even insert questions from other quizzes, they all stay in the question section, it's easy to find them.

AYS Pro Quiz Maker menu

After adding the questions, click on the Quiz Maker plugin icon on the dashboard then on "Quizzes". Click on AYS Pro quiz add button button.

Quiz Maker gives you dozens of options, from which you can choose the ones that you want to include in your questionnaire. There is a list of sections, which will make it easier for you to create a questionnaire. The "General" section, for example, is for adding the questions of your questionnaire, images and the title. But adding questions only is not enough for a successful questionnaire. A good questionnaire must attract respondents. To make an eye-catching questionnaire you only have to click on the "Style" section. Change the text fonts, colors, themes, choose the animation etc. Now let's leave the "image" of the questionnaire behind and move to its settings. Besides the style of the questionnaire, you must pay attention to the "Setting" section too. The "Setting" section will give you all the possible options that you can activate or deactivate, depending on your wish. You can choose how you want your questionnaire to start, or whether you want to enable randomized question options or not, etc.

AYS Pro Quiz illustration

The name of the "Results Setting" option speaks for itself. Click on this section to choose how you want to show the results to the participants, by percentage or by points, or whether you want to hide scores or send a message after passing the questionnaire. People do not create questionnaires just for fun, most of them is creating them for gathering specific information from the specific audience. If your questionnaire is designed for a limited number of participants, Quiz Maker gives you the ability to limit the users. Limit the maximum number of attempts by clicking on the "Limitation Users" section. You can give access only for users who are logged in or you can even add a password to your questionnaire.

Of course, one of the main purposes of the questionnaire is data collecting. "User Data" helps you to collect useful information from the questionnaire, like the names of the participants or what is the average score etc. If you are sure that this is not the last questionnaire that you are going to create, make sure to motivate participants with certificates or emails, which will include their scores or provide their participation. To activate this option just click on the "E-mail, Certificate" section, then design the style and the text for them. But be aware that this option is not widely used for questionnaires.

Creating Questionnaires with WordPress Survey Maker Plugin

If you want to create a questionnaire and get quick feedback, Survey Maker is another great option after Quiz Maker that I will recommend to you. As the purpose of the questionnaire is information gathering, Survey Maker makes this process clear and easy even for those who aren't tech-savvy persons. You will get the opportunity to create unlimited surveys with unlimited questions. All you have to do is first of all install and activate the plugin. Then click on the Survey Maker icon AYS Pro Survey Maker logo

Now, if you are ready we can begin creating your questionnaire with the help of Survey Maker. In case you have already decided the title of your questionnaire, add it to the "Form Title" space. You are also allowed to add descriptions to your title to make it 100% sure for the participants what is the topic and the purpose of the questionnaire they are taking part in. After adding the title and the description it's time to add the questions themselves. Here you will see a variety of question types, which will help you avoid creating a boring questionnaire. Star rating and Linear scale are one of the favorites among questionnaire makers. You can choose between single-page and multi-page surveys, but of course, multi-page surveys are more desirable and suitable for the questionnaires, as they engage people. For activating this option you just need to create sections.

AYS Pro logic jump Survey

Have you ever participated in a questionnaire that is super boring for you and it keeps asking you the same questions again and again? Well, if no, then you are a lucky person, but if the answer is yes, you'll obviously know the struggle we face. Maybe the questionnaire makers were not aware of Logic Jump function. After the participants answer the current question, this skip logic feature allows you to ask the proper questions and skip the ones that aren't necessary.

If you are a marketer and want to understand the needs of your customers or give recommendations then Conditional Results functionality is what you need. Give your customers specific feedback based on their answers. As it was mentioned before, conversational surveys are widely used among questionnaire makers due to their effectiveness. Build natural conversations with the participants by making chat surveys . Due to this feature, your questionnaires may look more like a live conversation. This function will make your users feel special and give them the impression of talking with someone through the screen. What refers to your design, you can try to see what it will look like with computer mockups.

Questionnaires are designed not only for gathering the participant's opinions, but also their names or emails, which you may also use for your future projects. Survey Maker allows you to ask for the participants' names and emails and integrate them into your software with the help of approved integrations such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Google Sheet etc. But not all participants are ready to share their identities with you. Some of them, sometimes even the majority, want to stay anonymous. You have a special functionality even for them. Create an anonymous survey and keep your participants' identities private, so that they will share their honest opinion with you.

Now that you have collected all the information, it's time to conduct an analysis. Our graphs and charts will assist you in making the best decision and providing useful information. You will no longer be intimidated by a large amount of data.

Wrapping Up!

AYS Pro Chart Survey

Both Quiz Maker and Survey Maker are perfect options for creating a questionnaire that will be interesting, informative and well-designed. It's your decision whether to use Quiz Maker or Survey Maker, but be sure, they both will work perfectly.

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For your first experience give a try to the free versions of Quiz Maker and Survey Maker.

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