How to generate leads in WordPress | Ten proven strategies to capture leads


What is a lead?

A lead is someone, showing interest in the organization’s product or service. People usually get informed about the company after opening communication. It is less possible to start communication after getting a random call from someone who somehow got your contact information.

There are lots of lead types, but each of them is a segment of the bigger cycle: following this cycle makes buyers change from just buyers into clients. Leads are not created equal, they are not even qualified the same. Here are some of the main kinds of leads, divided according to the principles of how they are qualified.

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lead generation


1.Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Sales qualified leads are contacts that are interested in becoming a paying customer. They have taken visible actions that show their predetermination to buy your product or service. For example, that kind of contact can be someone who asks you questions about your products and fills out a form. To make a qualified leads, you can also use the WPFunnels - Sales Funnel Builder

2.Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

People who aren’t ready for sales calls but have ever been engaged with your marketing team’s efforts are called marketing qualified leads. Later, as you create a referral program, work on an email newsletter marketing, referral links or other campaigns, generating leads will be much easier.

3.Service Qualified Lead

Service qualified leads are customers who have shown interest in becoming paying customers and have also shown their interest to your company’s service team. For instance, service qualified lead could be a customer who asks for upgrading their product subscription.

4.Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

People who have used your product and took steps to indicate interest in becoming a paying customer are considered to be Product qualified leads. Product qualified leads are intended for organizations who offer a free version (like AYS Pro) or trial. For instance, that kind of customer can be someone who uses a free version of your product and indicates interest or asks about paid features.


Why do you need lead generation?


lead generation SEO


Since we already know what lead is, let me explain what is lead generation. Lead generation is the process of converting people into customers or making them get interested in your product, by drawing their attention.

Lead generation provides businesses with sales and potential clients. Nowadays every business develops different kinds of strategies to attract customers: without it, the company will lack success and in the end, will fail.

In fact, there are lots of methods for generating leads, such as lead generation tools for small businesses, and each company should find a suitable one. But of course, there are win-win ways, the correct use of which will stimulate your website lead generation.


Ten proven strategies to capture leads

As you already know, WordPress is the most famous Content Management System in the world today. This Content Management System is at the heart of more than 35% of all sites on the Internet, and the number is constantly growing.
WordPress has millions of features, and WordPress plugins improve and modify its core features. With the extension of possibilities, you can not only improve your website but also easily generate leads that probably will be interested in your content. Here are some great plugins that will doubtless help you with all your problems of low website traffic.


Quiz Maker Plugin and its win-win features


Trusted Quiz Maker plugin is one of the best plugins for creating absolutely every kind of quizzes. It allows you to make fascinating, challenging, and educational quizzes, tests, and even exams easily. This powerful WordPress plugin has a variety of features to help you make multipage, password-protected quizzes with an unlimited number of questions. We are sure that you will love the modern design with a user-friendly interface.

Using quizzes for attracting people and increasing website traffic is one of the best strategies for your business. You can create dozens of quiz types, which are definitely very popular nowadays. Here are some of the most highly-used types that can help with generating leads for your website.

1. English test or exam with certificate:

The most useful type of quizzes is the English exam with auto-generated certificates. At the end of the quiz, you can send your users certificates so that they will get their results or know their English level. You can also ask for the email address to send the certificates. In this way, you can grow your email list, with people who are certainly interested in your website content. Here is an article which will help you to learn how to create an English test with certificate.

2. Personality quiz:


personality quiz


Nowadays, when we speak about quizzes or tests most people think about personality quizzes. These tests are very attractive and engaging, no matter how serious we are. People get more information about themselves, their strengths, weaknesses. You can not only know your audience better but also, for instance, ask for a subscription to show more information they would like to read or see. That is one trick, definitely worth trying.

3. IQ test:


iq test


IQ tests are very famous on social networks and they are becoming more and more popular over time. People are always interested to know their knowledge level in different spheres. It is a good way both to test your intelligence quotient and to learn new things. You can show results to the users after subscription or email request. This will make your test a great lead generator tool.

4. Quiz with leaderboard:


leaderboard quiz


While creating tests sometimes you need to set quiz leaderboards to make them more competitive. After passing the test, you can see the highest scores of the quiz takers. You can also divide quizzes into categories and see who is leading in which category. By using Quiz Maker plugin, your tests and exams will be much more exciting and engaging. Quizzes with leaderboards can also be lead capture tools. Before starting the quiz or after it you can ask for email addresses to increase your email list.

Survey Maker plugin with the most needed characteristics

Survey Maker plugin is a great WordPress research tool for generating feedback and data from people. Survey maker can be used for getting useful information and generalizing it, making conclusions. Survey Maker plugin has lots of helpful features, which allow you to create multiple choice questions and rating answers. Surveys could regard absolutely every topic and require users’ information (even personal). You can use it as well as a lead generator, by collecting information about potential customers, requiring their emails and other data. Here are some popular types of surveys:

5. Employee satisfaction survey:

Everybody knows that satisfied employees are much more productive. It is very important for employers to know what workers are dissatisfied with, are they connected with their team, are they motivated with their work, and lots of other important problems.
Employee satisfaction survey is a brilliant method to find out a lot of significant information. It is also can be used as a lead generator: you can request contact information both before the start of the survey and at the end (to send responses).

6. Event evaluation survey:


event evaluation


Organizing events is a popular method of attracting potential customers. But the organization of the event is half the battle. It is important to know whether it has high-quality or not: it is very important to know all its pros and cons. Event evaluation survey will help you in this case. The survey will help not only progress in organizational spheres but also know your audience and will be able to contact them during the next event. Participants could be asked for their emails after answering questions, for further information and events. This will definitely grow a reliable email list.

7. Customer feedback survey:


event evaluation survey


The customer is always right. And if he is right, then we need to listen to him and know his opinion, understand your strengths and weaknesses. Every organization should constantly conduct customer feedback surveys. Participants can be offered to receive a summary after the deadline so that they would know generalized results. For receiving a summary they could be requested contact information (such as email). Never underestimate the possibilities of any service, including survey collecting, and for any type of custom designed automatization app, you may seek a web app development company to find genuine worth in their products.

Poll Maker plugin for quick results

Poll Maker plugin is a research tool to record votes and options of the participants. People get a chance to express their opinion about something. The key advantage of the poll is quickness. People vote for certain things and it is highly interacting and engaging for the audience. There are a lot of types of polls, that can help you with increasing your website traffic. Here are the most famous and always working ones:

8. Versus poll:


versus poll


This poll is used to compare two or more things, ideas, or even people. Can be used both in politics and in any business, to compare goods or services. After choosing one’s answer, the participant can be required an email address, to send his vote. Participants also can share your poll on social networks, which will also increase traffic to your website.

9. Yes or No poll:


yes or no


Participants of this poll are asked questions that expect answers YES or NO. Users select only one option. Yes or No polls can be used when you need general ideas or information about users’ opinions. For instance, at the end of the post or article, you can see a question like “Was this information helpful?”, with two options to answers. You can use the poll to redirect users to your website so that you can get potential customers, who are indeed interested in your content.

Amazing Copy Content Protection Plugin


content protection


Copy Content protection plugin will help you to safeguard your website with one click. This plugin provides you with various options that help with the preservation of your website content against getting stolen. You can protect specific posts, articles as well as selected sentences.

10. Subscribe to view:

Very useful feature Subscribe to view allows you to hide the content of any part of your post and show only after writing an email address. Even if the user scrolls down and comes to the hidden part of your content, he/she will be required an email to be able to continue reading. It is a great tool for increasing website traffic easily.

Also, you can find Call To Action plugins, which will help you to generate more leads and bring your website to the next level.

These were ten easy and proven strategies for generating leads, that will definitely help you and your website's SEO (Perform Website Technical SEO). Hope that this information was useful and very soon you will have high website traffic. Of course, you can always look into some of the top lead generation companies to acquire fresh ideas and stay up to date on the latest trends in lead creation.

Hope that this information was useful and very soon you will have high website traffic.

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