How to protect your WordPress website content from plagiarism


Making high-quality content takes days and nights of work and lots of money, but taking content from other websites is a matter of seconds. Sounds unfair, doesn’t it? So why don’t you just protect your content from plagiarism and make everyone appreciate the effort you have put into your work?

In today’s article, you will learn step-by-step instructions to prevent website cloning via Secure Copy Content Protection Plugin  (SCCP). This plugin is developed to help you (organizations and individuals) if you have a WordPress website and publish pieces of information (in the form of articles, texts, papers, media, documentation, etc.) when someone copies your quotes. Learn more about the Best Content Protection plugins, and choose the perfect one for you.

Make HTML copy protection real and besides the texts, you will also learn how to protect photos online from being copied.

Why Is It So Important To Have Online Copy Protection


Do you need to copyright your website content? OF COURSE, YOU DO!

Adding copyright to your WordPress Website is important as it protects the value of your work by not allowing the reader to have unlicenced or uncredited copy access to your articles.

You may ask what happens when information is copied? Well, you may not have the most extraordinary idea in the world, but you, for sure, have your individual approach to it, which is worth being safe from plagiarism. This is your property, which is not only a piece of your own everyday work, but it can also become a source of revenue for your website.

Javascript copy protection is as well a legal action because you have the right to require a pay-off or make them buy a license from you for further usage of your work for their personal reasons. You can also demand a payment for the profit they got by using it without your knowledge, considering the fact, that they’ve used your materials as a source of their personal income. Back in the year 1790, the first federal copyright act was implanted in US law. Of course, it included finite protection under the law, but now the act is very well developed and doesn’t miss anything out. After this time, copyright became more and more widespread, as people gradually started appreciating the worth of their intellectual property.

So why don’t you just protect your content online and preserve its exclusive content?  If you start noticing that your work is attracting the interests of your audience, you can hit the jackpot and make a really good profit from it! There are a lot of WordPress methods of how to make a profit. Read and learn How to make money with the help of WordPress.

After protecting your website content with copyright, it’s essential for you to keep a check on individuals who are breaching it and plagiarizing the information. The web is loaded with billions of web pages, and checking them individually is surely an impossible way to identify plagiarism. So, the best way to be aware of who is using your website content is using a plagiarism checker. You can use this tool to detect instances of plagiarism, know who is using the content, and take legal action against the entities involved in it.

We will give you some useful piece of advice on how to earn money from your WordPress Website Content using the Secure Copy Content Protection Plugin, but in the first place, let’s discover the plugin itself.


WordPress Copy Protection Plugin


WordPress Secure Copy Content Protection Plugin (WB content protection)


This plugin is developed to help authors protect their WordPress website articles from plagiarism. To do so, you need to follow these easy steps:

A Short Guide to Secure Copy Content Protection (How To Copyright Web Content)

  1. Open the Copy Protection page.
  2. Choose the general settings you prefer.
  3. Choose the options you prefer from the list.
  4. Change the tooltip style
  5. Add Block Content if necessary (you can also block IP, Country, Page, or PayPal in the PRO version)
  6. Add a MailChimp account to collect the emails of the users.
  7. Save changes and enjoy!


Deeper instructions


Now that you’ve had a quick overlook of the plugin, let’s understand each step and go into the details.

  1. Open The Copy Protection Page.


Copy protection for WordPress


There are 2 ways you can download the copy protect plugin and install it for free: either from your WordPress dashboard or by downloading the zip file from via the following link WP copy content protection. Once you have it, open the Copy Protection page and follow the next steps.

  2. Choose The General Settings You Prefer.




Here you have many options, like enable copy protection, enable text selecting, notification text, upload audio, exclude input and text area, exclude certain CSS selector and enable copy protection for roles. In this part, you are to choose your main copyright protection preferences and make it clear who you are protecting your content against.

Keep in mind, that you have to enable copy protection first as if you don’t, the other options cannot work.

  3. Choose The Options You Prefer From The List.


Copy Protection Plugin Options


This part is wholly dedicated to disabling certain commands. You can choose these by ticking all the necessary options for you (ON/OFF, Show Message, Play Audio). Also, don’t forget to add a header text to appear when the block content is enabled and requires a password. One of the most common options is disabling right-click WordPress.

  4. Change The Tooltip Style


Copy Protection Plugin Styles


Select the preferred position, showtime, background color and image, opacity, text color, and font size, padding, border color, width, radius and style, box-shadow, also a custom class for tooltip container and custom CSS. The last two options allow you to use a custom HTML class and write your own CSS code for the tooltip. Notice that you have the “Reset Styles” button below, so feel free to do it all again if something doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.

  5. Add Block Content If Necessary (you can also block IP, Country, Page, or PayPal in the PRO version)


Plugin Block Content


This feature gives you a shortcode which you will need to block the content. Think of good passwords and assign them to each shortcode separately. If you want some special individuals to have full access to your article, make sure to write down their roles in the “Except” field. You have also the option to schedule the time of the blocking process in the “Schedule” box. To make this whole thing work after you have set the previous fields, you have to copy the first part of the shortcode and paste it before the content which needs to be blocked, and then copy the second part of the shortcode and paste it after the content which needs to be blocked.

  6. Block IPs, Country, Page, and PayPal

In the PRO version, you have the opportunity to block particular elements as well, such as IPs, countries, pages, and PayPal.

Let’s have a deeper look:


Plugin Block IPs


Click the “Add IP” button to see 4 separate parts. Then fill in the parts with the IP you want to be blocked. You can add and delete IPs if you change your mind.


Plugin Block Country


Don’t want your content to be visible to the users in a specific country? That is why you should have the PRO version of the Secure Copy Protection Plugin, as it gives the possibility to block certain countries. To do so, just click “Add Country” and choose the ones you wish.




Next, there is the Page Blocker, where you can paste the URL of your article and set a password for access.  You can choose multiple URLs at the same time, which is a great plus.


Plugin PayPal


Last, but not least, you can block PayPal, by inserting the PayPal Client ID. You have also the choice to add a specific amount of money and choose the currency. You can check out the How to Earn Money with a Paywall article for further detailed information.

  7. Subscribe To View


subscribe to view



Plugin Integrations



This option permits you to block a part of your work and allow them to open it only after the user subscribes by entering their email address. These emails are then collected in your MailChimp account, which you need to activate in the “Integrations” field.

Feel free to have a look at the WordPress Secure Copy Content Protection Plugin User Manual as well on the official website of the plugin developers.


It’s time to do it on your own!


You are finished learning the basics of this WP copyright protection plugin and now it’s high time to test it on your own. Carefully think whether you need the PRO version, or the free one is enough for you, and get working! To install and activate the plugin, please, follow this WordPress SCCP plugin link.

Now, you, for sure, know what to do if someone copies your website and are able to protect HTML code !

Make sure to take your time to consider every feature, because each of them is meant for something important. In this case, you will definitely make a successful result and go the extra mile in your work.

Also, don’t forget to check your original content copyright via copyscape plugin wordpress before posting, as sometimes you may clone someone else’s WordPress Site without even knowing.


How To Transform Your WordPress Website Content Into Money?


Your work is original and its credits belong to you. Content Protection means you have unique and professional content for your audience. Hence, the exclusive content will make your customers undoubtedly trust You and your product, which will lead to more user traffic. Moreover, by enabling the PRO version of the Secure Copy Content Protection Plugin you can actually make a lot of money with your articles and the materials you share on your WordPress website. To do so, just link your copyright protection to your PayPal account (which you already know how to do) and limit the user access, unless they pay for it. This is a very common way to earn money with your intellectual property and there are many ways where you can use it, such as writing interesting articles on particular topics, publishing essays, papers, documentation, researches, scientific materials, etc. What is more exciting, that you don’t need extra knowledge or a degree to earn this way, you just need some writing tips, skills and a good imagination :)

It may not sound promising at first, but believe me, you will LOVE the favorable outcome. There are already many writers out there doing their favorite job or just realizing their hobby, and making plenty of money of it. Furthermore, do not forget about the protection of your WordPress web page make a proper troubleshoot In order to, to be more assured, I suggest you check the free demos and pro demos of the Best Copy Content Protection plugin. When you try this on your own, we will love to hear your success story in the comments section of this article!

Lastly, whatever you choose to do, remember that adding copyright to your website is a MUST in today’s world, especially when it comes to the digital content. Who knows, maybe one day your work becomes a big-name masterpiece!

Who knows, maybe one day your work becomes a big-name masterpiece and is definitely worth being safe from plagiarism!

With so many hackers and bots nowadays, implementing content protection on your website is no longer an option but a necessity. To combat these threats, we’ve been busy developing our Secure Copy Content Protection plugin, which allows geo-blocking, IP address blocking, and you can even add password protection or a paywall for your content.
Today, we are proud to announce that our hard work paid off: our SCCP plugin was featured on a list of the best WordPress plugins!
The plugin list was curated by the experts at, an online news publication providing the latest cybersecurity news, interviews, and detailed VPN provider comparisons.
We are grateful for the recognition and we hope our tool will help more website owners protect their content from theft, web scrapers, and other malicious activities. The feedback both from our users and industry professionals is extremely motivating and encourages us to improve and constantly update our plugins.

If this article was helpful, feel free to subscribe to the team’s YouTube channel for different WordPress video tutorials. You’re surely also welcomed to their Facebook and  Twitter pages :)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I protect my website from copying content?

To protect your content from being copied, you need to install and activate the best WordPress Secure Copy Content Protection plugin.

Can I earn money by protecting my content?

Yes! With the help of the WordPress copy protection plugin, you can create a paywall, and if the content attracts the audience’s interest you may earn some money.

How do I disable search hotkeys in the WordPress Secure Copy Content Protection plugin?

Firstly install and activate the plugin, then go to the Options tab > scroll down > Disable search hot-keys.

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