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5 Best Chart Plugins in WordPress of 2023

Giving information to the users is sometimes too complicated as the information can be not only difficult to understand but also boring to read. So it is essential to use visualizations like charts, maps, graphs, etc. as then people see the information in charts understanding the data becomes easier. Also, most people prefer them as data visualization has many benefits.

Benefits of quizzes data visualization

So now most website owners pay attention not only to the information they give to the users but also to how they present it. So on many websites, you can notice different types of visualizations, graphics and etc. as nowadays it is known that using them improves a website's SEO and also the process of generating leads becomes easier.

So creating an eye-catching website, page, and post with a unique design full of visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps is too beneficial for your website. All you need is to install and activate plugins .

In this article, we talk about the 5 best chart plugins, each key feature, advantages, and disadvantages. So at the end of this article, you can find the best chart plugin for you.

1. The Chartify - Best Chart Builder Plugin

Chartify-best Chart Builder plugin of WordPress

With the Chart Builder Plugin for WordPress, you can create responsive graphs and charts for your website. The Chartify plugin is user-friendly and creating stunning charts with it isn't complicated. So without wasting time you can create amazing charts for your website simply.

You can customize the titles of your charts, font types, legends, tooltips, and also each general setting for having a unique and amazing chart at the end.

Key features of the Chartify - Best Chart Builder Plugin

  • 8 types of charts-Pie charts, Donut charts, Line charts, Column charts, Bar charts, Histogram charts, Geo charts, Organization charts
  • 4 sources for transferring data into charts-Import data from a file, connect to Google Sheets, connect to Database, and Manual data
  • Create unlimited charts
  • Create Dynamic charts
  • More than 50 settings-general settings, style, tooltip, legend
  • Fully responsive
  • And many more features about which you can read on Chartify's documentation

Advantages of the Chartify - Best Chart Builder Plugin

  • One of the most user-friendly plugins
  • Time-saving and easy-to-use
  • Systemic updates
  • Great support team
  • Customization functions
  • Live preview of the chart while creating it

Disadvantages of the Chartify - Best Chart Builder Plugin

  • This chart plugin is the newest one in the WordPress area, however, it comes with several great features with which creating a chart is just a pleasure


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Pro version for Bussines-$39 or Developer-$103.

Free Version Pro Version

2. WP Charts and Graphs - WordPress Chart Plugin

WordPress chart plugin-wp Charts and Graphs

WP Charts and Graphs - WordPress Chart Plugin is one of the simplest and most user-friendly chart plugins. Creating a wonderful chart with this plugin takes only minutes. Even being not tech-savvy cannot disturb you, as it is easy to use.

While creating the chart from your admin panel, you can see the live preview of your chart before you go live.

Key features of the WP Charts and Graphs - WordPress Chart Plugin

  • 6 types of charts- the Pie Chart, Polar Chart, Doughnut Chart, Radar Chart, Bar Chart, and Line Chart
  • Adding data manually
  • Responsive charts
  • Before publishing the chart you can look at the live preview of the chart
  • Automatic shortcode generator
  • Several useful settings

Advantages of the WP Charts and Graphs - WordPress Chart Plugin

  • There is no need to have coding skills
  • Simple and minimal charts
  • Easy-to-use
  • User-friendly and mobile-friendly
  • Absolutely free

Disadvantages of the WP Charts and Graphs - WordPress Chart Plugin

  • For those who need to have more options, this plugin may be too simple
  • Limited options


This chart plugin WordPress is free.


3. Ninja Charts-WordPress Charts and Graphs

Ninja charts-WordPress charts and graphs plugin

The Ninja Charts-WordPress Charts and Graphs are one of the best chart plugins in WordPress. As by Ninja Charts you can create not only beautiful but also customizable and responsive charts. So this plugin can be your website's best data visualizer solution.

Its chart rendering engine is based on JavaScript, so it makes the whole process of creation easier than you can imagine.

Now let's move to its best and unique features.

Key features of the Ninja Charts-WordPress Charts and Graphs plugin

  • 11 types of charts-Line charts, Pie charts, Bubble charts, Radar charts, Polar charts, Area charts, Combo charts, Bar charts, Doughnut charts, Scatter charts, Horizontal bar charts
  • Multiple data sources
  • Create limitless charts and graphs
  • The interface is easy-to-use
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive chart maker
  • Have a live preview of your chart in the admin panel
  • Create SEO-friendly charts
  • Customization for layout and design
  • Integration with Ninja Table
  • Automatically generated shortcode
  • And many more

Advantages of the Ninja Charts-WordPress Charts and Graphs

  • Limitless online charts and graphs
  • Customization ready for design and layout
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly
  • Integration with Ninja table
  • Amazing support
  • Absolutely free

Disadvantages of the Ninja Charts-WordPress Charts and Graphs

  • The types of charts are so many, so if you need only one type, do not overload your website with this plugin


The Ninja Charts-WordPress Charts and Graphs WordPress data visualization plugin provides you with these fantastic features for free.


4. Organization chart

Organization Chart plugin for WordPress

Creating an organizational chart is full of benefits as you can represent the internal structure of your organization simply and quickly. So by creating org charts you can provide your coworkers with a detailed visualization of the company to show companies all positions and ranks and the connection of the role with the organization as a whole.

So having an organization chart maker is a benefit. Now let's move to the Organization chart plugin's features.

Key Features of the Organization chart plugin

  • User-friendly interface
  • Plugin is Gutenberg ready
  • Limitless elements and themes
  • Instead of a mobile view a horizontal scrolling
  • Change the org chart border radius and background color
  • Duplicate the organizational themes or charts
  • Change the description and title font
  • Full-Screen and also Drag and Zoom functionality
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly
  • After an element sets a responsive view
  • Set User Permissions
  • Change the element border and background color
  • Customize each element
  • Compatible with all actual WordPress versions

Advantages of the Organization chart plugin

  • Easy customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Unlimited elements and themes
  • Great customer support

Disadvantages of the Organization chart

  • You can create only org charts, so if you need to create other types of charts you will need other chart plugins, which is not only uncomfortable but also disadvantageous for your website


It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for Personal-$20, Business-$40, or Developer-$60.


5. M Chart

M chart plugin for WordPress

So last but not least chart plugin-M Chart. This chart plugin gives you bountiful options for creating useful charts by adding details and information to them. So using this plugin you can level up your online presence.

Keep calm as the process of installing, activating, and also configuring is easy-peasy. As this plugin is one of the best user-friendly plugins. The important thing is that first the M Chart Highcharts Library plugin must be installed, otherwise, the M Chart plugin cannot work fully.

I have good news for you if you have a spreadsheet. With this chart plugin, you can manage all data you want via spreadsheet.

The M Chart plugin also provides you with the shortcode, so using it is convenient. All you need is just adding your chart to any post or page via shortcode then you are already done with editing and preparing the content.

So now let's turn to its useful features.

Key features of the M Chart plugin

  • 10+ chart types-Line charts, Spline charts, Area charts, Column charts, Stacked Column charts, Bar charts, Stacked Bar charts, Pie charts, Doughnut charts, Scatter charts, Bubble charts, Radar charts, Radar Area charts, and Polar charts
  • Import/export CSV
  • Chart handy shortcode
  • Hooks for developers

Advantages of the M Chart plugin

  • You have a wide choice as it has more than 10 types of charts
  • Via shortcode adding the chart to post or to the page is easy as pie
  • Friendly support
  • User-friendly

Disadvantages of the M Chart plugin

  • The most uncomfortable thing and disadvantage is that you should install and activate another plugin to start fully working with this one
  • Too many types of charts can be inconvenient for some users who do not need that many types of charts


This plugin with its great features is absolutely free.


To Sum Up!

It is an undeniable fact that humans are not as good at reading spreadsheets scattered with complex patterns or just reports as at processing visual data. Having an attractive design will help you increase your website traffic as the eye-catching design of your website will attract users, so generating leads isn't a problem anymore.

Nowadays using visualizations is a MUST.

As we want to help our readers we gather all the best WordPress data visualization plugins in this article. All you need is to read carefully all the information written above, to take into account the advantages and also disadvantages of each plugin, and choose the best chart plugin for you. Creating amazing content is in your hands.

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