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7 Best Cryptocurrency Plugins in WordPress

AYS PRO Best Cryptocurrency Plugins

Did someone say Crypto? Cryptocurrency is taking its place in the world, and WordPress is no exception. Some experts state that cryptocurrency is just another trend and the demand will die down, however, most believe that crypto is the new future. With the rapid growth of the coin market, there is a great demand for crypto-related websites. The same goes for crypto-related plugins.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

To put it simply, it is a digital asset that circulates without interfering with 3rd parties. The main principle of its creation is cryptographic techniques which makes it more secure. Cryptocurrencies are supported by blockchain development technology. With the help of this system, it is possible to keep track of the transaction. Units of cryptocurrency are also referred to as tokens or coins. The first and most valuable unit is BitCoin, now there are more than 19.000 cryptocurrencies. However, even in this marketplace, you have to start using tools that could make you form an individual trader, or maybe a news provider. In this article, you will find plugins that will make your experience in the crypto world easier.

1. Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for WooCommerce by TripleA

AYS PRO Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Have you heard of Balenciagas Pop Up Store that accepts Crypto payments?

TripleA made sure your online store does not fall behind. With TripleA wp plugin Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway for WooCommerce, you can add a digital wallet to your WooCommerce online shop in just seconds. Catching fast-growing and global crypto users' attention could bring great lavaridge to your store and convenience to your customers.

East registration, fee-free policy, and dedicated support are the least you get with this plugin.

With TripleA crypto Wallet you get 2 settlement methods: Local currency and crypto to a crypto wallet.

They support 4 cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDT
  • Bitcoin Lightning payments.

They also support forty-seven currencies for bank settlements. But that's only the start.

2. BTCPayWall


When it comes to your content and managing it, the best way to do so is without interfering with 3rd parties. BTCPayWall is the exact solution to this. Trade nearly any digital content via WordPress using the BitCoin paywall, and in one do not worry about privacy and security.

Distribute digital products and content in 4 different ways:

  • Pay-per-post for the sale of individual blog posts and newspaper articles
  • Pay-per-view for the sale of videos that are played directly
  • Download store for selling digital files that are downloaded
  • Tipping for receiving donations and tips

Asking for a subscription is annoying so with BTCPayWall sells high-quality content

Why choose BTCPayWall

  • Independently make revenue from your high-quality content
  • Make money without asking the customers for membership
  • Make money by making your articles partially or fully paid

3. LikeCoin

AYS PRO LikeCoin

If you are a crypto guru, or you have at least done some research on it then you have probably heard of DeFi (Decentralization of money and finance). And what about the uniquely made content? LikeCoin came up with Decentralization of publishing: DePub.

What does it exactly mean? So currently creators have no way to include metadata about their content. This means that your content is not authorized in centralized platforms in any way. DePub offers an easy and accessible way to secure your digital content.
The registration comes with 2 stages: The registry of content and the storage of the content.
In the first stage of registration, each digital content gets ISCN (International Standard Content Number), once they are registered in the LikeCoin network. What it does is record your content metadata.

The registration is independent, immutable, and transparent.

You can also start trading LikeCoin tokens or change them to any other cryptocurrency like BitCoin.

4. Kriptomat Cryptocurrency Price Widgets

AYS PRO Kriptomat Cryptocurrency Price Widgets

Kriptomat is a government-regulated European cryptocurrency exchange that came up with a WordPress plugin providing live crypto price banners. Their motto is "Freedom, Fairness, Fulfillment", as they believe that anyone should be able to do crypto investments regardless of their level of knowledge or experience.

This plugin is especially a must for websites that provide market news and updates. With Kriptomat you won't bump into one-typed boring banners.
/span>They offer:

  • Live price banners for specific coins
  • Add tables, tickers, or price calculator bars
  • Fully Customizable bars

Attention! You can earn referral income for user transactions by setting up a referral link at Kriptomat.

Kriptomat got a special offer for those who introduce friends: For every friend, you introduce to Kriptomat who trades 100 EUR, you'll BOTH receive 10 EUR worth of Bitcoin via the Kriptomat referral program.

Why get involved in NFT

Digital art explodes in value and the question of how to begin with NFTs or what they are in general becomes more and more popular. NFT stands for non-fungible token. It can be nearly any digital content: an article, drawing, music, or even a tweet. However, the NFT hype is mainly on the selling of digital art. Even fashion houses such as Gucci and Balenciaga make money out of NFTs. It is believed that NFTs can help in the fight against poverty, as many projects are especially focused on charity. The Bitcoin blockchain explorers are highlighting the fact that the cryptocurrency world is changing day by day. Except for the charity programs formed by artists who earned millions selling their digital art, the honorary of the digital art itself is high and many artists get lucky showcasing their talent. The most expensive NFT ever sold for 91.8 million dollars, was Pak's "The Merge", whose pieces were sold to nearly 30.000 collectors.

5. NFT Gallery


Do you do NFT art, and are passionate about digital art?

I'm sure you have heard about digital art auctions held by famous auction houses. They are a great way of showcasing your art to the world and selling. However, to get there you need to work your way up. Many companies think of a way to launch printing digital art, but that might take a long time as well. And NFT Gallery offers an alternative to sharing pieces of your art with the world. If you own a website then you shouldn't miss the chance of exhibiting your artwork. With the rise of NFTs, you can create and use a professional NFT marketing strategy with an agency, or even develop your own NFT minting website development to showcase and sell your art as unique and valuable digital assets. This can provide you with a new revenue stream and give you more control over the sale and distribution of your artwork.

NFT Gallery will help you display them on your wp website right from OpenSea. All you need to do is to take the OpenSea API link from their plugin description and follow the further plugin instructions.

NFT Gallery is powered by OpenSea API and it's working if your NFTs were minted on ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens on Ethereum Network.

6. Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

AYS PRO Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets

From Microsoft to Starbucks and in between, many companies started to get engaged with cryptocurrency, and those who truly believe in the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accept them as a payment method. Get involved in the new future of finances with the help of "Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets". This plugin offers custodial cryptocurrency wallets. This offer is fully backed up with nodes that you fully control.

Via "Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets" your customers can deposit, transfer or withdraw Bitcoins, or other cryptocurrencies. This plugin even has some basic accounting capabilities.

The plugin also comes with free adapter extensions:

  • CoinPayments Adapter extension
  • Full Node Multi Coin Adapter extension
  • Fiat Coin Adapter extension
  • TurtleCoin Adapter extension
  • Monero Coin Adapter extension

The premium extension has some more exciting functions that you can have great use of, such as running an exchange, a crypto faucet, a Woocommerce store, etc.

7. Realtime Bitcoin Chart

AYS PRO Realtime Bitcoin Chart

Visualize markets in a way that makes sense to you. Analyze price, liquidity, and trading volume by applying unlimited technical indicators and drawings.Trading algorithms software enhances this process by automating market analysis and decision-making, streamlining your trading strategy for optimal results.

Especially traders in this area always keep track of real-time charts. So if you are a related website, starter, or cryptocurrency expert this is a vital attribute. These charts can help with detailed analysis, and to be honest, intuition is not the best tool to rely on. A real-time Bitcoin Chart will help you display real-time Bitcoin price visualization. Why do you need one? This offers quick and relevant insights on Bitcoin, and faster decision-making when it comes to selling one.

How to use:

  • Page: Add shortcode [bitcoinchart currency="USD"] into your page or post content.
  • Widget: Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag BitcoinChart to your sidebar
  • Choose your Currency

Did you know?

  • The first payment via cryptocurrency was in 2010. A man bought pizza for 10.000 Bitcoins.
  • The amount of Bitcoins is limited to 21 million, so at some point, you might not even be able to mine when you decide to do so.
  • NFTs are not a form of currency
  • No one knows the actual creator of Bitcoin.
  • Taxes are not avoidable even in Crypto games.

To wrap up: No matter the time you put into research on how to invest in this new trend or future, people ruling the world have a great role to play even in this area. For example, Elon Musk makes changes in the value of cryptocurrency by just stating which token would be accepted by Tesla. This is how Dogecoin turned from a joke into a high-ranking token the night. All that is left to have is a little luck and some plugins that would make your experience easier in the crypto world. Additionally, managing your finances can be streamlined with Zintego, an easy-to-use invoice app aimed at quick sending of invoices to your clients. So, to keep up with the trends you must read the articles, that will provide you with enough information for further investments.

And finally, if you want to stay in touch with us and get all the needed information, go and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. But don't forget about our Youtube channel, subscribe and watch step by step tutorials.

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