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How to create Diet quiz with WordPress

Hey! I think this is the right time to give new colors to your web journey and spice up your web page and increase traffic with interactive website content using the WordPress Survey tool. In today’s digital world, the data based on users’ provided information plays a key role in the field of cyber commerce marketing. Customers love personalized approaches. General data collection and lead generation have already changed the marketing game, now imagine the advantages you would have over other vendors if you had access to personalized data and customer preferences.

WordPress Survey builder has a feature of Conditional Results, with the help of this option the survey creators will learn more about their customers. Having the personalized results feature under your hand will beneficially affect your business. Why? Imagine having the answers of exactly what does the customer wants or needs. Assuredly this will ease everything for the business owners. This is the right time to bring your surveys to a more advanced level and open a new way of professionalism with the use of personalized results functionality.

What does the Conditional Result imply?

  • recommend – the right product to your survey taker, right after finishing the survey quiz
  • redirect – bring the user to the product page within a few seconds right after finishing the survey quiz

The Conditional Results is an additional tab for the Survey Maker Plugin. The main purpose of this feature is to give your customers personalized answers based on their provided answers and lead the right people to a certain action. Build different paths in your survey and provide to each survey user their unique results. The WordPress Survey tool has no limitations for both conditions and the cases, what is more, the user can differentiate the conditions with “And” and “Or” circumstances.
For instance, if the survey participant is a female, aged between 20-30 age category, has interests in a field of fashion, and loves bags will get the perfect product recommended and be redirected to the product page right after finishing the survey.

When to use the Conditional Results feature?

The WordPress Survey Results plugin can fit on many occasions. The additional option of Conditional results for the Survey Maker plugin is an ideal way for eCommerce marketing strategy. Moreover, Personalized Results surely will become your number one funnel marketing strategy tool. Track more users to your website by supplying them with an individual experience. This functionality will perfectly work for:

  • Selling products or service offerings,
  • Leading the specific group of people to a particular action,
  • Providing the customers’ personalized results.

The WordPress conditional tool will amazingly fit for finding the answers to questions like; what product or service is best for the user or a music/movie/place recommendation. And of course, the conditional logistic regression survey is the best for generating a personalized diet plan.

Make a Diet Quiz with Condidtional Results Survey

It is worth mentioning that, on the basis of the Quiz and Survey Master WordPress all the users are able to build numerous survey quiz types. This is an amazing tool for creating Customer Satisfaction Surveys, event planning questionnaires, employee engagement forms, conducting market research, concept testing, generating opinion polls, etc.

I think all of you will agree with me that, no matter the lifetime, having a healthy and fit body, always has been and will be a necessity for each of us. Everyone strives to lose the extra weight. A lot of weight-watchers are looking for an ideal method to solve the weight problem. For those exploring advanced solutions, emerging medications like semaglutide come into play. Let’s not forget, the first step for a healthy lifestyle, is to make crucial changes to your daily diet. Now you are probably thinking, about the expensive services of nutritionists or glamourous fitness centers.
Forget about them!
What if I have an excellent solution for the weight-watchers?

The conditional survey questions will help you to create an up to date diet plans for your users and make smart eating choices. As it to me, this is a superb and affordable solution for healthy lifestyle strivers. Now, let’s learn how to create a survey in WordPress with various personalized survey questions.

How to build a diet quiz with WordPress step by step

Diet Results


You need to download and install the WordPress Survey Maker Plugin. After the successful installation, go to the Surveys section, in order to start the creation of your diet survey quiz.

With the aim of building a quality survey first and foremost, you need to choose the right personalized survey questions. As far as, the main goal is to provide the survey quiz visitors with an exact and conditional diet plan, we have to ask definite nutrition questions.


Select survey conditional questions, which will make your survey more interactive. Here is a good example of personalized survey questions you can add to your diet questionnaire

  1. How many pounds does the survey taker want to lose?
  2. What age category does the survey taker belong to?
  3. Is he/she physically active?
  4. What is the main purpose of losing weight?
  5. What attitude does the survey taker have towards sugary and starchy food? and etc.

While creating the personalized survey the admin is able to choose different questions types like; Radio, Checkbox, Dropbox, Short text, Paragraph, Linear Scale, Star Rating, Matrix Scale, Date, Number, Yes or No.
After saving the personalized survey, go to the “Conditional Results” section. Click on button.

Take further action, you are free to add as many conditions as you need. You will find the box with three columns located on the screen’s right side.

Condition Survey Conditions Options

  • Page: In this section, you will need to customize the results message which the students will receive after following the path of the conditions.

  • Email: Here, you will see the E-mail content and E-mail Attachment file fields. On the “E-mail content” section customize the message the user will receive. “The Email attachment file” field is for, importing files, which will automatically be added to the results message.

  • Redirect: This tab will definitely save the survey takers time by re-programming them straight to the website they need. The Redirect field has two sections: Delay and URL. On the URL field leave the link, where the user will be automatically redirected after passing WordPress simple survey. In the Delay log pattern set the duration after when the user will be rerouted to the URL.
  • As I have earlier noted, with the use of the survey master in WordPress all the users will be able to create an unlimited number of conditions. After completing the formerly mentioned steps, you need to save all the adjustments by clicking on the button.

    STEP 3

    Copy the shortcode of the survey quiz from the list table, then paste it on the preferred page or post.

    Congratulations! Now you have your personal diet survey quiz in addition to Conditional results and unique submissions.


    The Pros and Cons for the Conditional Results options

    Diet Results in the end

    Hmm, now you are probably thinking what are the negative aspects of the survey tool conditional. Although there are no obvious downsides, it would be pretty unfair to not mention the con of this tool. The only disadvantage of the WordPress survey personalized results is that sometimes you will need to use up a little longer time.

    Time-consuming; It was prior mentioned, that the survey quiz creator will be able to add as many conditions as needed. Each condition means a specific personalized survey answer for every case. The above-mentioned implies, that the survey quiz creator needs to generate personalized sections for each condition, which will take time.

    Get Started

    To sum up all the provided information; if you want to provide your customers with an advanced-level experience, then the quiz and survey master WordPress tool is perfect for you. Take your surveys to higher-level, furthermore spice up your website, and improve the user- track. With the Conditional Results tool, the boost of users engagement is guaranteed.

    Make your audience feel special with the Conditional results tool.

    Wait, Wait, Wait!!!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What plugin to use to create a diet quiz in WordPress?

    To create the best diet quiz in WordPress, all you need is the WordPress Survey Maker plugin for improved user experience.

    How do I get notified every time someone submits the survey?

    To get notified when someone takes and submits your survey, go to the Surveys > E-mail tab > Send email to admin.

    What is the Conditional Result tab for?

    Let’s say you are creating an anonymous survey, the Conditional Results tab allows you to set conditions for your survey takers, show them different result answers, send them different messages, and redirect them to different URLs based on their survey answers.

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