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How to Close Popup on Button Click by Classname in WordPress

This step-by-step guide with screenshots will provide you with enough information on how to close the popup on the class button. You will find all the needed steps for using this option in this tutorial. Don’t miss any part of it.

Step 1

Let’s start by setting up our website popup. Go to the Popup plugin and click on the Add New button. Choose a popup type. Let’s choose the Subscription Popup type. Then choose the template.

The Popup is already set.

Popup on Button Click in WordPress

Step 2 

For using the Close Popup on Class Button option you will need to firstly save your popup so that the classname can be generated.

Button Click Popup

Now, as we can see from the screenshot here we have the Popup description field. Our button is located there.

Let’s move to the Settings tab and copy the classname.

Close Popup on Button Click

Click on the Close by classname (onclick) for enabling the classname. Now copy the classname and move back to the General tab. 

Change the Popup description field from visual into text and find your button <div>.

Add another class and insert the classname into it.

Find CSS Selector

Step 3

Click on the Save the Changes button.

Yes, that’s all you have to do for closing your popup.


Wrapping Up!

At first, it may sound a little bit hard, as you have to make changes in CSS. But it wasn’t as hard as it may sound. All the above-mentioned steps will help you to do it in the easiest way. Now you know another way to close the popup.

But to learn more about the WordPress Popup plugin just go and watch the video tutorial on our YouTube channel and read the articles in our blog.

But if you want to see real demonstrations of the popups, then you must visit our demo page and see what we have created special for you.

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