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different types of Quizzes


Are you looking to engage your audience and haven’t tried a quiz yet? Or maybe you are searching for ways to test the knowledge of your students?

Today, you will discover what you have been looking for! With this article, you will learn about different quizzes and find the right one for your needs. Quizzes are perfect if you want to entertain, educate, and boost engagement. Besides, they are simple to create and use.

Connected with your goals, you can build different quizzes with different types of quiz questions, such as:

While all of them are captivating and fun to build, you had better focus your attention on the quiz type that will be useful to you. Before all else, clearly define your reasons for using that very type. Before we come to the main topic, let’s understand what a quiz is and what good reasons you have to use one. So, let’s start the journey!


What is a quiz, and why use one?


A quiz is a short test, a way of quick understanding and evaluation of knowledge. It doesn’t typically include a lot of questions, especially open-ended ones. Quizzes are interactive and far more enjoyed than traditional exams, as they reduce test anxiety, arouse motivation, and, as a result, competition. Creating a quiz with some visual components is very easy with the help of an infographic maker.

Quizzes are used for clever marketing strategies worldwide. They are engaging, but it goes further than that. They drastically increase the response rate, as people are encouraged to take those tests, share their results with their friends, and see theirs in return. Boosting site engagement, learning about site visitors, and, last but not least, generating revenue has never been this easy.

Especially nowadays, quizzes are widely used in online learning platforms to check student knowledge about a particular topic. For instance, you can check language skills with quizzes. Running quizzes for assessment purposes helps you get a precise picture of results in real-time.

Having all that learned, you might think: what kind of quiz should I make? To get the answer to this and other similar questions, keep reading the article.


12 Types of quizzes to create


It seems there are too many types of quizzes, and the choice will be difficult. But this is just not the case! After getting acquainted with them, you will have a clear idea about the quiz type that works best for you. If you are planning to use tests for academic purposes, you may ask: what type of assessment is a quiz? But the answer varies across different quizzes. Let’s start to learn about it as well!

1. Personality Quiz


personality quiz


I am sure you have heard about personality quizzes and come across them on social media a lot! Personality questions are among the most common types of quiz questions, as they help people know themselves and their preferences better. But the benefit is not one-sided: as a result, people become addicted to your website content, which also does good for the page traffic. Personality tests can be mini quizzes for fun or education. You can typically use personality quizzes in different types of quiz formats and for different topics, such as:

  • What kind of lifestyle is the most suitable for you?
  • Which country should you live in?
  • Are you a born leader?
  • How strong is your character?
  • What job fits you best?
  • What matters to you most when looking for places hiring near you?
  • Which dog is right for you?
  • What type of model are you?

Leave the questions of your personality quiz to your imagination! And you may find numerous personality quizzes on your web page pretty soon. By the way, there is an amazing personality quiz out there! Give it a try to better understand how to create personality questions.

Personality questions usually consist of multiple answer choices. Each answer corresponds to a personality type, lifestyle, or anything, depending on the topic. By answering the questions, respondents gradually form their results and receive a corresponding message.

2. Scored Quiz


scored quiz


A scored quiz, also referred to as a tally test, is designed to check respondents’ knowledge and provide assessments. Questions usually belong to the same topic so that respondents receive the most accurate results possible.

To have a scored quiz, you need to define the topic and assign a point value to each question. The results are based on the points the respondent has gained during the test. Some topics of scored quiz can include:

  • How good are you at math?
  • How self-aware are you?
  • How organized is your team?

Providing your respondents with constructive feedback is central in scored tests. And this is why they are worth it — these tests give respondents something as a reward for their efforts.

Get to know how to build scored quizzes on ProProfs.

3. Trivia Quiz


trivia quiz


A trivia quiz is another widespread type that assesses the respondent’s knowledge about one or several topics. Aside from checking knowledge, trivia quizzes aim at keeping the respondent engaged. That’s the reason why you need to make them as captivating as you can. Add mind-blowing questions, attach interesting images, and don’t forget to match the topics to your respondent’s preferences.

Some question ideas to ask in your trivia tests are:

  • Can you guess the celebrities by their childhood pictures?
  • How much is your Harry Potter knowledge?
  • Are you a movie addict?

Trivia tests are perfect for events with friends and family members. And if this is the case, you will know best which topic to choose for your trivia quiz. The activity will be a lot of fun, and the team with the highest scores will win.

There are different fun quizzes by Britannica to take.

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4. Multiple-choice Quiz


multiple choice quiz


A multiple-choice quiz is used for assessment purposes. You have most probably solved such tests at school and university. Respondents are presented with questions that have multiple answers, with each question having only one correct answer. You can let your respondents know if they have chosen the correct answer after each question or show all the correct answers after the test.

Multiple-choice quizzes are in frequent use in educational and professional contexts, as they give accurate results based on the number of correct answers. You can observe examples of online quizzes and create one yourself with the help of Opinion Stage.

5. BuzzFeed Quiz


BuzzFeed quiz


Engaging, crazy, and favorite — all of these have one name — BuzzFeed quiz. Buzzfeed quizzes may seem foolish and illogical, but people go crazy about them! Being shareable, they are powerful in bringing in more visitors to your site. A BuzzFeed quiz is a mini personality test in its style and format, and you can guess where the source of engagement comes from!

I think you would like to have a try. Here are lots of quizzes for you created by BuzzFeed. But wait! Beware of being too grabbed! :)

6. Knowledge Test


knowledge quiz


Knowledge tests are used for assessing respondents’ knowledge of a specific topic. Such topics can be:

  • Digital marketing
  • 1980s fashion
  • Ancient Egypt

The result is counted according to the correct answers throughout the test. You can use images to make the questions more visualized. While building knowledge tests using online quiz makers, try to include no more than 10-15 questions.

Take an engaging knowledge test by Transglobal Express.

7. IQ Test


IQ quiz


Everyone has heard about those engaging, absorbing, and motivating IQ tests at least once! Everywhere on online platforms, you will meet IQ tests like “What’s Your Geography IQ?” or “What’s your Intelligence Type?” In IQ tests, each possible answer is assigned a point value. For instance, you can give 1 point to answer A, 2 points to answer B, and 3 points to answer C. The respondent’s IQ corresponds to the total points they gain. You can use this approach if there are varying levels of “correct” for a specific question. The questions should be challenging, but no too much so that people continue taking the test.

IQ tests are a powerful way to generate leads. As quizzes have a conversion rate of 50% on average, you can enable the information form to segment your audience and skyrocket your email list.

Try your hand at this IQ test.

8. True or False Quiz


true or false quiz


True or false quizzes are the ones that have only one correct answer. They are mostly used to check knowledge on facts. The topics can vary, starting from questions about celebrities to geography. Creating true or false quizzes and grading them is pretty simple. Respondents also find them easy to take, and that is why true or false quizzes usually receive high completion rates.

I have picked one from a list of quizzes to take by Lonely Planet. Check it out!

9. Yes or No Quiz


yes or no quiz


A yes or no quiz is the simplest way to collect opinions from respondents and to check knowledge. While yes or no quizzes are quite similar to true or false quizzes, they mostly ask opinion-based questions rather than check apprehension. You can run a yes or no quiz among your employees after a seminar and include such questions like:

  • Was the seminar helpful?
  • Did it live up to your expectations?
  • Did you find the answers to your questions?
  • Did you find yourself bored during the seminar?

Based on the responses, you will come up with new ideas to improve the efficiency of the seminar next time. You will find superb examples of online quizzes on BuzzFeed.

10. This or That Quiz


this or that quiz


This or that quizzes are mini quizzes for fun and for finding out people’s preferences about various topics. They can be used as a great ice-breaking activity and can turn boredom into fun and engagement. Some questions you can use for this or that quizzes are:

  • Sea or mountains?
  • Pizza or hamburgers?
  • Guitar or violin?
  • Hamsters or guinea pigs?
  • Surfing or canoeing?

As you may guess, a this or that quiz seems like a mini personality test. It is purely based on opinions and doesn’t suppose any preferable answer. This or that quizzes may seem simple but can actually arouse good debates and discussions. Here is a list of quizzes to take from BuzzFeed.

11. Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test is a means to understand how much a student is informed about an upcoming topic. It is mainly used in academic contexts and doesn’t include assessment as an obligatory element. A diagnostic test helps teachers prepare lesson plans accordingly and introduce essential but dismissed points to learners. While creating diagnostic tests, you may consider asking such questions as:

  • What do you know about neurology?
  • Which neurological disorders are you familiar with?
  • Are there any signs indicating that one should see a neurologist?

In marketing, you can use a diagnostic test to help people solve their problems. By taking the test and answering the questions, respondents will learn what they need to do to be healthier, more productive, and so forth. Learn how to create effective diagnostic tests by Mr Barton Maths.

12. Assessment Quiz


assessment quiz


Lastly, an assessment test is used to check learners’ comprehension to sum up a lesson or course. It is pretty different from other types, as it also involves open-ended questions. While creating an assessment test, include fill-in-the-blank questions. Learners will need to fill in those blanks themselves or choose options for them from dropdown menus. Writing essays with a clear structure is also common in assessment tests.

Consider creating timer-based assessment tests to reduce cheating risks and have more organized exams. You can try lots of quizzes by ProProfs and get some ideas of how to make some.


Which is the right one for you?


Here you go — you are now ready to proceed with lots of quizzes and choose the most suitable one for your goals. Whichever type you choose, be sure it will engage or educate and be effective either way. Spare no effort to make different fun quizzes to get the best of both worlds — leave your visitors or students engaged and increase your site traffic.


You can also read an article in The Design Inspiration website about Quiz Maker plugin, with different Quiz Type examples

I am happy if the article was of help. I will be even happier to see your comments below and know what you think about it and quizzes in general. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel not to miss our video tutorials! You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common types of quizzes?

There are different types of quizzes, such as personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, assessment quizzes, scored quizzes, true or false quizzes, and so on. Trivia quizzes and personality quizzes are quite widespread. You can create your quiz by adding trivia quiz questions or personality quiz questions to it.

What are assessment quizzes used for?

You can create an assessment quiz to check the knowledge of students and provide them with immediate feedback before marking them.

What is the most effective quiz question format?

The multiple-choice quiz question format is the most effective and widely used one. This question format allows the users to choose one correct answer among multiple options.

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