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How To Make BuzzFeed Quizzes Using WordPress Plugin 2023

AYS PRO BuzzFeed Style

Why Are Quizzes So Addictive?

Quizzes are literally like some addictive habits, and while some of those addictions are not really good, quizzes on the contrary are on some level awarding, I mean have you ever tried BuzzFeed quizzes? If we look from a phycological aspect people need to be reworded by several aspects; Safety, Love, Esteem, Self-actualization. For example, to boost your esteem you need to get respect from others, achievements, confidence. For safety, you need family, employment, health, etc. And What does a quiz offer? Right, predictions or possible facts about all those very important aspects of your life that form you as a personality. We all are very curious about finding out more about ourselves and our surroundings. And that's the main reason why quizzes are so addictive.

Do Quizzes Impact Our Behavior?

To answer this question we can go two ways, first is the entertaining purpose that in reality might have an impact on how we behave. Imagine you take a quiz from Geography, and you have last done anything around that subject when you were a student. And the results are sensational. Till that moment you must have never thought of having any special skills in Geography. Doesn't that may be unnecessary, but still a unique skill boost your confidence? It does! And you might even share your results for others to see. It can even motivate you to express your ideas next time when you get in the middle of such topics. By these nearly factual predictions, we clearly understand that quizzes do impact our behavior. And your task as a quiz maker is to achieve a positive outcome.

Why Are BuzzFeed Quizzes So Popular?

Finally, we reached the HOT TOPIC: Buzzfeed style quizzes. In fact, unavailing what's behind its popularity is not a hard case. The founder of BuzzFeed Jonah Peretti caught the idea of pairing quizzes with shareable content. Content Building is very important, and they always choose the best titles, catching our attention and driving us in, but the ability to share it on other social platforms played a bigger role. People Take a quiz share exciting and well-thought results, their family and friends follow their steps and VOILA! You got hundreds and thousands of people daily flowing to your site. What better way to generate leads. So BuzzFeed basically took the concept of quizzes seasoned it with sharing buttons and turned their marketing strategy into A THING!

Nowadays nearly any entrepreneur that adopts this strategy, checks out what BuzzFeed has on its plate. Quizzing has been invented in 1867, and BuzzFeed is 16 years old. It is still relevant and popular after so many years, as its content is always up to date, and quizzes are now not the only thing that engages readers but also short articles on different topics; Animals, Hollywood, DIY, Food, etc. Many people are smart enough to make money with quizzes.

How Does BuzzFeed Do Their Quizzes?

If we speak about the actual BuzzFeed quizzes then you might even be surprised to know that anyone with a BuzzFeed account can make one. All you need is to set up questions and answers, add corresponding results, make it more fun and interesting to pass by adding images and gifs. And the last step to take is to publish. You might wonder how it all went so smoothly and easily. Unfortunately, I can't tell you that just by following these steps your quiz will go viral. You got to think through details, as "Details always matter".

What Are the Key Moments in Quiz Making?

  • Title- Alway write short titles and it's important to note that short and easily written ones are more effective. If you pay attention to BuzzFeed quizzes, they all use hilarious titles, that usually wouldn't catch your attention in any other situation than as a quiz. Write Special Questions starting with "Which" and "What". For example, "What Mythical Creature Were You In A Past Life?". Another trick is to challenge people. Our brain tries to prove a point even to ourselves. So whenever you write an intriguing title it works. For example "Trust Me, I Can Guess Your Zodiac Sign With 96% Accuracy Based On What Super Specific Things You Have In Your Fridge". And last but not least, most of us love telling about ourselves so titles that show curiosity on our personality at the same containing info that we might not know, also work. For example "I'm Really Curious What Your "Funny Best Friend" Percentage Is".
  • Questions- Not using figurative language and writing clear questions is an obvious need. And so is adding images to your quiz. Do not stuff your questions with words instead insert images that can describe your questions and also distract people. Visualized questions always show better performance.

  • Results- The most important part of your quiz for any quiz taker is the result, after all this is when your quiz taker decides whether or not to share it. Further in the article, I will give some tips on how to make accurate results. But let's concentrate on the writing style you the reults. If you passed several quizzes at the same time you probably realized how positively they are presented. Even if you turned out to be a horrible person, the result is presented in a joyful and fun way that you kind of enjoy having that personality.

Now Let's make an experiment; we will pass the same quiz 3 times and give different answers each time. After let's compare the results and understand the general principle shared in the results. Let's take the currently trending quiz in BuzzFeed called "Believe It Or Not, Everyone Has A Flower That Describes Them To A T - Here's Your Match" .
Here are my results. Now Let's Compare!

AYS PRO Quiz result AYS PRO Quiz Maker result AYS PRO Quiz Maker plugin result

Looking at the result of the BuzzFeed quiz, we clearly see that all of them are in an exceptionally friendly manner. Firstly, if you were seeking to find some new information, you got that. Secondly, the new personality traits complement your hearing. You love what you see and even if they are not quite accurate, you don't react to that shortcoming as it says something nice, positive and inertially your brain wants to let it sink in. I mean, sweet and delicate, pure love. Those words would even melt the heart of a serial killer.

Now let's check out one supposedly "bad" result. Here I took the quiz called "These 7 Questions Will Totally Expose Your Personality And You May Not Like It".

Just by reading the title you are already prepared to get something you might Not enjoy.

AYS PRO quiz fail results

However, the result doesn't really call you out for having a bad personality trait, instead, it shows some sympathy, points out some good traits that might harm you and not others. Anyone reading this would like to share as it reveals characteristics that might harm themselves but are good for the public and puts them in good light. Reading this you feel understood and of course, accepted.

If you got my points on the contextual part we can get technical!

Which Plugin is the Best Alternative to BuzzFeed?

Well, there are many tools that you can use for BuzzFeed stye quiz making; online and offline, free and premium, and by many, I mean A LOT. However, my personal favorite is the Quiz Maker plugin, which is currently the top quiz plugin in WordPress. Not only does it offer a free version and premium version , but also its team provides excellent support, personalized approach, and solutions. Quiz Maker offers all the possible styling options for both your questions and the actual quiz. And I have proof of that. Check out their free demo and pro demo versions to see what we created via Quiz Maker plugin. As Quiz Maker is a case full of tools, we will mainly speak about the results making, and how to make the results as accurate and on point as possible.

AYS PRO quiz maker wp dashboard

In Quiz Maker you can define the massage by percentage, by weight/points, and by keywords. I find keywords the easiest way to display the result so let's carry on with that. First go to questions from the dashboard, set up your questions, write down your questions, and set keywords. Just like it's done in the picture.

AYS PRO keywords quiz

After you are done with all the questions, go to Quizzes from Quiz Maker's dashboard. Click on "Add New" and start making your Quiz. Quiz Maker's settings give you the full support to create a quiz just that would look just like the BuzzFeed ones. You just have to experiment, take your time and get full use out of each section; "Settings", "Styles", "Result Settings", etc.

To activate the resulting massage go to "Result Settings" tick the "Hide Score" function, then scroll down to intervals and check the "By keywords" option.

How To Make The Results Accurate

Think ahead which keyword is going to correspond to the certain outcome. With that said, if your personality quiz can have two possible outcomes which are "You are an Introvert" and "You are an extrovert", you can set two keywords "I" and "E". Always put the introvert version of answers under "I" and correspondingly match the answers of the extroverts to the "E" keyword. That way the result will be calculated by the dominating answer and the accuracy will be nearly 90%. There are some other factors as you can never really define some character by just one quiz.

Here is how you do it on Quiz Maker:

AYS PRO intervals quiz maker

Check out a ready BuzzFeed Style Quiz made with Quiz Maker.

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