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How to Create a Quiz in Minutes

It seems impossible to build beautiful and interactive questionnaires in a short time, isn’t it?

This is no longer the case with the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin! It’s thought out in a way that makes the users feel at ease. The simple interface and the tooltips make this plugin the most enjoyable one to use. Another piece of good news! No coding skills are required.
Moreover, the number of questionnaires and questions you can create with Quiz Maker plugin is unlimited! Follow up to find out how to build a simple questionnaire in just a few minutes.

Wordpress Quiz Plugin

Created with WordPress Quiz Plugin

A Guide to a Quick Quiz with Quiz Maker

Step 1: Open the Questions page to create queries for your questionnaire.

Once you have installed and activated the Quiz Maker plugin for your WordPress website, go to the dashboard. Next, head to the Questions page and hit Add New.

The key part of every quiz is the questions. With the intention to make an impressive quiz with a bunch of entertaining queries, the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin provides its users with many types of questions. The questions you create can be added to multiple tests at the same time.

  • Radio- multiple choices with only one correct answer
  • Checkbox - multiple choices with more than one correct answer
  • Dropbox - multiple choices listed in a horizontal view
  • Text - the answer has to be written text
  • Short Text - the answer has to be written short text
  • Number - the answer can be only in a number form
  • Date - the answer needs to be entered date

Step 2: Head to the Quizzes page and hit Add New to create your first questionnaire.

Give the basic configuration settings to your questionnaire. Set a title, add the already created questions, and so on.

Step 3: Choose a theme and arrange the design of your questionnaire.

On the Styles tab, you are free to make any necessary changes to your questionnaire design. The design options are plenty.

Step 4: Set up the results page.

The results page is one of the most important attributes of a questionnaire. With Quiz Maker, it’s fully customizable. You can enable URL redirection, hide the results, use variables for the results message, and other additional advanced features. Build a result page, which your quiz visitors will enjoy. Add result texts according to the users' quiz scores. The results page will help you to save all the data of your quiz visitors, browse all the individual details of the participants, make global statistics, add leaderboards, reviews, create and send certificates, etc.

Provide your WordPress visitors' total scores immediately, save your time with WordPress Quiz auto-generated and fully customizable results. Moreover, the Quiz Maker plugin has a tool that will help you to export the results for all the quizzes filtered by users, dates, or quizzes in different formats (CSV, XLSX, and JSON), which is a proven method of lead generation.

With the result's page functionalities you will be able to build progressive quiz types. By setting the different result messages you can create a Personality quiz, enabling the feature of intervals not only to make your WordPress quiz well developed but also to build a highly engaging Assessment quiz.

Step 5: Save the changes, copy the shortcode, and embed it into a post or page.

At last, you’ll need to copy the specified shortcode ([ays_quiz id="your id"]) and put it in any post or page. Afterward, publish the post or page and follow the link to your questionnaire.

That’s all! Your first questionnaire is now ready! To create powerful tests, you need to know more about the functionality of this WordPress plugin. So, let’s go deeper into the essentially useful options that the plugin offers.

More Functionality, More Engagement


Wordpress Quiz Plugin Functionalities


Advanced style options

Polish your questionnaire design to perfection without necessarily being a designer. Adjust the color and the layout to your website design. Customize your questionnaire by picking out one of the eight amazing themes suggested.

Scheduling the exam

If you are short of time or prefer getting your work done beforehand, you’ll definitely love this option! Set start and end dates to your questionnaire and have no worries afterwards!

Redirecting after submission

After the quiz takers submit the exam, they will be directed to the URL you mentioned. Delayed redirecting is also possible with Quiz Maker. Social media links Increase website traffic by directing the exam takers to your social media sites. Activate the option, insert the links, and the corresponding buttons will be visible on the results page.

User limitation

Be in control of the entries your questionnaire receives and decide who to capture data from. Keep unnecessary votes away. Information form Collect e-mail addresses to later get in touch with your leads. Decide when the information form should be displayed ― before starting the exam or after completion.

Sending e-mails and certificates to users

Let your users see their results on beautifully designed certificates or in e-mail messages. This is visually attractive and thus memorable. Also, they can better understand their progress over time.

Several possibilities of integration

Don’t miss the chance to integrate your questionnaires with these popular applications: MailChimp, PayPal, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Slack, and Google Sheet.


Ready to get started with the best Quiz Maker Plugin?

The quiz Maker plugin is the perfect way to build your email list, entertain, educate or raise awareness. Quiz Maker quiz is an opportunity to create such quizzes as Knowledge Quiz, Trivia Quiz, Diagnostic Quiz, This-or-that quiz, Personality Test, Scored Quiz, Multiple-choice Quiz, IQ Test, Yes-or-no Quiz, True-or-false Quiz, Buzzfeed Quiz, Assessment Quiz, Viral Quiz, Paid Quiz, etc. There are no limits as long as you imagine it, you can create it—quizzes with Images, personalized results, limitations, and integrations.

Get Started

Check out the Quiz Maker documentation for further instruction.
Hope, this article will help you during your WordPress experience. Do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, also stayed tuned with us and subscribe to our YouTube channel, to learn more about WordPress plugins.Thank you for being with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set the timer for the quiz?

After installing and activating the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin, go to Quizzes > your preferred quiz > Settings tab > Enable Timer.

How do I embed the quiz into my website?

Let’s say you’ve created a general knowledge quiz to embed it into your website you need to copy thye generated shortcode and paste it on any post or page, where you want the quiz to be displayed.

Can I display the progress of users during the quiz?

Go to Quizzes choose your quiz > Settings tab > Enable live progress bar. Enable the percent view, the progress bar will be displayed in percentage.

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