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How to create a Personality Quiz on WordPress




Did you know that the personality quiz is one of the things people are most obsessed with on web platforms? No matter how serious we are, we do love personality quizzes. It’s because we always want to know ourselves better, especially our good sides. Not only are they fun, but they also reveal our hidden features.

Digital marketers, for instance, use a personality quiz to examine their page visitors and provide them with relevant content. They believe that this quiz is a powerful lead generator and tends to increase traffic to their sites. And they are not mistaken.

By reading this article, you’ll get to know all the steps you need in order to make one. So, let’s start!


What Is a Personality Test?


A personality test is a mechanism by which we help the audience determine their character. This type of test is one of the most popular and demanded ones. The reason for this is that it has some functions the other types of tests don't. To be specific, a personality test enables you to find out about your audience and their preferences, improve your services due to the results of the questions included in the test. With the help of these tests, the users may be able to reveal their personalities. Personality quizzes can also be of entertainment and education.

Here's an example of a question from a personality test for you.


Personality Quiz


From a business perspective, personality tests are quite beneficial, as they generate more leads by relating to your audience and providing compelling test results. A personality test should meet the user’s needs so that they feel it has been made especially for them. It is a means of enhancing the user experience and knowing the users better. Also, these personality tests greatly increase average time on page.

People seek to know their personality types and the popularity of personality quizzes on social media platform show that they trust this quiz type more than their own friends.

A personality quiz is a born leader, oh, sorry, lead generator Connecting with your page visitors, engaging them, keeping them on your site, knowing about them and their tastes… All this can occur pretty soon!
It’s recommendable to enable the Information Form so that the users can provide their email after taking the quiz (User Data → Information Form → After Quiz).  This will greatly increase the conversion rate on your website.


When to Use Personality Quizzes


First of all, a personality quiz is an important email marketing tool. It helps you easily gather email addresses, then use these emails to target the audience. People of different professions use personality quizzes for different purposes. Personality tests are conducted by:

  • Digital marketers to collect emails: This way, they reach out to potential and current customers, examine their needs and preferences.
  • Website owners to improve their site rankings: Well-prepared personality quizzes are great content, as they both entertain and educate.
  • Teachers to keep learners engaged and motivated: These tests are good sources of motivation.
  • Employers to hire corresponding employees: Psychological tests give insights into people’s nature and character.
  • Psychologists to detect problems: Psychological tests also help assess the effectiveness of therapies.
  • Career counselors to learn about different people: Thus, they can help them with career choices.

Obviously, personality tests are sometimes far from being of entertainment only.


Make a Personality Quiz with the Quiz Maker Plugin


Are you an enthusiastic teacher who wants to keep learners engaged? Or maybe you are trying lead generator tools to see which one works best? Whatever reason you might have to create personality quizzes, you’ll need an online examination system in WordPress. In other words, you should have a WordPress test plugin that will perform an instant evaluation for faster results. I’d recommend the Best Personality Quiz Maker, an assessment plugin that allows you to create quizzes of different types, including personality tests.

The quiz creators can create a personalized message based on the quiz results. The message can be sent to the users whose data are collected in the email list. So in case, you're looking for a quiz maker where you will have all the opportunities to create a quiz with answer options you are in the right place.

To make the best quizzes with Quiz Maker, you need to have the Premium version of this WordPress test plugin. Download and install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard, and let’s get it started!

Firstly, you need to add questions. For this, go to Quiz Maker on the left, then click on Questions. Next, press the Add New button. Type in the question and add answers to it. You are able to reorder the answers and attach images to each of them. Set keywords to the answers as well.
Take into account that you need to tick an answer as the correct one for the system to be closed. Moreover, if you add weights to the answers, it won’t make any difference.

Now it’s time to create a quiz. For this, go to Quizzes on the left side of the page and click on the Add New button. Follow the steps on the screen to set up your quiz. Afterward, go to the Settings tab and deactivate the Show correct answers option, then move on to the Results Settings tab and enable the Hide score option.

We have come so far! Now it’s time to consider the evaluation part inside this assessment plugin. What you need to do is to scroll down the Results Settings tab, find the Show interval message option, and tick it. The Interval message by keywords option, which is at the bottom of the Results Settings tab, allows you to select the keywords (A, B, C, D, etc.), each of which you assign to the corresponding answers beforehand. After that, you need to set down a keyword-based message for each option. The results message is based on the majority of the selected answers by the user and will illustrate the possibly appropriate message to him/her on the results page of the quiz. You can also reorder the intervals and add images to each. Then click on the Save button at the top or at the bottom of the page. In the end, copy the shortcode of the quiz and paste it into any page or post in order to activate it.

Here are the examples of intervals for the question given above.


Personality quiz dashboard


As already mentioned, it’s necessary to enable the Information form to receive contact info from respondents. Go to the User Data tab and enable it before or after the quiz. Drag the necessary Available fields to the Active fields and make them required as necessary.

The best quizzes give something to respondents in return. This is why personality tests have always been among the most favorites.

WordPress blog WPGlob ranked Quiz Maker in 1st position of their "The 5 Best Quiz Maker Plugins in WordPress" article


The Pros of Personality Test


It’s not without a reason that professionals recommend personality tests. Let’s understand the two main reasons why they are considered beneficial. A psychological quiz helps you:

  • Understand yourself, your likes, and dislikes. Maybe you don’t realize why you reacted exactly that way in a particular situation. Perhaps you think something was wrong with you at that time, but it can be quite the reverse. You may have unconsciously disliked an idea or behavior, and that’s alright. Most of the time, we react according to our character. By taking psychological tests, you will go deeper into your character and perceive yourself differently. The questions will also bring out some of your preferences that you hadn’t thought about.
  • Understand other people. Do you want to know others? Then know yourself first. As you take psychological tests and see your results, you might look back on all those different reactions and attitudes that other people have displayed in the same situations. From that moment on, you will try to perceive others the way they are and embrace their personalities, which will help you in your relationships with them. We give evaluations to ourselves and other people daily, either thinking out loud or inside. But our opinions may seem wrong to us or others unless we put them to the test. And the good news is that we may end up proud of our insights!

As mentioned before, a personality test is also an effective lead generator tool and helps increase traffic to your website. Together with polls, quizzes increase average time on page, and it is an advantage worth having.


The Cons of Personality Test


However, it would be unfair if I didn’t mention the disadvantages of these quizzes.

  • Naturally, you can’t reveal every single thing about yourself with psychological tests. There will still be unknown nuances and many that you feel about yourself but don’t see in the quiz results.
  • Personality tests may give you an exaggerated or understated image of your abilities. In the first case, you might feel proud, share your results on social media and wait for your friends to react, but would you be satisfied with this? In the other case, you may feel disappointed and regret spending your precious time on that faulty test.
  • Sometimes, employers try to examine job candidates by psychological tests. However, these tests may fail to provide accurate results about their character and personal qualities. Job-seekers may not be honest while taking the quiz, and that is why employers need to reconsider conducting personality tests.


You are good to go!


Rock with your best quizzes ever! No matter the disadvantages, personality quizzes are fit for evaluation purposes and are worth your efforts. Observe a sample quiz, then another one, and continue doing so until you are ready for yours! Create your own online quiz, and examine yourself and other people with well-made psychological tests. Take the chance to generate more leads and increase traffic significantly! Do not forget, these types of quizzes are a great investment in your marketing strategy and can be really helpful to grow your website.

Now you are ready to make an engaging personality quiz on WordPress. Good luck!


Also, try a Pro Demo of the Quiz Maker plugin to have a better understanding of the plugin.

If your goal on personality quiz was to collect email addresses and now you want to reach out to potential customers to grow your business, you can start your email marketing campaign.

Get Started

Did you like personality quiz type? You may also be interested in making trivia quizzes for your website.

If this article was helpful, feel free to subscribe to the team’s YouTube channel for different WordPress video tutorials. You’re surely also welcomed to their Facebook and  Twitter pages :)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a background image to the quiz?

Install and activate the WordPress quiz plugin. Then go to Quizzes > choose the quiz you want > Style tab > Background image > Add Image button.

How do online personality quizzes work?

The quiz takers read the questions, associate them with their personality and behavior, and give an answer. In personality quizzes, each answer option is associated with one of the personality types included in the quiz. The results are shown based on the number of options chosen for an exact personality type.

What is the best personality type quiz?

There are different types of personality tests, such as the 16 personality test, the Big 5 personality traits test, the Enneagram personality test, etc. The 16 personality test is one of the most popular personality quizzes. Including this personality test on your website will likely increase your website traffic.

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