How to Create Audio Quiz in WordPress

Audio Quiz WordPress

There are lots of reasons to use quizzes on your WordPress websites. By creating quizzes with WordPress Quiz plugin, you can learn more about your website visitors, engage your audience, educate them, and generate leads for your website.

In this article, we will learn how to create an audio quiz in WordPress. Passing audio quizzes will evidently be a fun activity for your website visitors. You can create a dynamic and engaging learning process for them.
Whether you are a teacher, a website owner, a marketer, or just an individual who has an interest in creating quizzes, making audio quizzes will help to ensure engaging content for your website.

The purpose of creating audio quizzes

The most common purpose of creating an audio quiz is to provide interactive content for your website visitors. Implementing an audio quiz in WordPress will definitely help you grab attention. Also, you can make the learning process of your website visitors much more interesting.

Besides the fun part of passing an audio music quiz, there is also an educational purpose for it. Lots of studies show that, certainly, people perceive information much better when they hear it, rather than reading it.

So, as you can see, creating an audio quiz will definitely add valuable content and will surely increase your website traffic.

Choosing a WordPress Quiz plugin

You can make the process of creating an audio quiz much easier if you choose the right WordPress Questionnaire plugin.

WordPress Quiz Maker plugin is a great tool to create advanced and fully customizable quizzes with a responsive design. Besides creating a video quiz with the Quiz Maker plugin, you can also create an audio quiz in WordPress.

Particularly, you can create an audio music quiz and give your users the ability to download their Certificates right from the Front-end after the quiz completion. You should agree: It will surely be the best experience for your website.

Now, as we have chosen the Best Quiz Maker plugin, let’s create an audio quiz together.

How to create an audio quiz with WordPress Quiz plugin

First, of course, you need to install the Quiz Maker plugin on your WordPress Dashboard.

After successful installation, we can pass on to creating audio quiz questions and answers. For that, please go to the Quiz Maker plugin > Questions page and click on the Add New button.

Quiz Maker Questions

Adding audio clips for quiz

After creating questions, it is high time to add audio to it. The steps of adding audio to the question are easier than you can imagine.

To add audio to the question, please click on the Add Media button for the question.

Audio Quiz Question

You can use any online tool to download the audio for free. For example, you can make use of the Pixabay website to download the audio for free with high quality.

After downloading your preferred audio and adding it to the question, one of your audio quiz questions is ready.

You can repeat the above-mentioned steps for creating the remaining questions.

Audio quiz question example

Let’s imagine, we are creating a “Guess the song quiz”. So, our questions will be about the popular singers and their songs.

Let’s create one question together as an example. Our question will be, for instance:
“Who is the compositor of the Für Elise music?”

There are four answer options for this question accordingly.

  1. Frédéric Chopin
  2. Ludwig van Beethoven
  3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach

So, the correct answer is the second one, which is Ludwig van Beethoven.

That means we need to choose the second answer option as the correct one. Also, we can set a weight/point for this answer option, for example, 1. By this, the user will get 1 point for answering this question correctly after the quiz completion.

Audio Quiz Question Example

How to make a quiz with audio answers

The advanced WordPress Quiz Maker plugin gives the opportunity to add audio not only for the questions but also for the answer options. Adding audio to the answer options can increase quiz engagement and improve your users’ learning experience.

There are some simple steps you need to follow to add audio to your WordPress Quiz questions.

You just need to insert the following shortcode into the answer option text input:


Please note, that you need to replace the YOUR_AUDIO_URL with your preferred URL.

Also, don’t forget to tick the Use HTML for answers option.
By enabling this option you allow implementing HTML coding in answer boxes.

Audio Quiz Answer

Example of Audio clips in answer options

As mentioned above, we are creating a “Guess the song quiz”. So, we can create a question with the following answer options.

Here is the question:
“Which of the following songs is Ed Sheeran’s Photograph”

Now, we need to add 4 audio clips as answer options. So, the user will listen to each answer option and choose the correct answer.

We need to add the [audiomp3=”YOUR_AUDIO_URL“][/audio] shortcode in each answer option one by one and replace the YOUR_AUDIO_URL with the corresponding URLs.

So, our question with audio answers is ready. As you can see it is easier than you can imagine.

Additional features you can use

The Quiz Maker plugin has many advanced features you can use to provide an even more professional quiz.

You can go to the Quizzes page > Settings tab and tick the Enable audio autoplay option. If you enable this option, the audio of the question will automatically turn on, if there is any.

Quiz Audio Autoplay

Also, if you are intended to create a quiz that will have correct and incorrect answers, then, you can make use of the Calculate the score option of the quiz.

To find this option, you can go to the Quizzes page > particular quiz > Results Settings tab. You can choose either By Correctness or By weight/points for this option.
In the case of choosing the By Correctness method of calculation, the score will be calculated based on the correct answers to the question.
In the case of choosing the By weight/points method of calculation, the score will be calculated based on answers points and questions points.

The decision to choose one of these calculation methods depends on the purpose of the quiz.

Quiz Plugin Calculation

Moreover, if you want to show whether the selected answer is correct or not with green and red marks, you can enable the Show correct answers option.
To find this option, you can head to the Quizzes page > particular quiz > Settings tab.

Quiz With Correct Answers

Please note, that these options are mentioned as just examples. The plugin has a variety of advanced features and functionalities to use. You have the freedom of choice to decide what features exactly you want to enable for the quiz, by considering the purpose and the target of your quiz.

The audio types you can use in your quiz

The decision to use this or that particular audio type depends on the topic of your quiz.
For example, if you are creating an audio quiz for educational purposes, you can use lecture recordings as audio clips in your quiz. If you run an ecommerce site that sells educational materials, you can create an engaging audio quiz as a way to promote your products and improve customer engagement.
If you are creating an audio quiz related to geography and want to emphasize the importance of saving the natural environment, you can upload environmental sounds as audio quiz questions and answers.
If you just want to have engaging and fun content, you can choose the music clips of for example popular singers and offer a trendy quiz to your website visitors.

Generally, any kind of audio clip will surely increase your website engagement. The topics are unlimited and all you need to do is to choose the high-quality audio to provide the best user experience. Having a clear and well-thought-out business plan can help you identify the types of audio content that will best serve your website's goals and target audience.

Concluding the benefits of creating an audio quiz in WordPress

As you can see the process of creating audio quizzes is much easier than you can imagine. However, the benefits of having an audio quiz in WordPress are unlimited. By incorporating strategically placed calls-to-action within your audio quizzes, you can effectively convert website visitors into customers, boosting your sales and revenue.
By providing audio quizzes, you can help your website visitors to learn more easily and effortlessly. Surely, it is much easier to perceive the information when you hear it than when you read the text material.

In order to have a high-quality audio quiz, you need to install a powerful WordPress Quiz plugin. As can be understood, the Quiz Maker plugin has all the necessary advanced features to create audio quizzes that will increase your website traffic and provide your website visitors with high-quality content.

Together, we learned all the important steps to make an audio quiz for your WordPress website. With the Quiz Maker plugin, you can also ensure observability over your audio quizzes, gaining valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, allowing you to continually improve the user experience.

The plugin offers all the essential features and functionalities to create the best audio quiz for your website.
You can take the Audio Quiz Pro Demo as an example of a perfectly-made audio quiz. Also, you can check our YouTube Channel to learn how to create audio quiz on WordPress.

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