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Best Quiz Ideas and Trends in 2023

Quiz Ideas and Trends

We have all once in our lives come across quizzes that felt so in time. For example, have you tried the “Who are you from Hannah Montana?” quiz when you were 15 or passed the Taro quiz to see who is your destiny?

You will agree that passing a quiz that is up-to-date and you can discuss it with your friends or on social media is way cooler.

But how to keep up with trends?

The quiz trends are changing frequently, and if you are someone who creates quizzes or needs new ideas this article will help you learn about the unusual quiz categories and great quiz ideas for 2023.

So, read till the end and I promise, you will be ready to create at least new 10 quizzes!

What can quizzes do?

If you are new to the “Quiz World”, let’s, first of all, learn about the advantages that the quizzes can offer you and your audience. Quizzes are known to be the best way for engaging the audience and letting them have fun while learning something new, about themselves and about their surrounding world. But engaging is not the only purpose for using a quiz. They can be included in the learning-teaching process as well. Online exams are a popular thing nowadays and in most cases, they are created with quizzes, as the majority of them involve all the features that are required for building an exam, such as a timer, scoring system, certificates and so on.

Known to be one of the best ways for increasing website traffic quizzes can be seen on every website. No matter what kind of website you have a quiz can be an essential thing for you.

But why they are so popular? The answer is simple. They are short. Easy. Engaging.

But having a simple quiz is only a part of the process. Finding creative quiz ideas is also important. The topic of the quiz must be interesting for your audience. So, make sure to know your target audience and create a quiz based on their interest.

Another advantage that must be highlighted here is that after passing a quiz, the users are able to receive the results immediately, which in the case of passing an exam, is a benefit.

So, to sum up, the advantages of the quizzes, we can say that the quizzes are:

  • Fun
  • Great for learning and teaching
  • Good for your website
  • Can be used for every case

How Quiz Trends Changed

As said previously, the history of quizzes is changing rapidly and facing the big challenge of finding a perfect quiz idea on the internet.

Now let’s quickly observe all the trends.

The most popular quiz platform is known to be BuzzFeed. The numbers arse speaking for themselves. Around 50 million monthly visits from all around the world.

Other big platforms such as Quizlet, Typeform and Kahoot! based on the research have around 150 million monthly visits as well.

monthly visits worldwide

You will not believe this, but there was a time when the quizzes aren’t online. Yes, they were printed. In schools, for example, the teachers gave printed quizzes to the pupils. To imagine it today, in 2023 is a hard thing as everything even education is technologised.

The quizzes are so widely used, that even in those times when there are not enough sources for finding the quizzes, famous newspapers and magazines had special sections, which included quizzes in them.

The quiz trends developed over time. So, as you may have guessed following the rise of the internet, quizzes have become online. It was supposed to be like that, as the internet is the best way where people can find their own identities or learn new things with the help of a simple quiz.

After becoming online, the quizzes must also change their style as well. That is simple quizzes turned into more interactive ones. So, simple multiple-choice questions were in the past. Now, the quizzes can have images, videos, animations etc.

The quizzes are more than just an engagement for your website visitors. They have become a long way and now, one is able to pass a quiz, that will include questions that are personalised. So, the next trend can be described as changing from generic to more personalized.

And finally, from just a solo activity they are known to be a social experience, which is aimed to not only test the knowledge but also explore the identity.

The above-mentioned changes formed the nowadays styles and types of quizzes, which are:

Alternative Quiz Ideas

Now that we have already discussed the main trends and changes in the quizzes, it’s time for you to think of unusual quiz ideas and create one of them. I guarantee you will find an idea that will fit your website.

1. Movie Quizzes

Movie Quizzes

You may think that it’s an obvious idea. Yes, probably you are right. But this type can include not only questions about the actors or movies but also, you can add your specific handwriting to it.

There are different types of movie quizzes such as Trivia quizzes, which are mainly specified in testing your knowledge about the actors, specific plots of the movies etc.

Have you ever come across a quiz where you must name a movie based on the images or even sounds? Even popular TV shows have such kinds of games in their episodes. This type of movie quiz is called “Name-that-movie”.

In this article, we have talked about the Personality quizzes more than a thousand times, because you just cannot skip it, in case you are talking about the quizzes. So, in movie type as well we can have personality quizzes. With simple questions, the users can identify their personality traits.

Guess-the-quote is something, we cannot miss. One of the most popular types. It includes famous quotes from the movies.

2. Historical Quizzes

Historical Quizzes

Historical quizzes can be the best way to learn about history and check the knowledge in the sphere. In other words, fun and educational way for learning about the past. Mainly, this kind of quiz involves a series of questions about a particular period of time or a historical event. All the users must do is recall information about it.

Historical quizzes have one big advantage. Generally, this kind of quiz includes not only multiple-choice questions but also provide the participant with a choice to share their own idea. By that, they help people improve their knowledge and start thinking critically and deeply about the most important events of human history.

But do not forget that in the case of creating a historical quiz, you must keep in mind that history isn’t always comprehensive. Try to create a quiz with questions that are accurate and the users will be able to give you a correct answer that is 100% true.

Next to the benefits such as improving memory of historical events or promoting competition among the students, the historical quizzes can also have some limitations, for example, not everyone is able to remember the dates or some historical events. That is, assessing the students sometimes cannot be an easy task to do with the help of quizzes.

3. Song quizzes

Song Quizzes

The next one is the Song quiz. Again, these kinds of quizzes are so popular that they are used in their TV Shows. How cool it can be to pass a quiz and in meantime remember all your favourite songs. Song quizzes are considered to be a fun way for checking your music taste and help you discover new genres for you. They can be separated into the following types:

  • Lyrics quiz, where you must guess the lyrics of the song
  • Music history, try to check how well you know the origins of the music
  • Guess the artist, yes, you need to guess the artist by their song or by lyrics

The advantages of the song quizzes can be considered entertainment, discovering new music or even education.

But before creating a song quiz, make sure to learn about your target audience. So to avoid generation gaps or creating a quiz, that is not matching the user’s favourite genres, you must do a little research. Trust me, it will help you to create a quiz that users will enjoy passing.

4. Emoji round

Emoji Round Quizzes

One of the unusual quiz categories is known to be the Emoji rounds. They have become popular in recent years with the rise of social media. The main idea behind these quizzes is the way to test the user’s knowledge with the help of emojis. That is you must guess the movie, the song or even a phrase with a combination of emojis. Using the emojis, you can ask the participant to guess the:

  • Song title
  • Movie title
  • Well-known phrases
  • Book titles
  • Country names

Who would have thought about it? None of us!

We were using the emojis only while chatting with our friends, but now we can create a whole quiz with them and check the knowledge of others.

The biggest advantage here is creativity. So, you must be a creative person to think about all the possible questions that you can create with simple emojis.

Also, the emoji quizzes can stimulate cognitive functioning, mainly in memorising or problem-solving.

5. Zodiac Sign Quiz

Zodiac Sign Quizzes

It is new but is already popular. Zodiac sign quizzes are very popular on social media. The funniest part of this type of quiz is that you can be a Leo but if the result of the test says that you are a Capricorn, you must forget about your real sign. The Zodiac Signe quizzes mainly include personality trait questions. So, based on the answers you will know your real sign.

But if you are in a relationship you must check the compatibility between your sign and the sign of your love.

The popular Zodiac sign quiz types are:

  • Trivia quizzes, where participants asked various questions about the signs
  • Personality quizzes, which are aimed to identify what sign corresponds to you the most
  • Compatibility quizzes, as said previously to match your sign compatibility with other signs

The benefit of the Zodiac Sign quizzes can be self-awareness. The users will learn and find things about themselves that aren’t obvious at first. Also, they can be considered a way of promoting cultural literacy. It will help the participants to learn more about astrology and zodiac signs as a part of different cultures.

6. Relationship Quiz

Relationship Quizzes

The most famous but still popular quiz type is the relationship quiz. It is a way to assess the different aspects of relationships. They include questions which are mainly aimed to test the person’s understanding of their partner’s preferences, needs and other factors.

Relationship quizzes can be done in various ways, including online and in-person assessments.

The Relationship Quizzes can be separated into:

  • Communication quizzes
  • Compatibility quizzes
  • Trust quizzes
  • Love language quizzes

The list of the benefits of using the Relationship Quiz is long, but I will try to call some of them, for example, they can be good for improving communication between couples. So, if there are some misunderstandings among them, the questions and the following result will help them to overcome the gap and find solutions for better communication. Or in case you are already a bond, it will be another “tool” for you to strengthen your bond. You will learn more things question after question and build a healthy relationship.

But remember, the quizzes are just a tool, so in case your results aren’t matching with your loved one’s results, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t compatible with each other!

7. Personality Quiz

Personality Quizzes

And here it is!

The well-known personality quiz. They may look like an easy way to check the participant’s personality, but in reality, it is a separate system. Much research has been done for creating a well-designed personality quiz system, as they are scientifically approved questions that most quiz makers use in their tests.

The majority of the personality quizzes are based on personality theories, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or the Big Five personality traits.

They are designed to help users to understand their personality traits, their strength and weakness in the most engaging way. Self-discovery is an important thing the process of which is simple with uncomplicated questions.

Not all personality quizzes are created identical, so if in one quiz you are identified as an introvert, in the second quiz you may be identified as an extrovert.

Keep in mind that they can provide valuable observation of a person but still, they cannot be 100% sure. But in case you are very serious and want to learn everything about yourself, then I will recommend you gather only the needed information from the personality quizzes and use them in your further research.

8. Money Personality Quiz

Money Personality Quizzes

Did you know that all of us have a money personality?

It is so a popular, yet unusual quiz idea. People already thought about creating a quiz, that will let you know what type of money personality you have. The questions of the quiz are mainly specified on learning your attitude and beliefs towards money.

If you have a habit of money but don’t know about it yet, these quizzes can help you to discover them.

Surely, money personality quizzes can be a starting point for a person, who wants to collect a better understanding of their financial habits.

Money personality quizzes can be divided into the following types:

  • Spending Personality will help you to learn about your spending habits
  • Savings Personality, to learn about your attitude toward saving money
  • Risk Tolerance Personality, find out, there you have the willingness to take risks when it comes to the money
  • Financial Personality provides a comprehensive overview of financial habits
  • Money Mindset will help you to identify your own beliefs and mindset concerning the money

How to Create a Simple Quiz

Now, if we have already answered the “how to think of quiz ideas” question, let’s create a simple quiz, using the WordPress plugin for quiz. The Quiz Maker plugin can be the ideal decision for you in case you have decided to create one of the above-mentioned quizzes. Various question types are included in the plugin, which makes it even easier for you to reach your desired result and create a quiz that will match your target audience.

Let’s see how we can create a simple quiz with just 4 steps.

Step 1.

If you have already installed and activated the WordPress Quiz plugin, then go to your WordPress dashboard and move on to the questions submenu firstly. So, it will be easy for you to first create questions, and then add them to the quiz already.

Step 2.

Click on the Add New button for creating your very first question. Add your question, choose the needed question type among the 15+ question types and set the correct answer. Now, click on the Save and Close button. That’s it, your first question is ready! You can do the same for other questions as well. Also, there are various advanced settings available for the questions, which you can try on your own experience.

Quiz Plugin Dashboard

Add new question

Step 3.

Move to the Quizzes submenu and again click on the Add New button.

Do you remember the questions that you have created previously? Now it’s time to add them to the Quiz. After writing the title and the description of your quiz, scroll a little bit down and click on the Add Questions button. Now select the questions that you want to be included in this quiz.

Add questions to the quiz

Select questions for quiz

Step 4.

The Quiz Maker plugin offers you different advanced options. Move around the available tabs and make the needed changes for you.

If you are already done with it, just click on the Save and Close button. The system will generate a separate shortcode for you, which you will need to copy and paste into any post or page.

Generated Shortcode

Watch Tutorial See Demo

Wrapping Up!

Now you are a step closer to creating a quiz. We discussed the unusual quiz ideas and found the best ideas for quizzes. We have come to the conclusion that having a quiz on your website can be considered an advantage. But you must think twice before creating a quiz, as it must match your target audience’s interests and needs. So, the information included in this article can be an ideal guide for you for overcoming this task.

To keep up with the latest WordPress trends and news from our plugin, do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and our official Blog.

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