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Quizzes may be annoying and unpleasant for some students, but we cannot deny that when they are used properly, they can be a powerful learning tool. Learners should be evaluated frequently and regularly in order to store information in their long-term memory. Scored quizzes are a great way to check a respondents' level of understanding in almost any subject. A scored quiz works based on a total score that a quiz taker gets through a quiz. Every answer choice to every question has a point value, from which the total point value is made. You can turn every quiz into an examination with the help of Scored Quizzes.

Why do we need to create Scored Quizzes?

Quizzes are mainly used in teaching, as they are approved by many researchers and are known as an effective way of learning. As the concept of intrinsic motivation lies at the heart of the learners' engagement, quizzes are here to break the old rules of teaching and raise the motivation among the students to learn and have fun at the same time. Although there is a huge amount of professionals who doesn't prefer scoring and claim that scoring reduces the progress of learning, the majority of educational programs are based on scoring. The scoring criteria provide a clear understanding of achievements among the students. Scored Quizzes are a great combination of fun and learning, which is why a lot of teachers use assessment quizzes in their classrooms.

Scoring can be used to grade a wide range of tasks and examinations but, the teachers must keep maintaining high expectations for all the students. Nowadays, students prefer to do all the tasks online and it is approved practice in the educational system, mainly after the lockdowns, to create online examinations. A lot of students graduated online and the majority of them used Quizzes at least once. So we can say that, Scored Quizzes are student-friendly, as they are engaging, informative and at the same time they give the students ability to check their level of knowledge based on scores.

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Creating a Scored Quiz with Quiz Maker plugin

You may wonder how to create a scored quiz with all the possible features. The WordPress Quiz Maker plugin is the best decision for you. To create a Scored Quiz choose the best WordPress Quiz Maker plugin, as it gives you all the features that are needed. There is a huge variety of options that are important for making an engaging Quiz that, at the same time, can help you evaluate the participants. The process of creating a Scored Quiz is super easy, I'll tell you about the most important features and lifehacks in this article.

Usually, the tests include questions from different fields, for example listening, reading, writing etc. Sometimes teachers combine all these together. But how to differentiate the knowledge of the participants in a specific field? Very easy. Divide the questions into categories. Quiz Maker gives you that opportunity, all you have to do is, first of all, create a category for your questions. For that click on the AYS PRO Quiz Maker logo Quiz Maker plugin > Question Categories > Add New button. These simple steps can make you organise your Quiz in a way, which will be acceptable not only for you but for your students as well.

AYS PRO Quiz Maker menu

Now let's create your questions together and divide them into already created categories. So, we are moving to the Question page now. Create your questions again by clicking on Add New button. Write your question and decide which type of question is more appropriate for you. You will find all the possible types here. But be aware that choosing the checkbox the system will automatically stop some features. For example, you can't show a message in case of right or wrong answers. And the system counts the points in a different way. Choosing the Strong calculation of checkbox answers score option the system will calculate the answers 1 or 0. So that if the user has answered wrong he/she will get 0 points. But if this option is disabled, the system will calculate the answer as a percentage. Like if the participant answered 2 out of 3 correct answers, he/she will get ⅔ points.

As the main purpose of our article is to create a scored quiz, you will definitely need to give points to the answers. Choose the right one among all variants and give the favourable points to it. But besides giving points to the answers Quiz Maker plugin gives you the ability to add question weight as well. To give the weight of the question, just tick on the question weight option in the questions section. Specify the weight of the question. It isn't connected with the answer points. It will be multiplied with chosen answer weight. But it will work in the case of calculating the scores by weights and points. You can use this option for advanced questions when you may be needed some extra points.

While creating the questions insert them into the specific category. The question will be grouped into categories and when the participants answer the question they will have the opportunity to see from which category the question is. At the end of the Quiz, you can share the results by categories, based on their answers.

AYS PRO given points to answers

Of course, our article is about scoring, but here we have an option for not scoring the questions. You may use them in special cases for specific questions which are not for evaluation but for information gathering or feedback. Just activate no influence to score option.

But besides the main options, the questions page also has a setting section. In the setting section, we can see that there is also an option for us to share messages in case of right and wrong answers. It is an effective way of encouraging the participants. If you have decided the points of the answers you can write them in the right message space, so that the participant will know their score during the test.

AYS PRO well done

But do not forget to activate "Show correct answer" option from the setting section. Otherwise, the messages will not be shown during the quiz. Choose how you want to show the messages, during the quiz, on the result page or both.

Let's leave the Questions page and move to the Quizzes. Now you are finally creating your Scored Quiz. The process is similar to the before-mentioned ones. Again click add new button and with only one click the best options for creating an effective quiz are here right in front of you. Add the name of the Quiz, questions and go on. In the setting section, there are various options for you. There you can see all the possible features that may help us. For example, you can activate Show question counter option, so that the participants will know how many questions they needto answer.

The participants may want to know exactly how many questions they have answered so far. And by that count their points in their minds and understand how far they are from the passing score and how many questions they need to answer for earning enough points. You can enable live progress bar. It can show the progress in numbers and in percentage as well. You may confuse it with the progress bar, but there is a difference between them. The live progress bar is shown during the whole quiz, meanwhile, the progress bar is shown only on the result page, that is at the end of the quiz.

Live Progress bar

AYS PRO live progress bar

Progress bar

AYS Pro progress bar

I'll talk about 2 variants of scoring. As we have already discussed, not only the answers can have weight but also the questions. Go to the result settings, where you will see Calculating the score option. You can see that it gives you 2 variants. You can choose either or by weights/points. Choosing by correctness the system will calculate the score by a percentage based on correct answers.You can make use of the Display score option to show the quantity of the questions answered correctly. But if you choose calculating the score by weight/points, it will calculate the score based on Answer points and Question points.

You may think we have already discussed all the available features, but no. There is another feature for sending the participants their results. You can show an interval message which again will be based on their scores. Add the minimal and maximal scores and the text based on them. For example, if you are testing the participants' level of English, you can share it based on their scores.

AYS PRO show quiz by intervals

Wrapping Up!

All these features are available in pro version, be sure that you have activated it so that you can use all these options in your quiz and check the participants' knowledge based on their scores.

But for your first experience, you can give a try to the free versions of the Quiz Maker plugin.

And finally, if you want to stay in touch with us and get all the needed information, go and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. But don't forget about our Youtube channel, subscribe and watch step by step tutorials.

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