How to add ebook downloads in WordPress ( Full Guide )

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to add ebook downloads in WordPress. Ebooks have become a popular and effective way for website owners to provide and generate valuable content for their users. Whether you want to share free downloadable ebooks to drive traffic or sell premium ebooks in your online store, WordPress makes it easy to add ebook downloads to your website. This guide will explore different methods, plugins, and tips to help you effectively manage ebook downloads on your WordPress site. Let's get started!

How can e-books drive traffic and increase subscribers?

Ebooks can be an excellent strategy for driving traffic to your WordPress site and boosting your leads count. Crafting ebooks filled with valuable content and offering them as free downloads creates an enticing incentive for users to share their email addresses. This transforms your ebooks into effective lead magnets, enhancing your email list and contributing positively to your site's SEO and visibility. Here's a deeper look at how to maximize the impact of ebooks on your WordPress site:

  • Selecting the Right Topic: The success of your ebook hinges on its relevance and value to your target audience. Choose topics that not only pique the interest of your readers but also provide them with insightful information or solutions to their problems. This alignment with your audience's needs ensures that your ebook will be sought after.
  • Designing an Attractive Cover: The cover of your ebook is the first thing potential readers will see, so it needs to make a strong impression. An appealing cover design can significantly increase the likelihood of downloads by catching the eye and sparking curiosity. Invest time in creating a visually striking cover that reflects the quality of the content inside.
  • Efficient Ebook Delivery: Utilizing WordPress plugins like WP File Download can streamline the process of delivering your ebook to subscribers. These plugins allow for easy management and distribution of your digital content, ensuring a smooth download experience for your users.
  • Promoting Through a Landing Page: A dedicated landing page for your ebook can be a powerful tool for promotion and email collection. This page should highlight the benefits of your ebook and clearly explain what users will gain from downloading it. Focusing on the value proposition can encourage more sign-ups and downloads.
  • Using Email Marketing Best Practices: Once you've captured email addresses, engaging your subscribers with content that keeps them interested and invested in your brand is crucial. Follow email marketing best practices by sending regular updates, insights, and exclusive content that adds value, fostering a loyal subscriber base.

Implementing ebooks as part of your content strategy on your WordPress site can significantly enhance your ability to attract traffic and grow your list of subscribers. By delivering valuable content in a format that's easy to consume and share, you position your site as a resource worth returning to and subscribing to, laying the groundwork for a thriving online presence.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Ebooks Using WP File Download

In this post section, we will see how easy it is to add Ebooks using a plugin that makes managing digital downloads easier and provides a professional and improved experience for your users. One of the plugins is WP File Download. We will guide you step-by-step. So let's start:

How to upload eBooks using WP File Download

First of all, let's see how we can add our eBooks to the WP File Download dashboard, to do this, go to the plugin dashboard that should be available at the left menu.

WP File Download Dashboard

We will directly see the dashboard with some options, let's focus first on Creating the Files category which is needed so we can keep all our eBooks in order.

To create the category, click on + Add Category, a modal will appear that will allow us to type a title for the category. Now with the category created, we can click on it and 2 options to upload our files will appear immediately. These are:

Drag & Drop

The files can be uploaded by directly dropping them into the category. It is as easy as drop all the files there after selecting the category, and the files will be uploaded automatically.

Select file or folder

These are the 2 buttons that we can see when clicking on the category, Select files and Select a folder. These buttons will open the file explorer and will allow us to select one or many files or a folder, depending on what we choose.

Displaying eBooks on your Website

In this case, we need to confirm what exactly we want to show, for example, a single file or a whole category. For both options, we have a dedicated block in all significant builders and a shortcode so we can paste it anywhere.

Page Builder Blocks

From Gutenberg to Elementor or Divi, there are specialized blocks that we can use in order to add our category to pages/posts. To see these blocks, all we have to do is edit the page/post or create a new one and start typing WP File Download, the blocks for WP File Download will appear.

Now adding the category or file will be as simple as adding the block that we want to use, from the WP File Download Category block. That will show the category in the front end with the theme that we chose.

WPFD Category font

And there is also the WP File Download File block that will allow us to choose a single file to show it in the front end—allowing us to preview or download the file directly.

Display categories and files using a shortcode

We can also show our eBooks using a shortcode, which allows us to add the category or file anywhere on our site.

We only need to copy and paste the shortcode on a shortcode block or HTML editor. To find those shortcodes, we need to go to the file or category that we want to show and click on Edit it. A section with the shortcode will appear at the bottom.


Category Shortcode


Category Shortcode for file

Now we can paste the shortcode directly where we want it to be shown and the magic will be done!

Tips for Effective Ebook Management

Once you have added your ebook to your page, you must implement specific strategies that can yield significant results. These strategies can improve the user experience, provide valuable insights into the performance of your ebook, and help you better cater to your audience. Check some advanced tips to take your digital downloads to the next level.

Tracking the Performance of Your Downloads

A crucial aspect of managing your ebooks effectively is keeping tabs on how they perform. Integrating tools like Google Analytics allows you to gain valuable insights into how often your ebooks are downloaded, which are most popular, and where your traffic originates. Monitoring social media engagement and blog post interactions related to your ebooks can also offer a clear picture of your audience's interests. This data is invaluable, enabling you to tailor your content to meet user demand, refine your marketing strategies, and expand your ebooks' reach to capture a wider audience.

Restricting the Number of Times a User Can Download an Ebook

Implementing a download limit on your ebooks can be a strategic move to enhance lead generation. By setting a cap on downloads, you encourage users to exchange their contact details for additional access. This helps grow your email list and builds a repository of interested users who are more likely to engage with your future content and offers. It's a method that adds value to your downloads while securing direct communication with your audience.

Customizing Your Online Ebook Store

The presentation of your online ebook store plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. Customizing your store goes beyond aesthetic adjustments; it involves creating a user-friendly guide that navigates customers through your offerings, adding exclusive content as a bonus for downloads, and ensuring the store aligns with your brand's identity. These efforts contribute to a more engaging shopping experience, making visitors feel valued and more inclined to explore your ebooks. Personalizing your store can also differentiate your brand in a crowded market, showcasing your ebooks as unique and must-have resources.


Adding ebook downloads to your WordPress site can help attract traffic and increase subscribers. You can use WordPress posts for direct downloads or plugins for a more streamlined approach. With the best WordPress plugin, you can easily install, upload, and organize your ebook library. You can track download performance, restrict limits, and customize your online ebook store. By following this guide, you can effortlessly incorporate ebook downloads into your WordPress site and offer valuable resources to your audience.

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