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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins of 2023

In this article, we will get to know the list of the best calendars together. If you want to get a great tool for organizing various events, conferences, parties, and even family gatherings, then this article is just for you.

All the best calendars to help you organize are included here. You only need to carefully read the given article, find the best plugin for you, and get it.

Well, if you are interested, let’s start discovering the world of calendars together!

What are Calendar Plugins and How to Choose Them?

Before talking about the best calendar plugins on WordPress. Let’s understand what are they. Calendar plugins help to increase your website as well as your and your front-end users’ experience by adding some additional features. You can use calendar plugins for improving your time management, scheduling events, appointments, and some other related to your website tasks. This article provides you with information about the 5 best calendar plugins, so all you need is to choose just one best for you. So how to choose the best calendar plugin? You should have some criteria:

  • Simple to use and requires a short learning curve.
  • Full of top features, provide a great user experience.
  • Not single but multipurpose(appointments, bookings, schedules, and so on).
  • Not only for online but also for offline businesses.
  • Responsive.


Eventin-event Manager Calendar plugin of WordPress

Eventin is an award- winning event management solution. It’s a plugin that gives you everything, including creating events, hosting online and offline events, selling tickets, and much more. And the best part is that Eventin provides detailed analytics that helps you grow sales and conversions.

This plugin enables developers and ends users to create more promising event websites. Grow your business by creating a user-friendly and web-based system.

So if you need an event plugin, Eventin is perfect for you. To be sure of it, let’s get acquainted with its noble features.

Key features of the Eventin plugin:

  • Multivendor event marketplace
  • Limitless single and multiple events
  • Schedule management is simplified
  • Opportunity to maintain recurring events
  • Showcase speakers/organizers
  • Multi-tier ticket pricing
  • Individual attendee management
  • Event Calendar view
  • The analytics report is detailed
  • Custom attendee registration forms
  • Zoom webinars and meetings are synchronized
  • WooCommerce payment system
  • With Fluent CRM manage customer relationships
  • Thanks to Google Maps this calendar plugin adds venues
  • WooCommerce coupons for events can be set
  • DIVI users are provided with DIVI addons

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for Standard -$69, Premium-$169, and Agency-$289.

Free Version Pro Version

2. WP Event Aggregator

WP Event Aggregator Calendar plugin

Introducing WP Event Aggregator – the ultimate plugin for importing and displaying events on your WordPress site! With WP Event Aggregator, you can easily import events from popular event sources such as Eventbrite, Meetup, and Facebook, and display them on your site in a beautiful and customizable calendar view.

Key features of WP Event Aggregator:

  • Import events from multiple sources, including Eventbrite, Meetup, Facebook, Google Calendar, Outlook, and other iCAL calendars.
  • Display events in a customizable calendar view
  • Support Leading Event Calendar plugins of WordPress
  • Sell tickets to events using your preferred ticketing plugin
  • Easily manage and organize your imported events

With WP Event Aggregator, you can easily create a comprehensive event calendar for your website, and keep it up to date with minimal effort. Give it a try today and start showcasing all the amazing events happening on your site!

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for 1 Site -$79, 2-5 Sites-$99, and 20 Sites-$169.

Free Version Pro Version

3. The Holiday Calendar

WordPress the Holiday Calendar plugin

The Holiday Calendar is a plugin for people who are looking for simplicity and performance. Because of the light architecture of the plugin, it will never slow down your website and because the holidays are fetched once a day directly from The Holiday Calendar website, you can be assured that you will always show the most up-to-date information.

Even though the plugin is very simple you will still have enough options to customize it to your liking, both appearance, and functionality-wise. You can either add the plugin to your website as a widget or through a short code. The Holiday Calendar plugin offers you two views-calendar view and list view.


4. EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar, Bookings, and Tickets

Eventprime-Modern Events, Calendars, Bookings, Tickets

One of the best and easy-to-use calendar plugins is EventPrime. With just a few clicks you can swiftly publish current events on your website using the WordPress Events Calendar plugin. You can enable Bookinds from the plugin’s event settings and publish both free and paid events. Let’s explore the top features of the WordPress Events Calendar plugin together.

Key Features of the EventPrime:

  • Via Stripe and PayPal payments for bookings
  • Frontend event submissions are based on multi-user roles or just anonymous
  • Event Categories or Event Types with attributes
  • Performers or Custom Presenters with attributes and images
  • Check out fields of custom users
  • Creating event’s multi-tier pricing by using Price Manager
  • Event views are multiple
  • Support for both online and virtual events
  • Email templates are fully customizable
  • Adding fee for an event entrance
  • Different widgets are suitable for all themes
  • Bookings manager and Dedicated front-end user area for bookings management
  • And so on

It is mostly free, but you can purchase the Pro version for Premium-$49, and Premium+ for $89.

Free Version Pro Version

5. Timely All-in-One Events Calendar

Timely-All-in-one Events Calendar

Let me introduce you to an excellent, absolutely free calendar plugin-The Timely All-in-One Events Calendar. It is trusted by more than 150.000 even professionals. The professionals from Harvard University, AT&T, Commscope, UPS, Stanford University, Avon, Radancy, University of Bristol, and the Awin. Why are they all use just this plugin? Because it is easy to use, so creating, managing, and sharing events with the rest of the globe is too simple.

This advanced plugin of WordPress is created with the latest technologies, and from this, it has modern and stunning designs, alluring visuals, and powerful features. It is also absolutely customizable and mobile-friendly. So using it is just a pleasure.

Are you interested in this plugin? If so, let’s explore its great features together.

Key Features of Timely All-in-One Events Calendar:

  • Availability of several languages

The dashboard of this plugin is available in French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Spanish, English, and Italian. This public interface of the calendar can be translated into these languages too. By the way, the interface can be translated into Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Swedish, and Danish as well. So by the request, other languages can be available as well.

  • Responsiveness

Calendars created with the Timely All-in-One Events Calendar plugin are fully responsive, so both on desktop and mobile you can set up dissimilar calendar views. You can decide whether to allow or disallow your audience to print or subscribe to your calendar.

  • Themes

The Timely All-in-One Events Calendar plugin allows choosing themes from out-of-the-box calendar themes. Plus, customizing your theme for matching your style and brand is also possible. You can change fonts, styles, footer, header, and CSS as well.

  • Views

With the free version of this plugin, you can display your calendar on month, week, and agenda views. But with the Pro version are available additional calendar views.

  • Events

This plugin is compatible with hybrid, virtual and in-person events. Creating events is too simple as well as scheduling and publishing. You can filter events by their venues, organizers, categories, and tags. With Timely All-in-One Events Calendar you can create recurring events, never end events, all-day events, multiple days events, and also just single-day events. For saving time and increase your productivity you can duplicate events easy-peasy. And what about the details? You can add all types of event details, such as videos, images, links, texts, and tables.

  • Event organizers

This plugin provides you with an event organizer and venus tag system, so adding multiple event organizers is possible.

  • Timezone

You can set and display the timezone both on your visitors’ and your timezone.

  • Custom toolbar

As I mention above you both calendar views and languages are available, plus the event search by date range, keyword, and filters as well. All are included in the custom toolbar option.

  • Media library

Having a media library you can upload media, so adding categories and event images is possible as well.

  • Social share button

With this button, your audience has the privilege to share events directly from your calendar.

  • Shareability

Any system which accepts iCalendar (.ics) feeds, such as Apple iCal, Google Calendar, and MS Outlook can share events easily.


To Sum Up!

I hope you enjoy this article and reading it is not just a waste of time for you. Each plugin included here has its features and benefits, so all you have to do is make the right choice. Don’t forget about informing your audience about your events. For being sure that everybody knows about your great event, conference, or something else you can create stunning auto-open pop-ups. They will catch the attention and inform them about your event.

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