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How to Create Video Quiz in WordPress

AYS Pro Video Quiz

The purposes of making Quizzes are vast, however, in this article I'd like to mainly concentrate on the educational purpose of quizzes and especially video quizzes because there certainly is a pedagogical advantage in using video quizzes as a way to engage students in the learning process. A number of researches prove that students frequently taking video quizzes succeed at the end of the semester and the number of failures increase when they take only one exam at the end of the course. We all are visual and visualized things are easier for us to understand.

Why video Quizzes?

Firstly, instant feedback of video quizzes helps the students to become active learners. It reduces stress as video content already gives them ideas on the questions so that they know what to expect. It can be used to test the pre-existing knowledge of your students by making prediction video quizzes. Such quizzes are also highly engaging as the viewer is keen to see whether his/her prediction was correct. Video quizzes can be a way not only to test the previews knowledge but also practice it by taking notes of the possible mistakes that you have made. You can create such interactive video quizzes using an online video editor tool or an animation maker. To create such interactive video quizzes, you can also consider using an online video maker tool like VEED's video editor, which offers features like a video trimmer and video converter. These tools can help you create captivating and engaging quizzes for your students, ensuring a more effective learning experience.

Now that you know the main purpose of video quizzes let's go ahead and create one together

I'd like to give a quick review of the Quiz Maker plugin that I'm going to use in this article. This plugin will help you to make quizzes including video quizzes within just a few minutes with an unlimited number of questions. It has Responsive Design and what is more important Super User-Friendly Interface. It also offers free demo and pro demo versions so feel free to check that out before installing . I personally find it the best WordPress Plugin, so give it a try!

To start making our video quiz, make sure you installed and activated the plugin.

AYS Pro Quiz Maker

First, make the questions: Click on the "questions" from the Quiz Makers menu. Insert previously made questions or make them one by one.

After, click on the plugin icon AYS Pro Quiz Maker logo on your dashboard and you will see the following screen.

AYS Pro wordpress dashboard

The "General" section allows you to give your quiz a title, add an image, and do the most important step: Insert questions and corresponding videos.

AYS Pro video quiz questions and videos

You can also categorize your quiz or your questions.

What types of videos are more effective to insert into quizzes.

As I have already mentioned there are several ways to use videos in your quizzes. However, there are some video types that work better for quizzes than the others. For example, prediction videos are more prompting as they are not only based on the student's previous knowledge but also encourage them to carry on with the quiz taking further notes. When making predictions the right or wrong answer makes a greater impact on their memory. Check out this quiz ideas article for understanding 2023 trends in the sphere.

The "Style" section represents the idea of responsive design at its best. The plugin offers customized themes but in case you want to make it work for you, it is fully customizable. Change the text fonts, colors and most importantly make a quiz that is mobile-friendly by setting mobile parameters. Style section gives you freedom to make the most detailed customization.

The "Settings" section is perhaps one of the key parts of any quiz. Choose wisely on how your quiz must start, enable question bank which will allow the visitor to take only a certain number of random questions, randomize questions and answers. Group questions by category thus giving a more accurate result of the quiz, show instant feedback in case of right or wrong answers, add a rating, and MANY MORE.

How instant feedback affects the quiz taker.

In 2011 a research carried out by the University of Calgary proved that students who not only took quizzes on the academic subjects throughout the year but also got instant feedback after each question or at the end of the questionnaire show better results on the final exams than the ones who took the quiz but got late feedback. The reason behind this is that having full closure to his/her results can boost confidence or attentiveness. It is also for informing and giving knowledge. "People learn by their mistakes" is not just a proverb said out of thin air.

AYS PRO quiz video wordpress

The "Result Settings", allows you to redirect after submission . How cool would it be to redirect your student to the previous course in case of failure or to the upcoming course in case of success! Scores and grading can be stressing, so you can simply hide the final score and concentrate your students on the process of quiz taking. To conclude the whole quiz you can also show question results on the result page.

"Limitation Users" allows you to limit the maximum number of attempts. This option is very important in the way of accuracy of the quiz score. You can also make the quiz accessible only for logged-in users, or selected users' roles, you can simply put a password to avoid strangers from taking the quiz.

"User Data" helps you collect valuable information.

  • What is the average score of students who complete the quiz on the first attempt?
  • What questions did students struggle with the most?
  • How can you improve your quiz implementation next time?

These are questions you can get answers to by checking out the collected data.

You can also create a custom field by clicking on "custom field" in Quiz Maker's menu.

"Email, Certificate" will help you design certificates with your desired massage and send it to your students. It can be their grade a congratulating message on successfully passing the exam , "Please Try again" or anything you want.

And here is the final result: Guess the movie by the dance scene!

!!! No matter the type of quiz you are making, audio, video, or simple if want to be an e-learning professional teacher you must know how to handle the quizzes, not skip the most necessary parts in the "Dos" list and avoid everything in the "Don't" list.

So Here Are The DOs and DONTs of Quiz Making.


  • Put the numbers of the questions beforehand.

This way students will calculate the time they are going to spend on each question. Especially when having limited time, this step is essential.

  • Always put questions based on the objective that you set for your students throughout the course.

Quizzes for e-learning and for educational purposes must always correspond to the level of knowledge of your student. However, if you want to check overall knowledge you can always push the edge JUST A LITTLE.

  • Make your quizzes based on skill practicing and not factual learning.

Of course, factual learning is a great way to memorize things but memorizing isn't enough. Practicing their skills and challenging their knowledge can be of better help in their future profession.

  • Create visual quizzes

This statement fully matches our today's article. Not to repeat myself, I'd simply say that visual information is more effective in way of memorizing.

  • Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

Learning is rarely a solo activity. Even for highly independent learners, there are times when mistakes need to be corrected or answers need to be reinforced. This kind of assistance can make a world of difference in helping learners feel more autonomous in their learning, which in turn helps them to better embed what they've learned and to apply it to new situations.


  • Ask questions on content that was not in the course.

The explanation is more than obvious if you want to check the academic success of your students throughout the course and the year, putting questions out of context makes absolutely no sense.

  • Overuse True/False and Multiple-Choice questions.

The stress by using these types of questions might be reduced however the accuracy of the result would most likely suffer.

  • Formulate negative questions, e.g., "Which one of these doesn't match?".

The positive answer for negative questions works both ways. So the probability that there will be confusion is very high.

  • Include confusing or implausible distractors.

Testing their level of attentiveness while passing a quiz on the course is not the best idea. You can perhaps make another quiz named "habitual destructions".

  • MIX UP numbered answers; they should be written in order.

Shuffling the answer is another way of destruction but if your purpose is not to destruct but on the contrary to help the student engage in the quizzing process, make it as ordered as possible.

Get Started

TO WRAP UP: If you are a lecturer or a teacher then this article probably contained valuable information for you, to help you not only make a video quiz but also add different and entertaining solutions, providing ways of improving outcomes. To achieve your desired outcome, make sure you are using the best one among best wordpress quiz plugins. Another purpose of video quizzes can also be to increase active viewing. However, that's a convo for the next time AYS Pro emoji smile glass.

And if you are at the finish line, we are probably worth a subscription. So before leaving make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages, and for better understanding subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you can find tutorials on learning how to create content by using our WordPress Plugins Step By Step.

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