Google Sheets integration with Quiz Maker WP plugin


What is Google Sheets? Google Sheets is a free web-based application included in Google Docs Editors suite. It is quite similar to Microsoft Excel, but it is kind of considered to be Excel's online version. You can use Google Sheets to create, store, format, and edit spreadsheets for different projects: for instance contact lists, budgets and etc. One can also share your spreadsheets with other users in real-time. Google Sheets can show information with graphics, tables, or charts, which could help you analyze data better. Users are also able to import their sheets into other formats like Microsoft Excel, Comma Separated Variable, Text files, MapInfo, Adobe PDF, Adobe PNG, and so on.

AYS Pro google sheet integration


What is Google Sheets Integration & when to use it?

Google Sheets is capable to connect with other apps and the integration happens through API. It also allows connecting to google sheets through your drive and deleting, editing, or sharing information with others. The integration allows auto-import of the data and makes everything easier.

Аs you might have already guessed integrations with Google Sheets have a number of  advantages, and you can use them for instance:

  • When you do not have much time and do not want to enter your dashboard every minute to check  whether there is something new or not: everything is done automatically.
  • When you want to have a table with all data, in case if you do not have access to the internet or your website.

One famous example of Google Sheets integrations is with Mailchimp. Connection helps to automate actions and not to enter each email manually. It makes building your email list with Mailchimp even more straightforward.

You can also connect your Google spreadsheets to PayPal or Stripe. The user just needs to fill in his/her card details and the orders will be added automatically to your spreadsheet.

Google Sheets is a secure and experienced method for storing and safekeeping your data, and with the integrations, you will immediately get any news or results, without wasting even a minute at it. That's why thousands of people aren't afraid to rely on Google Sheets and store their data there.


What is Quiz Maker plugin & How to integrate it with Google Sheets?

Before explaining how to integrate Quiz Maker with Google Sheets, let's find out what is Quiz Maker plugin, and what purposes is it intended for?

Quiz Maker Plugin is one of the best WordPress quiz plugins. It allows creating fully customizable quizzes with an unlimited number of questions. With Quiz Maker you can build absolutely every kind of quizzes: for instance, Personality quizzes, Paid quizzes, IQ tests, language exams, quizzes with leaderboards, assessments tests, video quizzes on any topic. You can even create exams and surveys as well.

Here is the example of the quiz, built with Quiz Maker plugin.

AYS Pro quiz built with quiz maker

Quizzes could be used as a marketing tool, helping marketers to collect user data, email addresses or phone numbers. They can serve as lead generators as well, helping website owners to increase website traffic. These days, quizzes are also great and interesting teaching tools . They help teachers to make their lessons and even exams much more engaging, competitive and, definitely effective. Finally, quizzes are attractive content for every website. They will help you to keep the visitors much more longer on your website. Check out this quiz ideas for creating interactive quizzes for your WordPress website.

With Quiz Maker plugin you are allowed to create multiple-choice questions, use copy protection, navigation bar, timer, divide questions into categories, randomize questions and answers. You can also require and collect user data, sent certificates to the users, and use various addons, to make your work much more effective and useful.

Quiz Maker plugin could be integrated with Mailchimp, PayPal, Stripe, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, ActiveCampaign, Slack, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Mad Mimi, and surely, Google Sheets. Google Sheets integration with Quiz Maker WordPress plugin will help you to dynamically store the current results of a certain quiz in Google Sheets. Simply put, it creates the analog of the Results list of the Quiz Maker plugin in Google Sheets.

How does it work? The same way as for other integrations: you connect to Google Sheets' API and enable the integration for one or several definite quizzes. As submissions are kept on the Quiz Maker dashboard in a sheet, the same data is also stored in Google Sheets.

Here is a simple step by step guide on how to activate the integration:

  1. Firstly, enable Your Google Sheet API from your Google Cloud Platform: .
  2. Of course, you need to register in Google Cloud Platform, if you haven't registered yet.
  3. The next step is selecting the project. If you haven't got any projects you have to create one, by clicking at the bottom of the same name. When you have created the project you can continue the activation.

AYS Pro create project with google sheet


4. After selecting the project you need to click on Enable APIs and services and then search for Google Sheets API.

AYS Pro enable apis and services

5. Afterwards you should click on the Enable button, to enable Google Sheets API.

AYS Pro enable google sheets apis

6. When you have enabled the API, you need to go to the Credentials tab.

AYS Pro go to credentials for create sheets


You can create credentials by clicking on the Create Credentials and then OAuth client ID .

Be careful! If you see configure your consent screen you need to follow the instructions and then come back to the creating of credentials.

AYS Pro create credentials for integration

8. The next step is choosing the application type. Make sure that you have chosen Web application type.

AYS Pro create outh client id

9. Then you need to click on the Add URI. You will see a field where you should paste the link from the instructions.

10. After the successful authorization, copy Your Client ID and Your Client Secret and paste them into Google Client ID and Google Client Secret fields.

AYS Pro copy credentials

AYS Pro past creds and connect to the plugin

11. After successfully following the instructions you can already connect Google Sheets API by clicking on the  Connect button․

12. And finally, you have to choose your Google account. Make sure you have given access to the See, edit, create, and delete your Google Sheets spreadsheets by ticking the checkbox.

13. The last step is opening your quiz on the dashboard, going to the Integrations tab, and, finally enabling Google Sheets.

AYS Pro enable integration from quiz

After these steps integration will start working for that quiz. When you save the changes, the system itself will create a sheet with the title of a certain quiz in Google Drive. By following these instructions, you can keep the data of a particular submission in your Google spreadsheets.

It is an easy and great way to be calm that you would not miss important information regarding the results of your quizzes. They will always be safe and sound.

After completing the instructions described above, you need to enable the Information form from Quizzes > each quiz > User Data > Information Form, and move your desired fields from Available fields to Active fields.

AYS Pro enable integration from quiz

And voilà! 
Now you can go and check your Google account, as in the Google Sheets you will see a new sheet with your quiz name. This sheet includes some default values and also the ones from your Information form.

AYS Pro enable integration from quiz


Pros and Cons using Google Sheets integration with Quiz Maker plugin

If we list all the good opportunities that Google Sheets integration with Quiz Maker WordPress plugin gives, then one article will not be enough. But, if summarized, the main advantages of the integration are:

    • Ability to always have access to your information even if you have problems with the server, and the website cannot generate the information you need: for instance, there is a lot of data and it cannot be downloaded during a short period of time.
    • Now everyone is trying to do their best and make their life easier, do everything faster and use their time more correctly. This is why one of the main advantages of this integration is that you can save a lot of time, and will help you do not complicate your work.
    • As Google Sheets allows sharing information on a real-time basis, you can use this feature with your integration as well. You can make changes, edit and share your sheets with other users, who also would be able to have access.

Surely, there are some disadvantages, that should be mentioned before using this integration, they concern both every integration with Google Sheets and integration with Quiz Maker plugin separately. Let's see what might interfere with your work:

    • When you get the results from your dashboard of the plugin, you can't control which ones you want to save, and which ones you do not. All the quiz takers' information will appear in your sheets when you enable this integration. This one could be an advantage and disadvantage as well.
    • With Quiz Maker plugin integration is intended, unfortunately, only for collecting and monitoring the data of the  Results page . It does not allow to save other information, for example, questions and answers of the quiz. But still, this integration is gradually developing its features, and soon it will offer more options and possibilities to use.

Definitely, these cons could be nothing for some users, who want to use integration with Quiz Maker only for collecting results data of their quizzes. And of course, there is always a possibility to use filters, as in the Microsoft Excel sheets: so these disadvantages can be considered justified.

Hope this information was what you were exactly looking for, and would help you to make your work managing easier and funnier!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Google Sheets integration with the Quiz Maker plugin?

By integrating Google Sheets with the Quiz Maker plugin you have your quiz results immediately stored in Google Sheets. Hence, you will:

  • Save a lot of time

  • Facilitate your work

  • Always have access to the information
  • What can the Quiz Maker plugin be used for?

    With the WordPress Quiz Maker plugin, you can create quizzes following the quiz ideas and trends, collect data from quiz takers, use quizzes as lead generation tools, or use them as interactive content, thus making users stay longer on your website and explore more.

    Does the Quiz Maker plugin allow other integrations?

    Sure! All you need to do is go to the General Settings on the dashboard > Integrations.

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