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How to Add a Google Map Popup to Your WordPress Website

Google Map popup for wp

Why do we need Google Maps Popup

We all, if not every day but at least once in our life used google Maps. It is the best way to find any location that you may need. Paper maps are now in past. The Google Map will give you the ability to highlight locations, and directions and by that make the process of finding for example the needed store location. You can include a Google map of your business, its location, and reviews on your website. Google Maps offers a number of advantages for businesses. It will display a Google pin with the location, reviews, and directions for your business. Google Maps displays city locations, states, geographical features, restaurant reviews, and satellite images and more. Google's Street View allows you to see houses, storefronts, and points of interest from a driver's perspective. Google Maps also includes indoor maps of airports, museums, and other facilities. So, this is a real-working way of adding interest to your website and your business. In case of using it properly, it can become a valuable addition to your WordPress website. It will allow your website visitors to gain an understanding of your company in minutes. Google Maps is more than a map it is a way to discover anything you may need and wish.

However, have you considered adding a Google Map on your website and displaying it as a Popup to your website visitors? You may have seen a lot of examples of it. Popups are known to be an entertaining way of sharing information or subscription. There are various types of popups and they are all used for specific purposes. They can bring many benefits to a company's communication strategy, but when applied incorrectly, they can disrupt the navigational flow of the user. Popups are known to be one of the best ways of communicating with your website visitors directly.

This article is devoted to the Google Maps Popup type included in the WordPress Popup plugin.

For marketing or B2B lead generation purposes, you can add a pop-up to your website. But imagine adding a Google Map Popup to your website and highlighting your location in it. There can be a lot of advantages to including Google Maps on your WordPress website:

  • As it was said before your business information can be easy found.
  • A Google map can highlight nearby points of interest, that is if you are not mainly concentrated on your business or your website is specified in a different field, for example, if you are offering hotel lists or restaurants, you will be able to highlight all the hotels and restaurants in the Google Map and everyone who will enter to your website will be able to find them anytime the popup will be displayed.
  • Another thing that is important for your website is to keep the website visitors on your website as long as it can be possible. So Google Map Popup is another solution for this.

How to Add a Google Map Popup to the WordPress website

AYS PRO Google Map Popup in WordPress

We already knew that a Google Map is a way to not only add location information to your WordPress website but also it is a way to improve your WordPress SEO. Google Maps does two actions, firstly it can be used as a search engine to find whatever they want and secondly it will direct them to that specific location. With the Popup box plugin adding a Google Maps Popup can be a task to complete within seconds. If you have searched on the internet for "How to create a Google Map Popup?", definitely you have faced a lot of HTML codes or tutorials on how to add a Google Map to your website using your programming skills.

But what if you are not good enough at writing an HTML or at coding at all?

Don't worry, this article is here to let you know that you do not have to be a computer programmer for adding a Popup to your website. The Popup Box plugin has added a Google Map Popu type to its numerous popup types. Now it is even easier for the plugin users to add maps to their website.

To learn how you can do it by yourself you just need to read this article and follow all the steps mentioned in it.In case you have already installed and activated the Popup Box plugin in WordPress it's time for you to create your Google Maps Popup.

Choose the Google Maps type from a list of Popup types presented in the plugin and the convenient theme for you.

Now we are ready to create the popup together.

As I said before, it is really simple to create a Google Maps Popup. All you will need to do is just add your Google Maps API Key.A Google Maps API Key is a unique identifier. For creating a Google Maps API key you will need to click on the link given in the field. It is located in the General tab.

1. Click on the "Create Google Maps API Key" link

How to Add a Google Map Popup google maps api link

For creating the API Key you may need to follow all the steps described in the followed link.

2. Now that you have already created your Google API Key, this is what it will look like:

API key for Google Map

Copy the given API Key and insert it in the above-mentioned field. Do not forget to write the appropriate location for you. Otherwise, the map will not be displayed.

Google Map Popup google maps location

Here we are!

We have gone through the whole process of adding a Google Maps Popup to our WordPress website in less than 5 minutes and only with 2 simple steps.

Now as the main scheme is ready, you can add your needed functionalities.

In the Settings tab, you will be able to choose in which way you want your popup to be closed and opened, or even schedule the popup so that you will have the power to choose when the popup will be displayed on your website visitors and more. In the Styles tab, change the style, that is choose the Popup Dimensions (for example height, width) or Content style (text colour, font family and more). As in the settings tab we have chosen the open and closing triggers we can choose the opening and closing effects as well. You will have the ability to add a background image to your Popup as well.

As the popup will be displayed on your website you may need to add some restrictions to it. In the Limitation Users tab, you can add limitations for your users. For example, you can enable the option to display a popup once per user, choose whether you want to display it for guests or not you can disable or enable the particular option. You will also be able to limit your popup by a country, that is, you can choose a country so your popup will not be visible to the users from that particular country.

So it depends on your wish to choose the needed functionalities in the plugin and add them to your Google Map Popup to make it more eye-catching and engaging for the website visitors.

Wrapping Up!

When we have a contact page on our website, we frequently want to add a Google map to display the location of our company or office. And perhaps we would like to add some information about our company. Here are the maps that will help you discover any location on earth within seconds. In the 21st century, it is uncommon to see someone using a paper map to find the desired location. Currently, everything is virtual, including maps. The absence of a map on your website is a failure if you have an office or store, as maps are miniature representations of the real world. The website visitor represents a potential customer. And these customers lack the time to look up your location on Google or ask their friends. Make it simple for customers to locate your store. So, to get the full idea of the Google Maps popup, we already knew that it is one of the useful ways to share a location visually. It also provides SEO benefits for your WordPress website. You can use the Google Maps Popus as a way of marketing and lead generation. Using the Popup Box plugin only 2 steps will take you to add a Google Maps popup to your website. Give the users to learn more about your business or about the company in the easiest way. Being a free platform Google Maps is a great decision for you. Choosing from a paid plugin or just adding a popup to your website, the choice is obvious.

To know more about the other types of popups and upcoming updates then go and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. But in case you want to see our video tutorials you may need to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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