Best WordPress Calculator Plugins of 2023

Collect leads and improve your email marketing strategy using the calculators, because by using them correctly you can gather the email addresses of your customers, collect information, and convert them into potential paying customers. Calculators are amazing tools to attract users to your website if you are selling services online.

If you do not have coding skills creating a calculator yourself will be complicated. So you should use one of the best WordPress calculator form plugins. By using the best calculator plugin for wordpress the process of creating a calculator will take only a few minutes as the plugin does all for you.

If you already have a website that means that you find the right wordpress theme for your website and you already know how to design any post, so all you need now is to find the best wordpress calculator plugin. You should find, install and activate the wordpress plugin that offers you an extensive library of calculator templates and be aware of the plugin's limits.

In this article are listed the 3 best calculator plugins for wordpress for making your job easier. So if you are ready let's start.

1.Cost Calculator Builder

Cost Calculator Builder by Stylemixthemes

The Cost Calculator WordPress plugin by Stylemix is a powerful tool that allows users to create customizable cost estimation and quote forms for their websites. With its intuitive interface and range of features, the plugin makes it easy for businesses and individuals to provide accurate cost estimates to their customers.

One of the key benefits of the Cost Calculator plugin is its flexibility. The plugin allows users to create a wide range of forms, from simple calculators that provide basic cost estimates to more complex forms that take into account multiple variables and options. Users can choose from a variety of input types, including dropdown menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, and text fields, to create forms that meet their specific needs.

The plugin also includes a variety of customization options, allowing users to control the look and feel of their forms. Users can choose from a range of pre-designed templates or create their designs using the plugin's built-in editor. They can customize colors, fonts, and other design elements to match their website's branding and style.

Another key feature of the Cost Calculator plugin is its ability to generate dynamic quotes based on user input. The plugin allows users to create custom formulas that calculate the cost of a product or service based on the user's input. For example, a user could enter the number of rooms they want to paint and the size of each room, and the plugin would calculate the total cost based on the user's input.

In addition to its cost estimation and quote generation features, the Cost Calculator plugin also includes a range of other tools and features. The plugin supports conditional logic, which allows users to show or hide certain form elements based on user input. It also includes a range of integrations, allowing users to connect their forms to a variety of third-party services, such as PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce.

Finally, you can use one of the 100+ ready-made form templates, which most likely fits your business. This is because there are a variety of industries where you can use the exact template.

The estimation form plugin is also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring that forms look great and function properly on all types of devices, from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers. This is increasingly important as more and more users access websites from mobile devices, and businesses need to ensure that their forms work properly across all devices.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Annual Individuals plan for $49, the Annual Freelancers plan for $99, and the Annual Agencies plan for $299. You can also purchase the Lifetime Individuals plan for $169, the Lifetime Freelancers plan for $299, and the Lifetime Agencies plan for $799.

Free Version Pro Version

2. Measurement Price Calculator plugin for WooCommerce

WooCommerce variable pricing calculator measurement pricing

The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin is a powerful tool that helps online store owners sell products that are priced based on their measurements. This plugin is designed to be fully compatible with the WooCommerce platform, making it easy to use and integrate into any WooCommerce-powered store.

The main feature of the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin is the ability to calculate product prices based on various measurements such as length, width, height, area, volume, and weight. This means that customers can order products in the quantity and size that they require, and the price will be calculated automatically based on the measurements they enter.

Some of the key features of the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin include:

  1. Support for various measurement units such as inches, feet, meters, and more.
  2. Ability to set up different pricing rules for different products or categories.
  3. Customizable measurement fields to suit the needs of different products.
  4. Options to display pricing per unit, as well as the total price for the order.
  5. Support for multiple pricing tiers based on quantity or volume.

Other notable characteristics of the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin include its ease of use, flexibility, and scalability. The plugin is designed to be user-friendly, even for those who are not familiar with coding or programming. It is also highly customizable, allowing store owners to create their own measurement fields and pricing rules. Finally, the plugin is scalable, meaning that it can handle a large volume of transactions without slowing down or causing issues.

Overall, the WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin is a powerful and versatile tool that can help online store owners sell products that are priced based on measurements. With its range of features and characteristics, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create a flexible and user-friendly online store.


You can purchase the Pro version of the Measurement Price Calculator plugin for WooCommerce for $29.

Pro Version

3. Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish cost calculator for wordpress by Designful

Add clarity to the pricing, take payments, automate the business, and send estimates and quotes using the ultimate WordPress plugin for businesses- Stylish Cost Calculator.

Use the Stylish Cost Calculator plugin for WordPress to simply turn static pricing into an interactive cost calculator. So it will be funnier and simpler to understand the value of your products and services and also the conversions will increase. So to let your customers easily understand what they are paying for use Stylish Cost Calculator. It offers detailed and itemized lists in invoice-style layouts and instant price estimates. With the help of this calculator plugin for wordpress you can improve your marketing strategies as you can accept payments with "Buy Now" buttons and collect information about your customers.

The Stylish Cost Calculator plugin for WordPress comes with some great features:

  • Templates

The calculator plugin for wordpress provides you with 7+ templates. You need to do only one click to automatically load all fields, so there is no need to load XML files.

  • User-Friendly

All are managed in one simple backend panel which makes the process of creating a cost calculator easy as pie. For a great user experience, it provides both users and customers with a stylish, clean, and fun-to-use user interface.

  • Easy Customizable

Change the font size, style, and color swiftly. You are also provided with some more options for changing the color of the sliders, checkboxes, titles, and drop-down menus. Drag-and-drop feature allows you to organize your items simply with custom fields form. The email estimate form can also be customized and branded with disclaimer notes, banners, logos, and so on.

  • Style, Animation, and File Upload

Each user can change between 5+ radio box styles and check-box styles. By using the offered animated features you can provide your users with a professional and modern-looking website. One more benefit of this calculator plugin for wordpress is that you can upload files and images handy.

  • Shortcodes

This WordPress Cost Calculator gives you a shortcode, which you can just copy and paste into any page.

  • Sliding Scale Pricing and Bulk Quantity Discounts

With this price estimator plugin, you give the customer's price break in case they purchase more. This is an amazing calculator plugin with a bulk discount feature.

  • Translation Ready

An opportunity to translate the entire price calculator (every element, message, button) into the preferred language with the easy-to-use translation feature.

  • Branded Invoices and Itemized List

The users are provided with an itemized (detailed list) view.


Most of its features are available in the free version, but you can purchase the Premium version for $99 and the Agency version for $249.


To Sum Up!

You already know that you can generate leads easily and quickly by creating exciting and stunning surveys with the questionnaire plugin for wordpress and also by building amazing quizzes using your best quiz ideas with the best quiz plugins for WordPress. For the same purpose start to use one of the best calculator plugins for WordPress for collecting leads and improving your email marketing strategy. and also boost your website's SEO with the help of WordPress development companies in New York.

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