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How to create Online Flashcards in WordPress?

AYS Pro how to create flashcards in wordpress

Do you know what is a Flashcard?

A lot of people would agree that Flashcard is the best method of learning. You have probably come across flashcards in real life how about online flashcards and what does it look like? Simply put, it is a card that has information on both sides. As a rule, on one side you have a question, on the other side answer to it. Flashcards help to memorize information and turn the learning process into a game. They are perfect techniques for learning and memorizing formulas, dates, words, or names. So they can be used in schools, colleges, universities, and even kindergartens. They have been used both to learn and to teach new materials for many years. They are extremely effective, portable, and easy to use. Flashcards can be both physical and virtual. Virtual flashcards are much more popular today: they are used during online lessons, preparation for tests or exams, and of course while capturing leads to websites.

Flashcards will be more valuable on a beautifully looking website of course. So what we would recommend is to choose a great-looking WordPress site. You can find some ideas here, and by that you will psychologically get the user to be more engaged and interested in the flashcards.

Who can use Online Flashcards?

Flashcard quizzes are progressively becoming widely used online. That fact is not surprising, every sphere of our life is becoming more and more digitized. Especially when it comes to education, as the latter is now conducted more online than offline. But of course, free flashcards have lots of other usages. Let's see who can successfully use online flashcards tests and consider quiz ideas on how one can use them.

AYS Pro who can use flashcards

  • Marketing specialists: One of the most popular and effective usages of virtual flashcards is as a marketing tool. What does it mean? Every marketer knows that he/she can use flashcards and quizzes for collecting emails. Nowadays it is very hard to gain trust and require personal information online. Flashcards will help you to build a great e-mail list with people who have already shown interest in your content.

  • Teachers, kindergarteners, parents: As I already mentioned flashcards were traditionally created to learn and to teach. They are regularly used in online education to help teachers make lessons more engaging and easier. Flashcards in quiz are even used by kindergarteners to make children memorize words, animals, colors and etc. Some teachers even make guessing games with flashcards. Parents use flashcards as well. They help their schoolchildren memorize dates, formulas, names, or words.

  • Students and pupils: Learning is not always the most interesting thing to do, so students always use tricks to make it more attractive and engaging. One of the tricks is a flashcard. It is also widely used while learning languages, to remember words and their translations. Online Flashcards are also used to repeat the material one has already learned, and prepare for any test or exam. And it doesn't even concern age. People learn, improve themselves throughout their lives, so it does not even matter if you are a pupil, student, or an adult, who is eager to self-study. You can always use flashcards to make your life easier!

  • Website owners: Needless to say that a good website should have high qualified content. If you have an educational website, using flashcards will definitely increase your website rankings. On one hand, you will know for sure, that they will be useful for your visitors. On the other hand, the one who is interested in the flashcards could share them publicly on social media and help you to capture leads. For example website owners conduct history flashcard quiz, if the content is historical, or flashcard Spanish test, if the website is intended for learning languages.

Surely, these were not the only usages of online flashcards, but the most popular ones. The extra useful tools for increasing website traffic, collecting e-mails, learning, and teaching will help you only if you succeed in building the right ones. So, continue reading to find useful information…

How to build flashcards with Quiz Maker plugin?

If you want to create the best flashcards in WordPress you need to find the best WordPress Flashcard Plugin among best WordPress quiz plugins, that will have all features in one. Today, I want to introduce you Quiz MakerWP plugin that will help you with your task. Quiz Maker plugin enables you to create not only quizzes, surveys and exams, but also flashcards. If you want to use more interesting and useful functionality you should have Quiz Maker plugin's business or developer versions installed. With the help of the Quiz Maker plugin, you can not only test knowledge or create interesting tests for your website visitors but also create flashcards to make it easier for them to learn the material. You can set photos of cities, animals, or other objects. This is not only an excellent way to learn new information, which will then be in their test, but also a nice method to repeat already learned materials.

Here is an example of the best flashcard online, made by Quiz Maker plugin. When you click on the rotate button you will see the name of the inventor.

AYS Pro how to build flashcards with quiz maker plugin

So, this is how it is built. At first, you need to download and install Quiz Maker plugin. After activation, you need to go to the left menu bar, and in your Quiz Maker plugin find General Settings. In the General Settings, you can find the Shortcodes tab. Enter the tab and find Flash Cards settings.

AYS Pro flash cards settings

This is how they look like. In the Flash Cards Settings, you can find four options:

  • Shortcode: If you want to create flashcards you need to copy the shortcode from this field and past it into any post or page. Here you also need to choose the method of filtering: either quiz or category. If you set the method as Quiz, it will show all the questions added in the given quiz. If you set the method as Category, it will show all questions assigned to the given category. Also, you need to enter the ID of your quiz: a single or multiple IDs. List multiple IDs by separating them with commas. Example id="13,23,33".
  • The next option is Width: In this field, you can set the width of your flashcards, the default value is one hundred percent, so if you want your flashcard's width hundred percent, leave the field blank.
  • The following option is Background color: Here you can set any color for your flashcards. The default color is white.
  • Randomize Flash Cards: If you want your questions in random order, and do not want to have them always in the same sequence you can just tick the checkbox and randomize them. This extra useful feature could help teachers and other educators to be sure that students do not cheat or help each other with guessing the cards.

When you have set up all options you can finally copy your shortcode, past it wherever you want (do not forget to choose the method and enter the ID of the quiz), and save changes. Then you can go to the generated link and already see what you have created. To make flashcards much more visual you can add pictures or graphics to the questions of your quiz.

What are the Pros and Cons of Flashcards

We have talked about what is a flashcard, who can use it, and how to create one with a great Online flashcard WordPress plugin. But we did not tell you what are the pros and cons of flashcards in general. Of course, they have several practical methods to use, but they also have disadvantages, that I want to mention. Let me start with the good sides of flashcards.

AYS Pro pros and cons of flashcards

  1. Flashcards in WordPress are easy to create and easy to use. They shoot two birds with one stone: effectivity and simplicity. Мoreover, it works not only for flashcard builders but also with users.
  2. They help to improve skills. And it is not about only the material somebody learns. Online Flashcards help to improve memory, problem-solving and analyzing skills.
  3. Flashcards enable to increase website traffic and collect emails without wasting much money. Unfortunately, if you ever tried to raise leads to your website, probably you have noticed how expensive it could be. Not talking about marketing. Any quiz or flashcard quiz built with Quiz Maker plugin is the cheapest way to save, and even earn money!

Sadly, there are a few disadvantages that flashcards have.

  1. The first of them is the inability to learn a lot of information with one flashcard. If you want to learn a lot of words or dates you have to use much more flashcards.
  2. Flashcards cannot be content for every website. If you have educational, historical, or cooking content they can help you for conducting guessing or educational games. But there are hundreds of other kinds of websites, that flashcards would not suit in. So there is a need for certain content.
  3. Users of the online flashcards can pay attention to the flashcards more than to the learned material. They can have everything learned but get confused seeing the material in absolutely another form.

Well, yes flashcards for quiz are not that perfect, but for the certain usage and the right plugin, they will be more than perfect!

Hope that this information was useful and very soon you will create your first online flashcards online quiz in WP.

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Good luck!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tool for creating online flashcards?

The WordPress Quiz Maker plugin is the best tool for creating online flashcards. You need to install the plugin, then go to General Settings > Shortcodes tab > Flash Cards Settings.

What are online flashcards used for?

Online flashcards can be used for different purposes, to improve the memories of learners, to increase website traffic, and so on. For instance, if your website is for learning languages, you can create flashcards and quizzes to learn a new language.

Can I display my flashcards in a random order?

Sure! All you need to do is to go to General Settings of Quiz Maker plugin > Shortcodes > Flash Cards Settings > enable Randomize Flash Cards.

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