How to Create Beautiful WordPress Charts and Graphs

Creating beautiful charts and graphs in WordPress is easy and quick with the help of the right plugin. After all, when choosing a plugin firstly we pay attention to the features it provides and the final results. If you want to create your charts and visualize data through different tools, then keep reading! Below, you will find out about the key features of the best charts and graphs plugins. Moreover, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create beautiful charts and graphs in WordPress with the help of the best chart plugin. Find out about the advantages of creating charts and graphs for data visualization in WordPress.

beautiful wordpress charts graphs

Key Features of Charts and Graphs Plugin

A convenient way of visualizing data is representing it via different charts and graphs. Different charts are preferable for displaying different types of data. For instance, pie charts are preferable for displaying information in percentage or proportion for comparison. The primary purpose of charts and graphs is to display data that is numerical and complicated in a way that is easier to perceive. Usually, charts and graphs convey the information in such a simple and understandable way that anyone with little or no knowledge of data visualization can analyze and see the main idea of the information.

Are you seeking a charts plugin that will represent your data most understandably and dynamically? If yes, then we are here to help you orientate about the charts plugin you need for the best experience. The most essential part to pay attention to, when choosing a chart plugin, is the features that the plugin provides. The key features that a chart plugin should include:

  • Ability to import data

    It is crucial to choose a chart plugin that allows you to import data. So that you can choose to add data manually or import it from Google Sheets, for instance. You can import the data and have the ready chart within seconds.

  • Customization opportunity

    Another important feature of a chart plugin is that it allows options for customization. The top WordPress chart plugins allow users to thoroughly customize the chart design. So that you will be able to change the colors, customize the text, and apply many more changes to the design of your chart.

  • Static and dynamic charts

    Create both static and dynamic charts while using the best plugins that provide the opportunity. The best chart plugins allow activating the option that updates the charts and graphs automatically, and as soon as the data is changed those changes will be displayed on the chart.

  • Wide range of chart types

    Choose the chart plugin that provides a variety of chart types, such as pie charts, bar charts, histograms, line charts, geo charts, donut charts, and so on. The broad range of chart types allows you to find the type you want and display different types of data. The broad range of chart types allows you to find the type you want and display different types of data.

    wordpress bar chart

  • Responsive design

    Finally, the best WordPress plugins have a responsive design so that the charts and graphs will automatically adapt to any device. This feature allows the creation of enhanced charts that will remain beautiful and won't change shapes based on the device of the user, instead, they easily adapt to it.

    These are the key features that a top WordPress chart plugin must have. So before choosing a plugin for creating charts and graphs, look through its primary features. The WordPress chart plugin offers all the necessary features and opportunities to create dynamic charts with full customization opportunities. You can create different types of charts, add data, and observe the changes in the chart.

Advantages of Creating WordPress Charts

Charts and graphs are a way of visualizing data gathered, they help users represent the information in a way that is attention-seeking and easy to understand and analyze. If you hesitate and can't make up your mind on whether it is worth creating charts in WordPress or not, then let's take a look at the advantages of it. Let's find out the core benefits of creating charts and graphs in WordPress and understand why one should use them for data visualization.

wordpress chart plugin

  • Easy to understand

    The WordPress chart plugin offers everything that you need to create the most dynamic and beautifully customized charts. Data visualization with charts and graphs makes the whole process of analyzing and data perception clearer and easier than ever. First of all charts and graphs are visually eye-catching and get sealed in the memory due to their beautiful design and simplicity. Additionally, the information passed via charts and graphs can be perceived by anyone, even with little or no experience in working with data visualization.

  • Only important details

    Charts and graphs show the most essential information in different chart types so that the data visualization is fully based on the core information of the whole data. In other words, the charts represent the most essential part of the data so that the users easily perceive the primary idea conveyed. All this can easily be done with the help of the best WordPress chart plugins, which allow you to add data manually to the chart or import it.

  • Enhanced decision-making

    Another benefit of charts and graphs is that they help people have a more enhanced decision-making process. As the information is easy to perceive, the analyzing process is quick and users don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out the data, instead they easily understand the information and make decisions faster and more effectively. If you create your charts and graphs in WordPress you can have them constantly updated according to database changes, so the decisions will be made based on the information that is up to date.

How to Create Charts and Graphs in WordPress with Chartify

If you are looking for ways of creating beautiful charts and graphs for your website, then the WordPress charts plugin - Chartify is the best solution for you! With the help of the plugin, you can create both static and dynamic charts within minutes. Chartify provides users with a wide range of customization and editing tools. You can add the data manually or import it in three different ways: Google Sheets, CSV file, or SQL builder. The WordPress chart plugin offers a variety of features and provides worthy opportunities!

wordpress geo chart

To create beautiful WordPress charts and graphs follow the guide below.

Step 1

Install and activate the plugin! It will take you seconds to get the plugin on your WordPress dashboard.

To do it, go to Plugins > then click on the Add New Plugin > search for Chartify > Install, then Activate it. But if you want to experience more enhanced features of the plugin, then you need to get the Pro Version of the WordPress chart plugin.

Step 2

Now that you have successfully installed and activated the plugin on your website, you need to click on the Add New button in the Chart Builder menu bar. Choose the type of chart you want from over 20 options displayed on the screen, and click on the Next button.

wordpress chart types

Step 3

Give a Title to your chart and move on to customize it and apply data. Here we have three tabs for customization: Source, Settings, and Pie Settings (in the case of a pie chart).

Step 4

In the Source tab, you can choose the way of importing data, such as from files, Google Sheets, and so on. You can also add the data manually.

If you choose to Get Quiz Maker data, you can display the quiz statistics by chart. For instance, if you have created an outcome quiz you can choose to show the statistics of the number of attempts via a chart.

Step 5

In the Settings tab, you can customize the General settings, such as choosing chart status and typing the chart description. Then, in the Styles section change the design of your chart and in the Tooltip section customize the text the way you like it. If you enable Live Chart, the chart will automatically be updated every 3 seconds.

wordpress chart plugin tabs

Step 6

Based on the type of chart you have chosen, you will have an additional tab for customization. For instance, if you have chosen a pie chart, you will have a Pie Settings tab, where you can customize the chart details separately.

Step 7

Finally, that your chart is ready, don't forget to save it. Now copy the generated shortcode and paste it on any post or page, to see the chart!

wordpress pie chart


To wrap up, we can say that creating beautiful charts and graphs is a simple and fun process with the right plugin. You can visualize any data manually or import it in the WordPress chart plugin. The plugin provides a variety of chart types, such as bar charts, line charts, histograms, pie charts, and so on. All the types of charts and graphs represent data differently and are preferable for different types of information. The WordPress chart plugin-Chartify allows to creation of both static and dynamic charts, that can be fully customized. By following the step-by-step guide, you can create charts and add data, even if you have never done it before. Hence, create your charts and graphs in WordPress and make use of the best opportunities it offers!

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